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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


I used to have a dog in this fight.

Laura Bailey, who won the 2000AD pitchest the year after I did, has just seen her third strip published. So, both Rory McConville (2015) and Laura (2017) were commissioned for additional work before their winning strips were published, whereas I (2016) was told get myself in the slush pile after my winning script was accepted (which is where I’ve been since 19 September 2017).

I’m not sure where I went wrong, but the poor mutt’s on life support, and euthanasia seems likely at this stage.


I was thinking about you the other day actually.

I think I said at the time that your FS was the best I’d read in years.

I can’t really understand why others have got other work when you have not as you showed the most potential, although I did quite like Laura Bailey’s Terror Tale and id like to see more from her.

This will be controversial, but I don’t care, I prefer to be up front: the female only sci fi special has given others a chance who are not good enough, at the expense of the likes of yourself, to achieve some positive publicity from the community that values box ticking and diversity over talent.

I don’t know if you read it but the recent sci fi special is the single worst issue of 2000ad ever published and I find the whole situation quite bemusing. But, whatever, politics eh?

Matt Smith has done a really fantastic job over the years, but that doesn’t extend to talent spotting unfortunately, certainly not when it comes to writers anyway - generally there is a a high degree of quality on the art side.

Have you given up on the idea or are you still plugging away? I don’t think you should give up, your strip was better than pretty much any one parter I’ve read from 2000ad over the last god knows how many years. And I’m not just saying that because you have posted today, I said as much at the time.

Alex Worely is the best of this last gernation of breakthrough writers and he’s quite fleeting in his appearances. I don’t know if that is because he doesn’t pitch as much as some others but he’s the one guy I thought could be the next Ewing/Carroll/Williams.


Yes, I read it. Twice, just to make sure I hadn’t read it incorrectly the first time. I’m a Prog 30 onwards old guy, and I guess I wasn’t the target market for the special, so of course I found it problematic. But, in gerneral, I think it’s worth experimenting this way with specials. I’m not sure how Tharg judges the success or not of this experiment, so we’ll have to wait and see what impact it has on future Progs

Man, I owe you some serious drinks should our paths ever cross (you doing Thought Bubble?). I honestly don’t know what Tharg saw in Rory and Laura that he couldn’t see in me apart from youth (I’m problably their combined ages), so I hope he’s not conflating ‘fresh’ with ‘young’.

The 2000AD rules are one FS in the slush pile at a time, and mine’s been in there since Sept 19 last year (the submissions window start). I’m guessing they’re not necessarily reading them FIFO, or it’s been tossed without feedback. I have a finished comic that I pitched to IDW five or six weeks ago, so I’m waiting for feedback on that. I don’t have @mattgarvey1981 's project management skills for pulling a group creators together (I tapped seven or eight artists who were looking for work recently for a paid project, and they all want to do covers and commissions), and it always costs the writer a lot of dosh for little or no reward, so I might give comics a rest. I follow a lot of comics creators on Twitter and they’re probably the cliquiest group of people ever (the Chief excepted), and seeing how I know no-one plus I have the worst networking skills ever…

Prose, on the other hand: I made two submissions to the Big Finish Doctor Who Short Trips short story competition, the winner of which is announced at end of this month (from 1000+ entries). I have a couple of other shorts I’m saving for the Bridport Prize comp in May 2019. Then there’s a radio drama and a TV pilot I’m currently scrpting for the BBC Writersroom submissions window that usually open in December.

This baffles me. Alec’s a clever writer and, like you, I thought he’d be one of the backbones of the Prog by now.


You are killing me here…i just saw your email, but i might as well reply here because i just wanna pick you up and shake you!
The reason why i appear to be so “prolific” is that it has taken me eight years to get where i am…the reason i have some many books on the go is, it has taken me years to save up and get these books made.
Eight years, man EIGHT Flippin’ years and you know what you have already achieved more than me!
You have been published!!!
I haven’t (other than self)
it’s not about project management skills or having deep pockets (because i really don’t)
I’m skint…all the time, i lose money on every comic i make because the profit i make nowhere near covers the costs to make them and pay my collaborators to work with me.
I am able to do it because of time…its a marathon not a sprint.
Most people think they are going to make their first comic and BOOM they are breaking in…doesn’t work like that.
You don’t know anyone in the industry, neither do i
All i know are you 'orrible lot! :wink:
Yes a some of the mods on here know a few people in the industry, but i have NEVER and would never ask them for an “intro” or help me get a leg up…i am a great writer…and i want to make it on my own merit and not break in because my friend let me in the back door…,
But you know what even if i don’t I’m so cool with that, because i am getting to tell the stories i want to tell and for me, that is enough.
You have submitted your comic to IDW, which is great…have you submitted it anyone else?
It has been six weeks, wait till eight, if you haven’t heard back try two more companies…Vault or Black Mask, someone like that.
Hedge your bets…
Also, You have your comic finished, yeah?!
Right, go here:
Go print off 20 copies, it’ll cost you £40.00…you have nothing to lose!
Pick a few editors whose work you like say four at DC, four at Marvel and four at a different company.
Don’t blanket the company, just pick the ones YOU would like to work with.
Write them a personal letter explaining who you are TELL THEM YOU HAVE BEEN PUBLISHED BY 2000AD (send them a copy of that too if you can) and here is a copy of your latest creator-owned book.
You might not hear anything back…but you know what…one maybe one might like your comic…MAY have read YOUR 2000AD story already and then BOOM! you might suddenly now know someone in the industry.
Editors want to see that you can make comics, have drive and ambition!
You have to work smarter not harder!
What do you do with the five or so copies…well you keep a couple and you send me one too! :wink:
You are a wonderful writer, if you give up writing comics i’ll punch you!
Lotsa love,


