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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


This is pretty great.


The crime is life! The sentence is booze!


The 2000ad Twitter account spent an entire day only posting Carlos Ezquerra highlights and all the readers joining in. Best thread on Twitter ever.


Scream and Misty Special 2018

First off, and this sort of thing pisses me off, you could say more than it should, or you could say that the very least they need to be doing with one of the few comics that gets published in the U.K. is taking a bit of pride in getting the basics right.

By that I mean someone proof reading the thing before it goes to print. It sadly gives of an air of lack of care and professionalism when the word “you’re” is used instead of “your” and “lady” is mistyped as “ladt” by the letterer.
With all the people desperate to get into comics you’d think that this is something that would be checked, checked and checked again in a five page strip.

That moan aside the quality was far better than last year’s edition.

The kyle hotz cover is amazing, totally channelling Wrightson here.

The Thirteenth Floor strip from Guy Adams, John Stokes and Frazer Irving is totally classic stuff. A worthy addition and if they do this more regularly I’d love Guy Adams to retain the writing duties. Stokes and Irving are of course excellent. This is a great little story and the ending is landed perfectly and skilfully, in a manner you don’t see as often in modern comics.

decomposition jones by rich mculiffe and stave mannion wasn’t for me at all, I don’t junk I even finished it. Humour in comics only works for me if it’s not obvious jokes or dialogue I’ve heard a million times before. The dialogue here is really bad.

black beth had great art from Dani, unfortunately I had trouble working out what was going on, which is a shame because I really like Alec Worey as a writer but this was a clunker for me.

Really enjoyed the black Max story from Kev-w and Simon Colby although i feel it was for the atmosphere, which is becoming Kek-W’s trademark skill.

best friends forever was superb. It was a really weird little strip and I could see it being a curious little item from the 70s that would totally have freaked me out as a kid. It’s brilliant, don’t want to say much more than that. Mad idea that really works. I’ve never heard of writer Lizzy Boyle but I’d love to read more from her and artist yishan Li. Barbara nosenzo’s colours are really terrific and a huge part of the successful look of this one.

I don’t know if any of you remember SMS from 2000ad in the 80’s. I only really remember him from ABC Warriors. I actually thought he was a pseudo name for Bisley back then (this was when Bisley was doing black and white strips). He writes and draws mint condition and it’s pretty good. Doesn’t quite land it but there’s an awful lot of thought gone into this one and there’s a lot to like.

Rounding this off in great fashion is a classic tale, bookworm from Jordi Badi Romeo, brilliantly coloured by Barbara Nosenzo

All in all easily one of the better specials to come from rebellion in recent years.


I do remember SMS, he and Bisley used to swap in and out on art duties for ABC Warriors which may be where that idea came but their styles were very different. I remember the contrast as they swapped between episodes. I liked his stuff though anyway so glad he has returned.


It dismays me when this kind of thing happens in professionally published comics. One of the new Ahoy books (I think it was Captain Ginger) had a typo with a missing word on the second page. It just gives a bad impression overall.

(Although I know from personal experience that mistakes still get through when publications go to press, and I’m sure the creators are as disappointed as anyone when they realise the mistake.)


My memory is obviously failing me then, I’ve probably not read those issues in 25-30 years right enough


Prog 2013, 2014, 2017

Incredible few issues; possibly the best in a few years. Dredd, Brink, Fiends of the Eastern Front and Kingdom are of the highest quality. Engrossing as hell. Only Skip Tracer is a bit meh, but even then there’s Colin MacNeil art.

The quality of the art and colours across the prog right now is outstanding. It would be hard to find a better looking comic, especially considering this is 5 different artists. A fitting tribute to Carlos is that there are others holding themselves up to his high bar as the quintessential 2000ad artist.

His obituary in 2013 weighed heavy on my heart again as I was reminded of his passing.

The current Dredd is just superb, it feels weighted in decades of (future) history.Prepare for a sharp intake of breath at one of the cliffhangers. Brink is full of intrigue and suspense, so skilfully crafted. Fiends of the Eastern Front gives us a bit more background , then introduces yet more horrors, then wraps up the first chapter. It is a haunting tale, really surpassing my expectations and it’s taken the whole concept in a whole different direction. This is maybe my favourite thing that Edington has done. Looking forward to it returning.

