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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


What’s that Bobby?

Do they review every issue of 2000ad or something?


Yep. Two Americans take a months worth of progs and do a read/recap/review.

It’s a good listen if nothing else than to be reminded of all the early stories from the prog. Above that though the two guys are genuinely into it and one of them was completely new to 2000ad before starting their massive quest.


Ah…do they get it?



Pretty much all of the strips they get. The UK adverts not so much!


Please tell me this is for real!!!


It’s his verified account Chris. Yeah! :crazy_face:


Stalag 666 - I remember reading somewhere that a disgruntled fan once sent writer Tony Lee a parcel of shit as they were so unhappy with this story. Nothing can condone that sort of behaviour but to be honest the story is pretty naff. It’s essentially a poor man’s take on The Great Escape except instead of escaping from Nazis, the p.o.w.s are evading humanoid snakes…who happen dress like Nazis. It’s cliched throughout and has fairly substandard John Davis-Hunt art.

Necrophim - Lee’s next long running series is about fallen angels and a battle for Hell. The prologue is the strongest of the trilogy as it is fairly straightforward and introduces some intriguing characters but subsequent parts get a tad too twisty for twisty’s sake. Lee Carter’s black and white greytone art is a perfect fit and although the whole thing goes a bit long I thought it was okay.

Cradlegrave - John Smith is a genius and I often think he’s on par with Morrison for wacky ideas. There is less wacky here and more horror. Alongside a spot on script, there is a real sense of dread and a brilliantly suffocating claustrophobic atmosphere. However, even though there is a definite display of craft from both Smith and artists Bagwell, for me, and I know I’ll be in a minority here, the ending really lets it down. Or should I say the lack of a fully explained ending. Unfortunately whatever the media, I’m someone who doesn’t like to have to think too much and I like to be spoon fed story resolutions. This open ended ending just didn’t work for me. Edit - It’s now been several days since this reread and I’m warmed to it more.

Zombo - Loved this when it came out in the prog. Now having done a reread of the entire series (well, I say entire series as there is actually more planned) I’ve soured on it somewhat. It’s definitely a book that reads better in weekly instalments opposed to binge reading. What could be better than a wise cracking zombie who wears nothing other than a pair of pants? The problem is that it’s just too haphazard in approach. There are some seemingly connected but perhaps not connected sub plots and characters that seem to not be relevant to anything. Flint’s art is obviously great throughout and although Ewing does produce some great moments of dialogue I’m downgrading this from great to good/above average.


To be fair, there’s plenty of reasons to send Famous Writer Tony Lee a parcel of shit.


Oh Yes!