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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


prog 2092

wind down before prog 2100 kicks us back off in earnest for the Autumn Assault

The second part of mcconville and manco’s Dredd is a complete mess. I never read past halfway through page 4. Dredd is not a I should be skipping but not even Manco’s art could save this.

The Order continues to absorb me in its unique atmosphere as we are taken to Worms Landing, a haven for rebels, of both human and wyrm variety. And find out a bit more about the wyrms and their factions, as Kek expands the mythology. Again, this series would not work without Burns art.

Grey Area deals with the rather shocking events that kicked of this new series in a rather unceremonious manner, given the enormity of what happened. Methinks Mr Abnett has something clever up his sleeve. A writer of many many techniques, this time he uses a letter home as the framework for the analysis on impact to individual characters. Switching the scale again is a wise move and i imagine part of why this series is well regarded with the readership.

Mechastopheles was a forgettable 3hriller, now given an upgrade to a full series. Nice art from Richardson but the story is pish. Basically steampunk Pacific Rim with demons but less interesting than that actually sounds.

And lastly, Fall of Deadworld: Damned wraps up with a pretty big reveal about Byke that Kek has held under his hat patiently. He mentioned he had something planned to me at the con back in Early 2017, so he’s obviously been seeding this series well ahead. I enjoyed that one as I didn’t see it coming and often wondered what the score was.
This all ends rather abruptly, leaving me desperate for more. I know this series is a bit marmite, but it’s really captured my imagination.
It’s been a highlight of recent years in terms of new series. Really different from anything else I’ve ever read.


At first I thought the character deaths would be a fake-out because they were so abrupt. It still could be but where Abnett is taking the story suggests not. Agree on the scale, not long back they were saving the entire universe and now it’s gone very small and personal.

I’ll give it more than one episode before declaring it pish but I do think these writers need to understand better how readers experience 2000ad. This 3hriller was ages ago, I can vaguely remember the giant robot in a hellish world but nothing else. This just dives in with little to no explanation, there’s some banter between the characters but I don’t know who they are so I don’t care. This contrasts hugely with Grey Area where I know the characters and do care what they think.


prog 2093

dredd thingywig part 3 let’s not even go there

The advert for Von Hoffman’s Invasion book 1 means my bank account is getting raided yet again in what seems to have been an awfully regular occurance this year for the British Treasury reprints.
We’ve also got Black Max, El Mestizo and The Thirtheenth Floor between now and November…!

The Order features a rather unexpected cameo that those who (somewhat, sometimes unfortunately) read 2000ad in the 90’s will be familiar with - funnily enough it’s a character that another current strip puts me in mind of.

There’s a new 3Riller: Appetite which starts this prog. Written by James Peaty (Skip Tracer) with art by Andrea Mutti. Mutti has a load of US comics under his belt, so surprised to see him on a 3riller to be honest. It’s interesting that both he and Manco are dong some work for the comic just now. I wonder how this came about.
To be honest the dialogue ok but I’m a bit at a loss as to what actually happened.

It’s very difficult to read mechastopheles and care

**grey area: 86” is of the standard we have come to expect, continuing to deal with the fallout of the big event of this run all while giving some more insight into how things work

I’d say Grey Area is the one strip I really enjoyed this week with the rest ranging from average to outright shit.


I’m now 60 progs behind with current 2000ad. I will continue to stockpile them until my big reread catches up to present day. I’m on prog 1700.


That’s some going Bobby

I’d loved it if you did a blow by blow account - but you’d spend more time doing that than reading them


The vigilant arrived today.

I was really keen to read it, opened up the parcel and started reading through it with real anticipation - it’s rather unfortunate to report that it was really bad.

There was severe pacing issues with Furman’s script, the dialogue was groan inducing and I found it really difficult to follow and didn’t care to make the effort to try reading it again.

I’m not sure who the audience is for this book. There’s some interesting old characters in there, but as they are in it for about 2 panels each anyone buying it for the nostalgia factor is going to be really disappointed.

I assume they are waiting to see how it sells before deciding on a second issue, I can’t see this doing well at all.

The only thing that got a pass mark was the commander steel back up story, it was the only thing that was readible in the book. That’s unfair actually, Death Wish was ok.

