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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


There would have to be a very long queue at the trademark office…

(And one of those trademarks would be for a book by Dan Abnett :smiley: )


It is isn’t it? Which is nice after going off the boil with the recent set of stories.

Rob Williams is firmly my favourite Dredd writer now after that last story with Chris Weston was absolutely note perfect. Brink is one I like a lot and nice to see some new stories with solid creative teams.

I can still never understand how much Dan Abnett writes and it’s almost always good. A non 2000ad tangent but Jeff Lemire is hitting that for me now too, puts out about 8 titles a month (including drawing one) and they’re all good.


Second Judges book was OK. Solid but not as good as the Michael Carroll one.


This is from fb, posted by guy John Burdis:


At the 40th I had a quick chat with Jason Kingsley and asked if we would ever see the death of Old Stony Face!

Now, I didn’t want the character to die off but it could be portrayed in a sort of Elseworlds type, prestige, One Off format. Obviously John and Carlos would kill him off and we would then at least know how he would die, even though it’s an ‘Elseworlds’ tale. This could be something like a 48 page story!

Or you could do a similar thing and have half a dozen creators team up and all do a short each, showing how they would kill him off. Obviously, John and Carlos would be in this as well.

I personally think this would be a big seller, make headline news, bring the character to more people with the coverage, etc…

What say you lot?

Plus, if they had a signing, I just know it would be the signing to end all signings for 2000 AD fans!"


Wagner has said he wants to do this story.

I think that’s the only way it will happen and I think it might…but perhaps not for a while yet

However the other creators have no place doing this story - it’s John’s baby, it should only be John and Carlos who do it - plus having a dozen writers let loose on it sounds like a gimmick, which id expect from the big 2, but 2000ad and john have too much respect for the character to ever do that


People discussed on that FB page, that John wanted to kill him off in Days of Chaos, but people at 2000ad ignored him.

I even read that in Strontium Dog some guy bragged about killing Judge Dredd (Razor something…). Maybe they’ll add two and two and do it.

And you are right. If anybody should do it, John and Carlos are the perfect for the job.


I’m not 100% sure that’s true, a couple of years back John Wagner did a long interview on the 2000ad Thrillcast and did address the fact that Dredd runs in real time and despite the ‘rejuve’ treatment at some point will have to retire and then die. He wants to be the one to tell that story but understands that Dredd is too big a property that he’d be able to end it as an ongoing strip. There wasn’t really any suggestion he’d already planned it for Day of Chaos but it’s possible, he could have glossed over that.

The truth is that Dredd has a built-in solution for that day if and when it comes. Dredd is already a clone of Judge Fargo and that has been duplicated with both Rico and Kraken.


I’m not sure this is the case


We still have the young Dredd clone in the strip don’t we?


That’s Rico, isn’t it? Kraken was the Judda Clone who quietly replaced Dredd in the build-up to Necropolis, IIRC.


Rico yeah, I thought he was still about but he hasn’t been in any strips for a while so I was starting wonder if he’d croaked and I’d forgotton about it


It’s been ages since I read either 2000AD or the Meg, so I’m the wrong person to ask about up to date events.


I wasn’t reading when Rico Jr was introduced but he was in one of the post Day Of Chaos stories alive and well.


Rico is currently out in the mutant townships in the Cursed Earth (he returned to the city with relief workers after Day of Chaos). I think he may have been in a Cursed Earth Koburn story in the Megazine since then (EDIT actually, I’m starting to doubt myself on that now) .


Personally, i am fucking sick and tired of killing off the heroes. I want to go a year or two where everybody does their thing and is not all busy in a graveyard. Right now, looking across the gamut of genre stories, I see a vast preponderance of Death. And not Judge Deth, who can provide an entertaining fight! iZombie. Walking Dead. Death of Superman (comic, BvS, comic, comic, comic, video, two-part video, comic…), Wolverine dead + Logan + Return of. Infinity Gauntlet. Deadpool (can’t die, but, damn.) Where is the FF?




Dredd goes berserk, unleashes a nuke on MC-1, wastes all the fuckers, then in hidding place, staring out of panel, while the face is stretched into maniacal smile, blows his brains out - “No more Dredd for you, punk”.




It’s interesting to imagine that Wagner’s lawyer has an envelope marked “Open in the event of my death”, with one final script in it…


My worry is that in my mind Dredd will die for me when Wagner is longer writing him.

The natural guardian of the character of Wagner ever does decide to stop altogether is 100% Mike Carroll.

There’s strips he has written that if it said ‘john wagner’ in the credit box i wouldn’t actually question it.

Hopefully it’s not for a long time yet, I don’t like to think about John Wagner retiring from Dredd or comics in general, it depresses me.
I know he has almost done it on more than one occasion in the last. But, even by his own admission, he’s a better writer now than ever. I still feel he has some more classic stories in him and I’d love to see another Dredd epic multi parter from him.

I know when that day comes he stops that it will hit me like a ton of bricks.


This just popped up in my Facebook feed.

Ezquerra had posted earlier in the week he was going in for an operation but I don’t think he said for what. Glad to hear the maestro is recovering though.