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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


I had a couple of signed limiteds (a Heinlein and a Frank Herbert) back in the Pleistocene. There’s something very special about them.


I got it from the 2000AD webshop.

Unfortunately it looks like they’re all gone now though.


Prog 2082

Brilliant cover from Jimmy Broxton, good to see him getting work again after the Vampirella farce and subsequent throwing under the bus from Paul Cornell.
This cover is a reminder of how good an artist he is. First thing I did was check who did the cover art when I opened the polybag on this.

Dredd: The Paradigm Shift part 1
Carroll & Lynch
There’s a LOT to like here. Carroll on point, as ever. Lynch’s art keeps getting better. The return of Joyce. And a tie in to Carroll’s Judges novel, taking us back to 2034.
Exciting stuff. This is the next best thing to Wagner doing mythology stuff.

Skip Tracer part 2
Peaty & Marshall
This reminds me of the sort of series we used to get back in the very early 90’s like Beyond Zero. Not in a bad way. It’s pleasantly nostalgic for me.
I like to see a new series in the prog and I’d much rather they did that than put new writers onto longstanding characters, often to butcher them, as we’ve seen recently in Devlin Waugh.
The star of the show is the art, which is perfect. In fact the real star of the show is the colours. So much subtle depth to the palate used and it really elevates Marshall’s already superb inks.

Story wise the mystery rolls along quite nicely, not giving too much away, but enough to keep the reader intrigued. There’s also a bit of added character background done very deftly in a few panels.
I’m starting to really enjoy this.

Survival Geeks: Geek-Con part 1
Rennie/Beeby & Googe

About as funny as dick rot only more painful and less interesting.
Dick rot.
Dick rot dick rot dick rot.

The Fall of Deadworld: The Damned part 2
Kek-W & Kendall
This chapter goes thru the motions a bit, with a few half hearted references to the Dredd world we know. There’s still atmosphere here but the plot doesn’t move much further forward from last episode.

Durham Red: Born Bad part 1
Worley & Willsher
Wow. This is some of the most outstanding art I have seen in any comic for a long time. Probably since Jon Davis Hunt started emerging as a star in Clean Room and subsequently Wildstorm.
Willsher has been around for quite some time but he’s never looked as good as this. He’s always been a really solid artist but this is next level stuff.
Most of it is down to the colours. He’s done the colours himself here and from Durham’s hair, to her jeans, to her lips to her skin - she’s utterly striking. She’s also sexy as hell. It’s good to see that we are not removing sex appeal from all our female comic book characters. A bit of variety is a good thing and I’ve felt 2000ad has been leaning away from this a bit too much recently.
The opening episode itself is really good. Nothing original but I’m really looking forward to reading more of this. Brilliant stuff overall.


He’s got this release towards the end of the year, need someone to tell me if it’s good:


Yeah, I enjoyed it. It suffered a little from being broken into 2 chapters.

I’d describe it as a cross between Hellblazer and The Fade Out.

It also reads a bit like Mike Carey.

The art is great.


I have zero real interest in football but I’m going to be picking this up based on the strength of the talent involved.

Rebellion are also releasing a Sniper Elite tie in comic with Keith Richardson on writing duties and Pattrick Goddard on art.



Any ideas if the graphic novels are collections of what is going to be printed in Match of the Day?

I dont really fancy buying that magazine just for the strip, so I’m going the answer to that question is ‘yes’.


I was hoping for the same. Either that or for the MotD stuff will be like a “zero issue” to the GNs.


Without images that show bullet piercing human body, the book’ll be travesty :grin:



Something I’ve always meant to ask about the Block names in Judge Dredd - is there any deeper meaning to them or are they just silly/random pop-culture references?


Usually the latter


They could go farther.

The Maxine Watersworks.

Francis Bacon & Eggs Café

Musso and Frank Grillo
(Hollywood reference)

Dana Cook’s Tour

… stuff like that.


This is my favourite naming stuff after famous people moment in Dredd:


As Chris says, usually the latter but it’s not rare they have some comment to make, like a story about censorship takes place in Salman Rushdie block etc.


Sale on some of the British Treasury reprints

But concerned that this means they are not doing to well - although hopefully I’m reading too much into it.


Marney The Fox is a steal at £9 - it’s a lovely edition.


Yeah it’s beautiful


I’ve just remembered about this so have just put an order in for Marney the Fox and One Eyed Jack. No idea when I’ll get around to reading them but the price was too good to pass on.