I never liked Simon Coleby’s art when I was younger. Then I really grew to appreciate it. Im back to square one again, the images are good and some of the renditions and designs are cool, but the storytelling is bad. Script doesn’t help though.

Interested to hear what other thing as I thought this was dung.

I think this is getting covered in this week’s thrillcast maybe they’ll explain wtf the aim is.


Good News - Bad News

Let’s start with the bad news and then finish on a high

bad news

prog 2094 was toilet.

The cover is bland trash. The first page of Dredd is a compositional disaster. Still trying to work out what the first panel is all about. It is visual diarrhoea. Diarrhoea is too kind a word to describe this 4 part strip. Honestly one of the worst Dredds I’ve ever partially read.

For those not familiar with Amoured Gideon, it was a complete and utter pile of shit from the 90s, written by talentless editor John Tomlinson.
Within this prog we have not just an appearance from that stain on 2000ads history, but also a strip which closely resembles it, and is possibly even less interesting.
The irony here is that recent issues of 2000ad have threatened to hark back to that period.
I will give The Order some credit in that it was an unexpected cameo at least. However, I have totally lost the plot with it now, so I’m no longer finding the enjoyment in it that I was in the first 5 parts.
I also have no idea what is happening in the 3thriller. However the best thing about the 3Thrillers is, although they are almost always shit, you know that they only 3 parts.
Mechastopheles, I’ve lost what little interest I had in it. Which was minuscule to begin with.

Thank god for Grey Area, which was excellent, and immediately sets up a bunch of new story possibilities.

Still on bad news

the magazine 399

The Dredd was another mediocre Mconville effort, this time about smart drugs. I can’t even be arsed moaning about it.
The Returners gets skipped.
Devlin Waugh I skim read, which to be honest is all it deserves, despite the nice art. Never thought I’d tire of that character. At the end of this I wouldn’t be fussed if I never see another new Waugh story again, I’ll just enjoy the Amith written strips of the past.
The article about The Vigilant was far more enjoyable than the comic itself. The articles have been a godsend this year really.
Although someone really should have proofread this, I noticed at least 2 glaring errors as I was reading though it.
Chopper was really disappointing, particlaurly as I was so excited about the character returning. I’ll try read it all in one sitting in the future and see if I feel any different. I’m not sure I will.
I didn’t bother reading Strange Brigade, it’s basiclaly an advert for a video game and the first epsiode was bad enough.

All in all a complete waste of 6 quid. And 2018 has been the worst year for the 2000ad stable in about the last 15, after a pretty strong start as well.
The only hope is that it goes out on a high with the meg 400 and prog 2100 line ups.

The good news is that 399 clears the decks
Not only that the line up for 400 sound spectacular, as some of my assumptions on the creative side were thankfully incorrect!!

-Wagner and Flint on Dredd
-Alan Grant (not Emma Beeby)
and Inaki Miranda on Anderson
-Ales Kot (not Rory McConville) and Mike Dowling on Devlin Waugh
-Dan Abnett and Phil Winslade on the wonderful Lawless
-David Hine and Nick Percival on The Dark Judges

The only downsides are more Storm Warning and Blunt, which were both shit, but you can’t win them all. I just hope that the recurring strips will be from the list above and not these two.

And not a fucking Rory Mconville strip in sight.
My hope is here that Matt Smith had paid for that material over the past year and had to use it all up and now it’s gone and this comic can be readable again. Because I’m a baw hair off cancelling my subscription for the first time in what is currently 399 issues.


I read Progs 2093 and 2094 and have to agree they were pretty poor. I’ve also got Megs 398 and 399 but I’m not holding out much hope for them!


I honestly don’t think it was that bad. It was a rather run of the mill effort but I have read worse.

The last episode did exasperate me though. They had a rogue judge that had an excuse to flee and had a link to genetic human improvements and they killed him off out of panel. You could run years of stories off that idea and they pissed it up the wall.


prog 2095

Behind a cracking and classic Dredd cover from Staz Johnston the content does quite not match that standard.

Dredd: the booth conspiracy part 1 by TC Eglington and Staz Johnston starts in a rather dull and hackneyed fashion with Dredd announcing that the Sons of Booth have resurfaced, in a similar way you’d have seen Comissioner Gordon call Batman to tell him The Joker has escaped from Arkham in any one of dozens of unimaginative stories over the years.

