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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Flip this image upside down and you’ll get

The sssimilarity is sssstriking


2019’s trade schedule from Rebellion

A whole whack of British Treasury of comics, including Invasion 1984 from Battle by Wagner and Grant, as well as a few 2000ad trades.


I’m an absolute disgrace. I have a pile of progs dating back to 17th May 2017 that haven’t been read. That’s about 75 progs worth. I’m so far behind! To be fair that’s mainly due to me getting balls deep into my 2000 ad reread.

Doing a complete Absalom read at the moment. Oh man, it’s great and love the ending to Old Pals’ Act.


Hopefully this means we’ll be getting more info on Mega City One sometime soon.





This popped up in my Facebook feed this morning. Presumably it’s an ad from the end of year Prog.

Apparently the word “reboot” is being bandied about in connection with this…


Interesting if true…

Yeah it’s at the back of the end of year Prog.

What confuses me is I was sure pat Mills was talking about working with a new artist on Slaine, as in an artist who hasn’t had much published work.

Also, whatever happened to the guy he did the last couple volumes of Flesh with? James McKay or something? I really liked his art but he seems to have disappeared.

The content of the end of year Prog is pretty disappointing by the way…as is the strips that are kicking off the start of the year…a thargs 3thriller and the last few parts of brink. Seems a really unusual and badly planned choice.
Disappointing given how strong the last jumping on point was.


Actually, it’s Scottish artist Stewart Moore I’m thinking of, who is going to be working on Defoe, not Slaine.


Another ad popped up, again I’m assuming it’s from the end of year Prog. I’m down for this!




Mechanismo III?


Three plus. There’s been a few stories since the initial appearance. There was one fairly recently with John Maccrea on art.


The Megazine 402 & 403

First off, couple of cracking covers; the painted wraparound from Winslade is amazing, depicting perfectly where we are at with Lawless.

Cliff Robinson turns in another superb Christmas themed effort.

dredd: riot in iso block 9

Alex dI campi & Mack Chater

Decent art but the story and writing is up there with some of the worst Dredd’s of all time.

First off the idea doesn’t fit with Dredd. Feels like something I’ve seen done before and in this case it feels like an idea that has been tacked onto a Dredd story. Maybe a failed future shock effort, chopped up and refit.

It’s hard to follow from panel to panel as it lacks any sort of cohesion or flow and I’m not sure what the point of the story was.

Lawless: Ashes to ashes 3 & 4

Dan abnett & phil winslade

Running out of superlatives now for this. Masterclass in comic book storytelling. Previous writer take note. Winslade’s art is breathtaking, utterly breathtaking, especially on a couple of double page spreads.

Drama, action and emotional beats via the brilliant work on the characters and their interactions and allegiances - with writer and artist equal parts of the success of this strip. Chapter 4 was totally heart in mouth stuff. When I reached the last page I realised that I’d been holding my breath. This is one of the best strips in 40 years of 2000ad and the Meg, all coming to a head and the climax is so far worthy of the journey.

storm warning: over my dead body 3 & 4

Leah Moore/John Reppion & jimmy broxton

Still really enjoying this and easily my favourite Moore/Reppion strip to date. Much easier to follow than a lot of their previous work for 2000ad and it’s a strong story idea, very well executed.

Broxton’s art is a bit more rushed here, but it still more than serves its purpose. He’s gone straight to inks over layouts in many panels by the looks of things, but I don’t mind looser styles providing it is done by someone who is making confident, knowing marks on the page and broxton delivers. It’s a technique that works very well in his flashback panels.

Overall this is a very well thought out, well structured story. I’d like to see more of Storm Warning from these guys, although the ending was a little too abrupt for my liking.

The tribute to ezquerra took me 30 mins to read. Some great stories there from some of the older creators. I think this felt like the closest thing to getting to know the man himself for me, hence why I spent so long immersed in it. It’s brought back a lot of feelings for me, one of which is regret that I never queued longer at the 40th anniversary bash to speak to him, get my copy of Prog 1 signed, and maybe even a sketch. If there’s one artist I want to own art by more than any other it’s Carlos. It left me staring in space wondering what strips we will never see, including the Wagner strip they were working on. I know I should focus on the wealth of great art he has produced, but I can’t help but focus on what will never be. This is the most impacted I’ve felt by a non family member or friend dying.

blunt II 3 & 4

By TC Eglington & Boo Cook

Is woeful in both story in art. I have no idea what it’s about. I read words but none of them registered. I looked at drawings but half the time I wasn’t sure what I was looking at. No idea who is who.