I have to say, I think it’s more a case of not thinking through some of their choices than anything else. Like they hired Tillie Walden to do a 2000AD story? I mean, I love her comics, she’s amazing, but putting her in 2000AD would be like asking the producers of South Park to do a Disney channel sitcom. Totally the wrong fit.

That said, I know you’ve been very harsh towards Alex DeCampi’s work, and what I read of her comics back in the day made me think she’d be a good fit. I’ve not read her Dredd stories so I can’t judge them though.


Ironically, Di Campi’s Rogue Trooper was the highlight for me in this issue, although it kind of tapered off to nowhere by the end.


The main thing of hers I read was Smoke, the action thing she did with Igor Kordey. The ending was a bit of an anticlimax there too, but what lead up to it was great IMO.


Smoke is really good. I mentioned before they probably assigned her wrongly on the Dredd stuff, naming no names we know some very good writers who haven’t been able to nail Dredd stories.

Smoke is actually pretty similar in vibe to Mills’ Savage stories with that near future spy thing.


Following the success of last year’s fright-filled outing, the Scream & Misty Special returns this Hallowe’en! With a creepy cover by Kyle Hotz, two of Britain’s best loved comics reunite for an anthology of brand new tales, guaranteed to terrify and entertain you!

With more treats than tricks, this issue features Black Max by Kek-W and Simon Coleby, 13th Floor by Guy Adams, John Stokes and Frazer Irving, Black Beth by Alec Worley and DaNi, ‘Best Friends Forever’ by Lizzie Boyle and Yishan Li, and ‘Decomposition Jones’ by Richard McAuliffe and Steve Mannion.

Plus, readers will be able to choose a ‘Misty and Scream!’ cover by artist Lenka Simeckova! Coming to a shop near you on 31 October!


Nice one, look forward to that


I like that cover


It’s nice isn’t it? A very Bernie Wrightson feel which is just right for a horror comic.

I was wondering if John Stokes was still around after seeing his name there, I loved his Marvel UK work in the 80s. Wiki says he’s 75 years old now, which is still young compared to the incredible John M Burns who’s still churning out beautiful pages for 2000ad at 80.

I wonder how much Frazer Irving is doing on that one, their styles are quite different.


Did you pick up the Marney the Fox hardcover that they brought out as part of the Treasury of British Comics releases?

I’ve not read it yet but it’s absolutely stunning.


Irving is pretty much the perfect modern artist to draw Max, isn’t he?


I’ve got it sitting unread but yeah, fantastic package.


Been making my way through the thrillcasts, I’m miles behind

Listening to Garth Ennis interview today, the guy is such a straight and matter of fact talker, and really knows his own mind and how to put a point across. I’m so envious of that skill.

Brilliant interview, utterly fascinating as well.


Nobody’s complaining about the overly sexualised female figure on what used to be a teenage girls’ comic?

Huh, ok then, I won’t either :confused:


Fair point the concept is unprecedented.


Precisely. You don’t see the same kind of unrealistic anatomy in the 1982 picture.

Edit: I actually did a quick flip through my original Misty covers to make sure I wasn’t forgetting something that somebody could throw back at me, and I’m pretty confident I can stand by my assertion.

Edit 2: It’s quite possible that Kyle Hotz simply can’t draw accurate female anatomy and he’s not making a deliberate choice in that image. But then, the editor presumably commissioned it deliberately.


You missed the 1983 ‘nude variant’ Annual. :smile:

It’s true enough though in that pic she’s gone from flowing robes to super tight dress. I just rather doubt now (especially with Scream as the headline title) that the target market really is 13 year old girls and not 40+ year olds that read the comics back then.