Happy to see characters to return but at least put a bit of effort in to the 4 pages into of a 6 page chapter. They rob a storage unit and escape with something
As episodes go, it’s actually alright, although I don’t know if that’s me speaking relatively after the last few weeks of Dredds. It’s Wagner influenced, which I have no problem with.

I enjoyed this instalment of the order a lot more than last week, I felt I started following the thread of the story. There’s so much going on here that I think I’m going to sit and read it all in one go once it is finished, as I have the issues handy.

I skipped the 3thriller and mechastopheles. When I do my massive 2000ad re-read at some point I’ll read them in one sitting then. I’m not compelled to bother just now. There is some really good art in the latter.

grey area kicks off a new multiparter. I do like how dan Abnett has set up both grey area and sinister dexter as vehicles for ideas no matter how big or small, just adjusting the size of the story accordingly. He’s got a terrific range as a storyteller, flitting from one off 6 page tales, short to medium epsiodic tales and then the epics like brink and kingdom. He’s mastered both US comics and the UK anthology format. Incredibly writer given how prolific he is.
This contrasts the set up with the Grey Area to the I-C station. Really clever, after last weeks reveal, and of great relevance in western politics today.
This strip drags the rest of the issue up and reminds you as a reader that there’s always something worth picking the comic up for even if it’s having a bit of a downturn in quality.

On that note, we are informed that Survival Geeks returns next week.

Oh joy.


Molch-R said on the Thrillcast that this is the conclusion on to the ‘Sons of Booth’ saga Eglington has been doing for a while. I think it’s a good idea but not a bad idea to wrap it up now.


prog 2096

dredd: the booth conspiracy (Eglington & Johnston) continues to be pretty decompressed but enjoyable enough.

survival geeks: slack n hash (Rennie, beebie, googe) is a mash up of old ideas and stale jokes you’ve heard dozens of times before. Par for course then.

I’ve now completely lost the thread on the order I think I will skip the final 3 parts and just read it in one sitting.

I skipped mechastopheles and grey area continues to be the highlight of the current progs.


Second Judges book is out today. Physical editions are limited to 250 copies so get in there quick if you’re interested.


Because I missed the first I’m going to hold out for the omnibus edition in print I think.

Have you read the first book yet?


Yeah. Read it when it came out. I enjoyed it. Micheal Carroll has produced the best prose Dredd books in recent years and the Judges book is no exception.


Thanks. I recently picked up the Year One and Year Two books although have not read them yet.

I think the idea behind Judges sounds great and i really enjoyed his last strip in the comic that flashed back to that period.


George Perez has drawn the cover for the next jump on issue #2100.


George Perez has drawn a cover for Rebellion’s milestone 2000 AD #21 00. This will be Perez’s first work in 2000 AD , and first major work with the Judge Dredd character.

Stories slated for this issue are Judge Dredd: The Small House (Rob Williams and Henry Flint), Brink: High Society (Dan Abnett and INJ Culbard), 1812 (Ian Edginton and Dave Taylor), Legion (James Peaty and Colin MacNeil), Alpha and Omega (Dan Abnett and Richard Elson).

2000 AD #2100 is due out September 25 in the United Kingdom, and October 17 in North America.


Ooh, new Abnett/Elson.

Naming a new strip “Legion” is an odd choice though. I guess it’s vague enough that there’s no Trademark on it?


There’s kind of two elements. I’d assume Marvel have trademarked it but that doesn’t matter for content, just if it’s the title (hence the Captain Marvel/Shazam stuff in the past, you can use the name not put it as the comic title). So a Legion strip within 2000ad is fine but they may well later want to sell it as a trade if it’s popular.

Then there’s whether they apply those trademarks globally, which surprisingly they don’t often do that much. I recently did searches on product names we had in mind and it was fairly rare they’d registered outside one country (and we know ‘The Avengers’ doesn’t belong to Marvel in the UK).

I guess if it becomes a massive hit and Netflix want to do an adaptation then they can just change the name. Like changing Verve to ‘The Verve’. :smile:


That’s a strong line up