With Skip Chaser think the problem is we’d need to care about these characters in order to really give a feck about this story, i mean who cares about Nolan and his relationship with his brother? It could be a good story but he writer hasn’t thought this through; Nolan has barely been established yet; there’s hardly been anything resembling characterisation here at all. Why would the reader be engaged by this story without those key elements?
Kingdom Has been less action more plot and character/universe development as Abnett juggles the various factions and Gene weighs up his options with the masters, them, the ticks, US and the aux all vying for his loyalty/vengeance. This has been a great addition to the Kingdom series so far, another of 2000ad’s modern classics.


I have to say that Rob Williams is definitely my favourite Dredd writer now (with Wagner at least semi-retired). Loved the twist at the end of the last prog. He just has it down, the ridiculous satirical monkey story a couple of months back and now this serious espionage style story and both are excellent.


You’ve hit the nail on the head. I think it’s often an issue with newer writers and hopefully one he can iron out but you can’t work on plot alone. The story is pretty good but the characters are cyphers. It’ll make me sad again as it’s the last full work from Carlos* but that last SD story showed the way, Wulf’s son a fully rounded character very quickly.

  • I heard on the Thrillcast they will publish his very last work which was the creator owned story with Wagner but he only completed 2 episodes of Wagner’s 4 scripts.


That’s tragic that this never got completed.

A new creator owned work from these two is something to be cherished.

I wonder if they would have another artist step in to complete it.

I also wonder now if Wagner will retire Strontium Dog, this time permanently, seeing as only Ezquerra has drawn the strips that Wagner wrote (final solution being the exception, but I can’t remember if that was Grant).


So, apparently the series is called Spectre.

It’s been suggested that the 2 episodes that Carlos has drawn will be in the prog next summer, don’t know what they plan to do with the rest of it, but it’s also been suggested that they may publish the script to the other episodes as it’s creator owned and therefore becomes complicated bringing another artist on.

As for Strontium Dog, apparently Matt Smith has is weighing towards retiring the strip and thinks Wagner will feel the same. However I’m not sure where these people are hearing this from (I read it on the 2000ad forum).

In my opinion, The Son felt like start of a new era for the strip and is an excellent celebration of Ezquerra, and the baton could be handed across to Flint or McNeill.

One thing is for sure, if Wagner decides he’s finished then the characters need to be retired for good. I’m not having the nonsense that Devlin Waugh or Indigo Prime have become since bringing in different writers, that would be really disrespectful.


It was all on the Thrillcast Chris so it’s genuine. That’s basically the sum of it, Smith said they would definitely print the 2 completed episodes but was undecided on the rest and suggested maybe just the scripts.

For SD he seemed pretty much to want to leave the decision up to Wagner.


I don’t mean to be insensitive but I hope Wagner continues SD with McNeill; he seems like the logical choice if it ever moves forward, plus he’s probably Wagner’s next best artistic collaborator to Ezquerra.

I feel like he has a lot more new stories to tell and The Son was almost as strong as anything published over the years, SD or otherwise


Reserve judgment until after you’ve read my 6-page ‘classic’ SD story to be published in the Dogbreath fanzine scheduled for summer 2019 :wink:


Progs 2106 and 2107

Some serious big shit occurring in Dredd, in particular this panel

And the Dirty Frank reveals, taking us all back to just before the Apocalypse War making this feel like one of the most important series in quite a while in terms of the cannon and history of the strip.
Expertly done by Williams and Flint. I need to get caught up on the Thrill Casts and see what the he chat is once this is done.

I’m only really reading Skip Tracer for the McNeill art now. The story is pretty thin and I’ve little interest in this second series of the strip, I found the first more enjoyable.

Brink and Kingdom continue to be an absolute pleasure to read. I can’t shake the feeling that both of these series of these two strips are classics in the making.

I was also pleasantly surprised by Infestinauts written by Arthur Wyatt, who I am not a fan of. It’s actually genuinely quite inventive and amusing in places, very much in the style of some of the comic’s classic humour strips. Great to see Pye Parr back on art as well, not seen him since the horror strip he did in the Meg with Worley, which feels like quite a while ago.
As an old design droid, his expertise in that area stands out clearly.


Realm of the Damned or something like that wasn’t it. There’s a new series of that coming though it’s not in the Meg but from another fairly small press company.

Also, agreed on Dredd. Serious shit the bed repercussions are going to be felt after this story is done.


aye that sounds about right. I enjoyed that I’ll maybe keep an eye out for the sequel then, thanks for the heads up


It came out a couple of months ago.


Thanks rob