I’m giving up on it. Eglington is mostly miss over hit and Boo Cook’s art has actually got worse over the years rather than better. Some pages look like doodles on the back of a school jotter, and the layouts and storytelling are poor. When an artist or writer is having a bad day on a strip the other can sometimes compensate enough (although not even Goddard can save DeCampi’s Dredd in 403) - when both have turned in shit, you are fucked.

dark judges: torture garden 3 & 4

By David Hine and Nick Percival,

Really enjoying this, like Deadworld this is very atmospheric and best read slowly, taking the time to absorb the art. It’s really a vehicle for Percival’s art, something Hine does very well in terms of script, creating moments of diabolical horror, hopelessness and tension. It’s like a window into hell. I think this would have scared me as a young kid, even at 40 I can appreciate the feeling it stirs in my imagination.

Dredd: the fright before Christmas

By Alex Di Campi and Pat Goddard

If someone could explain what the point in this was I’d be really grateful. Years gone by we’d get a witty Xmas Dredd from Wagner or Grant. What a turd of a story made all the worse by the last page ‘reveal’ which reveals very little. Not only is this a bad Dredd strip, it’s just a poorly devised, poorly structured story. I don’t get it. Are they this desperate for scripts? I’d love to see what this was pitched as.

There’s 2 articles in 403, an exciting bit of insight into Roy of the Rovers; giving some background on the acquisition of the rights plus interviews with Keith Richardson, Rob Williams and Tom Palmer on the potential of the newly launched series of prose novels and graphic novels.

The second is an interview with Barry Tomlinson and covers mainly 80s UK comic, Wildcat and Turbo Jones

A mixed bag of a couple of issues, but the highlights are very strong and I got a good 3 hours of reading out of them, most of it enjoyable.

Too tired to read over this so the above is probably a mess.


It’s not. :slight_smile:

I always enjoy reading your reactions Chris, even for comics I’m not that interested in.


Thanks Dave. Not put up as many comments lately but felt duely motivated last night.
Just read over it there and cleaned up the typos :joy:.


Only place I could find info I about this is Bleeding Cool so copied and pasted the solicitation text rather than linking (the BC article just regurgitates the text anyway).

In time for Free Comic Book Day the bad guys take over the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic with a nefarious new special full of criminal capers and villainous ventures – the 2000 AD Villains Takeover! At the low, low price point of 99 cents, this is the ideal shelf-stuffer to tempt roguish readers into the world of 2000 AD!

In this improper issue we have the very best forbidden felons and outlandish outlaws – the lawman of the future faces a familiar rictus grin in JUDGE DEATH: THE JUDGE WHO LAUGHS by Rob Williams and Henrik Sahlstrom; there’s fiendish fantasy with LORD WEIRD SLOUGH FEG: LORD OF THE HUNT by Pat Mills and Kyle Hotz; there’s chem-wreathed criminality in the world of Rogue Trooper in BRASS AND BLAND: THE PROFESSIONALS by Karl Stock and Kael Ngu; there’s the malefactory mutant-bountyhunters-turned-bad-guys, The Stix, from Strontium Dog in STIX: SLEEPING DOGS LIE by Matt Smith and Chris Weston; and all rounded off by TERROR TALE: LAST OF THE HELLPHIBIANS by that master of the mendacious Henry Flint!

Also, a Treasury of British Comics title will be released for FCBD:


2000ad 2111 end of year Xmas prog

But of a disappointing end to the year, considering the last jumping on point was so strong.

The line up for the start of 2019 is the weakest I’ve seen for a long time. It reeks of a bit of bad planning with Brink, although it has been great, overrunning into the time of year that traditionally we get a new beginning.

On top of that we have another Skip Tracer, the last series of which was crap. And a fucking Thargs 3Rhriller which if we are being completely honest is always filler material to see out a last batch of progs before a jumping on point.

The line up is Dredd, Brink, Skip tracer, 3hriller, fiends of the eastern front.

It will probably be a garbage writer on Dredd because there’s been no fanfare about it, so out of the 5 strips I’m only looking forward to Fiends of the eastern front returning, which unfortunately returns without Dave Taylor on art.

As for this prog -

dredd: jingle all the way (TC Eglington & Boo Cook)

This was actually pretty good. Definitely one of Eglington’s better scripts but it would have been much better with another artist. I used to like Cook’s art in certain stories but now I despise it.

Caballistics Inc: Visiting Hour (Gordon Rennie & Don Reardon)

Is the ‘long awaited’ final chapter after 11 years of waiting. I’m not one of the readers who loved this series not so I think it was a classic. It was enjoyable but every new series I always felt it was treading water and threatening to go somewhere, it was like a perpetual getting the gang together strip.

I thought thankfully there is a handy recap, which considering the gap since the last time it appeared was a good idea.

