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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Nice one Bruce I’ve been waiting/hoping for the omnibus after missing out on the first volume

Happy days!


Given the prices of the individual volumes vs the omnibus I think I’ll hold out for the obnibus next time around.


Saw on 2000ad Facebook that Ron Smith passed away. :frowning_face:


aw shit


That’s a shame. I’d hoped that he’d be due an interview in the magazine soon. He’s contributed a lot to 2000ad it would have been nice to hear him talk about it as there’s not an awful lot from him in the way of interviews.


Apparently he was 95 and retired in the 90s. I assumed he was more of an age with the other 2000AD creators.


Yeah, I knew he was old but didn’t realise he was quite that age.

Here’s some great coverage of his life and career, although hopefully 2000ad do a good tribute in the next few months


Yeah I had no idea he was that old, it’s a good innings.

John M Burns is a wonder, still turning out regular work that would put most artists to shame and he’s around 80 years old. I wonder if he’s the oldest guy in the world still working regularly on sequentials.


I’m sure Arthur Ranson would still be drawing regularly if his health hadn’t forced him to slow down, and he’s around the same age as Burns.


Sad to hear about Ron Smith. Nobody else could quite draw the ugly or destructive side of Mega City One quite like him.

The twitter thread 2000ad posted is a nice wee tribute.


Ron was the king of the grotesque for me. Everything looked a little weird and unsavoury in the best possible way. It’s kind of hard to explain because in many ways his work was very slick and shiny with smiling people with great teeth but there seemed something horrific just behind the surface of it all.


This is a brilliant description, I think it sums his Dredd work up perfectly


A bit late to the party here. Ron was always my guy. The first Dredd comic I bought was best of 2000 as issue 2. It reprinted what is still my favourite Dredd one off.


I don’t have much to say about the recent progs, 2113 & 2114 that I’ve not said already, but there’s a couple of things that definitely deserve a special mention.

First up, Machine Law starts next week, from Wagner & McNeill, which is absolutely something to get excited about.

Secondly, the Dredd across these 2 issues, Block Buds, written by newcomer Kenneth Niemand needs highlighted for 2 reasons.
Firstly, the art is by Jeff Anderson for the first time since the early 90s, and if I’m not mistaken @BobbyS is a big fan of Anderson who is known for his art on Transformers.
Secondly. It is a brilliant 2 parter.
I don’t know who Niemand is but I thought this was a fantastic idea, and really well executed. The dialogue and pacing were great and I actually laughed out loud twice, which I rarely do reading comics. This is right out of the school of Classic Wagner & Grant and Niemand shows more promise in this single strip than a lot of the new writers have shown across years of commissions in the comic. In fact, fuck it, I’ll name them; Wyatt, Eglington, Beeby, McConville, Di Campi, Peaty…some others get the benefit of the doubt because they are seen so rarely, but I’d be happy not to see this lot drag the comic into mediocrity leading into the next couple of decades.
Guy Adams is underused, as is Alec Worely. I’d like to see them being rolled in more often and given longer series.
I’m hoping Smith has read this strip and sees the potential in Niemand and is driving him on to making more pitches.
2000ad is in a precarious position write now and all it takes is for Abnett, Mills and possibly Edington to stop writing as often for there to be a good chance of it landing in the shitter.

Smith has done a great job over the years but after the initial wave of new talent 10 or so years ago with Williams and Ewing, it’s gotten stale.


I did notice a month or so back Abnett wrote over 3 quarters of the comic. Mills has been in the situation in the last couple of years too. They are both guys that are ridiculously prolific though, I have no idea if Worley or Adams aren’t putting out all they can or want to.

Williams still seems happy to write for Rebellion despite getting US work and he’s excellent so I think they need to bring in just one or two proper writing talents, hopefully Niemand is one.

I think Smith also needs to choose the material better, Di Campi has written some really good stuff and Smoke was nominated for an Eisner award so she has talent but her Dredd stuff does not work at all. He should move her to other stuff, I remember you liked her Rogue Trooper story in the special. In fact I think she’d be better as the writer of Skip Tracer, Smoke is all that kind of espionage stuff and done better (I doubt that will happen though as it’s Peaty’s creation).

Oh and give Robbie Morrison another epic to do. Dante I think was special because of the huge scope of a finite longform story, like a series of novels.


Some good points here - and I did enjoy Di campi’s rogue trooper, so you maybe right in that it’s horses for courses rather than lack of ability, in di campi’s case and maybe also TC Eglington - although his own creation, Outlander I think it was called, wasn’t very good either

He wrote a brilliant Dredd recently and has got a horror series coming up with Simon Davis, I’ll see how that goes. Blunt is just garbage.


You should try Smoke which got her the Eisner nomination. It’s 69p an issue on Comixology for 50 page issues. It’s a very similar vibe to Utopia on Channel 4 but done before that. Great Kordey artwork too when he can show what he can do with more than 4 days to complete an issue like he had on X-Men.


There’s even a free 17-page preview:

Can’t argue with that.


Cheers gents ill check it out tomorrow


The name may be a nom de plume. Niemand is German for nobody, and Kenneth? Well, that could just be a case of “Call-Me-Kenneth”. They wrote the future history of Starlord in Prog 2061, so could even be Matt Smith himself.