But it’s not a recap it’s a bit of insight into what happened to the strip that it just disappeared for years (it sounds like Rennie got pissed off because they commissioned a couple of books to another writer, so I can see where Rennie is coming from)

Personally I’m long past giving a fuck and this feels like an afterthought. Maybe the complete collection will read well when it comes next year but I’ll never know because I won’t be buying it. I’ll read this all together at some point in the further when I do my 2000ad re-read from scratch.

That said, this seems like a good way to cap it off and it’s well written and well drawn.

The interrogation with Kelvin Gosnell is great, 6 pages and really in depth. I love these interviews, well with the more seasoned creators anyway - they always have something interesting to say and I’m really interesting in the history of 2000ad and in the personalities of the various individuals who have contributed over the years. Some of them are refreshingly candid.

the fall of Deadworld: Running scared

(Kek-W & Dave Kendall)

is a good continuation and interlude.

Dripping with an atmosphere despair as always, Kek-W uses Judge Fear as a device to fill us in on some backstory for Spike, Patty and Tucker who are spilt up from the rest of the group - with the flashbacks all greys and reds, rendered brilliantly by Kendall.

It looks great and leaves me eagerly awaiting the return of this rather unique horror strip.

Skip Tracer Marshall’s art looks great but Peaty’s script has started out again in a fashion that fills me with doubt as to whether this chapter is going to be any better than the last.

Slaine: The Bogatyr

(Pat Mills and Chris Weston)

This was ok. Very much similar to what we’d have seen in 2000ad annuals in the past. I’m more interested in the upcoming Web of Weird with Manco, who I think will be a great fit for Slaine, given that he’s Bisley influenced. At least the impression I’ve always got from his art.

Brink (Abnett & Culber)

More layers are added as the mystery continues to get deeper. This has become a pretty epic series and it’s a pity it will be the last. Although it’s clearly reaching its endgame.

Interrogation: Richard Burton is another belter. Loads of insight and a little bit of gossip. Generally speaking I hate gossip and have no interest in it, but I love it when it has anything to do with comics. I love reading what went on behind the scenes and what creators and editors all think of each other, good bad or indifferent . Probably not a nice thing for me to revel in, but I could read books upon books of the stuff. 4 pages worth here and it’s brilliant.

fiends of the eastern front part 1

(Edginton & Trevallion)

Triple/quadruple length episode following soon after the fantastic recent run from Edginton and Dave Taylor. Shame Taylor is not on art as losing the painted art does take away a bit from the atmosphere of the strip but Trevallion is a great artist, so it’s just different rather than not as good.

The last Fiends series is the best thing Edington has done for a while, I always feel he’s good at reappropriating ideas for new strips and creates good atmosphere and his dialogue is good - but he very rarely sticks a landing, we normal get a great beginning, a good middle and a mediocre end on his strips. They always tail off plus when he veers off into full episodes of action it reads horribly in instalments. His last Fiends was great throughout.

This new series is pretty good. Questionable orders from senior officers, Horror in the skies and black max, which is an interesting but very fitting bit of crossover within the now huge Rebellion stable of British comic characters

durham red Ben Wilshere is back on art and he looks great again here, colours again are lovely, just like his last short stint on the character. The story, from Worley, is boring though. It didn’t engage me at all, beyond some of the art.


Prog 2112

dredd: the eternity hotel
(Mcconville & dan cornwell)
Mcconville has clearly concocted this one while watching Westworld or the Red Dwarf episode that uses the concept.
Dredd chases a perp through various virtual reality zones, that use time displaced humans instead of robots.
That paragraph is basically the script. It’s half baked and piss weak.
Dan Cornwell’s art however keeps getting better. Brilliant storyteller and he’s clearly demonstrated why Wagner ‘discovered’ him, used him for Rok of the Reds, and speaks very highly of him.
It’s time to give this guy a long run and continued work, god knows he deserves it over some of the newer creators who are becoming more and more ubiquous, despite the shite the often produce.

Brink continues to be excellent skip Tracer continues to be cliched hack script with brilliant art. 3 series of this we’ve now had in about a year. Imagine it was actually good.
The 3riller - the scorched zone is a decent wee bit of condensed (probably too condensed) sci fi horror, from Eddie Robson and nick brokenshire. I get the sense this could have been original written as a full series and matt smith has asked Robson to rewrite it as a 3thriller in 3 parts. The pacing isn’t right.
Lastly fiends of the eastern front continues to be a decent romp

All in all this an average to below average prog. I think I’ll take a break from commenting on 2000ad for a while because the strips I see coming up don’t look like they are going to be much of an improvement.


Third Judges prequel novela up for pre-order.

I’m sure I saw a link for the omnibus collecting all three but I’ll be damned if I can’t actually find it now.

Edit: heres the omnibus.