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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Rob works sometimes as a sports journalist and loves it, the perfect choice.


Did not know that!


Yeah it was on one of the 2000ad Thrillcasts, he used to write articles on NFL at a high enough level he got shipped over to the US ‘expenses paid’ for some very high profile interviews. He was asked why a Welshman liked NFL and not rugby and he said he loves rugby and football just as much too. He just had less competition on American football as everyone in Wales thinks they are a rugby expert pundit. :smile:

(He’s right, I think I am!)


Think I’ll skip this, judging by this interview. DeCampi has been terrible so far.


I’m buying it but I fully reserve the right to complain about it as I’ve not really enjoyed the de Campi movie stories. I note Emma Beeby is absent from the lineups I’ve seen. I’m happy enough with that as her hit to miss ratio tends more to the former than the later.


I’ve never read any of DeCampi’s Rebellion stuff but her graphic novel Smoke was excellent (the sequel Ashes not so much but still pretty good). Maybe she’ll fit Rogue Trooper better, she definitely does have talent but that doesn’t always translate into different properties as we see with a lot of creators.


I can see her being a good fit for Rogue, all right.


Fair point,

Have to say, I disliked immensely Smoke and especially Archie vs Predator. Maybe she’d fit somewhere else, but I don’t think she is good for RT or Dredd.


I thought Smoke was pretty good. Archie vs Pred was lightweight fun. I don’t think I’ve read any of her other works.


Her Image series, No Mercy, is good, but very dark.


The stuff she’s done with Wyatt has been garbage as has anything else I’ve read by her.

I’m slightly concerned about the direction 2000af and the megazine have been heading in with some of the newer ‘talent’ that they’ve been giving a fair bit of work today.

I’ve bought 2000ad since I was about 8, and have every issue - there’s some creators and series now that are as bad as, if not worse, than the stuff released in the dark days of the 90s and the Vector 13 era.


I feel like I’m now having a pop at the female writers, but I’m glad to see no Beeby there - she’s the worst of a bad lot. I’m not really into creator bashing, but at the same time I’m not really into hiding my true feelings about something either.

I’ve gone into every Beeby written story with a fresh outlook, willing it to be good and they’ve pretty much all been shite.

I’ve actually lowered the bar with her, where I’d settle for half decent.

Feel the same about Wyatt - Mcconville & Ellington have had a few moments here and there.

Worley is the only one I’ve been really impressed with and he’s been kicking about for a while now.


I know. That worries me too.


I don’t read the Megazine, only 2000ad. The ‘lot’ seems to be just her in that book. I don’t to be honest dislike her stuff any more than Kek-W which is usually very hard to understand. The appeal of that Deadworld stuff rather escapes me outside the concept, a rather rudderless story with muddy art from the 1990s bad days. (Then again Kek-W could be a woman for all I know, it’s a daft name).

I do though share your issues with newer writers. A lot of the best stuff is by Mills and Wagner still and they are hovering around the 70 years old mark, Milligan just a little younger. Guys like Ewing and Rob Williams are great but now mostly off in US comics. Michael Carroll should be given more stories. He doesn’t seem to be doing much in the US, give him 2 or 3 strips like Mills does.


I think Carroll does a good amount of prose stuff as well, he has a YA series called “The New Heroes.”


Yes also writing/written a bit of Dredd prose too. Newest release is out soon: a pre Dredd judges story called Avalanche.


Yeah we like comics, get him off that nonsense :smile:

Either that or get him the same amphetamine supplier as Dan Abnett who writes 17 novels and 23 comic series a year.


Guess this proves there is only one Dan Abnett.


I met Kek, it’s a bloke.
He told me the story about his name, but I’m not sure I should post it on a forum - he was a little guarded about it and it was a really touching story. I wouldn’t feel right saying too much about, unless it’s already common knowledge. It’s a really sad story.

He’s a really lovely bloke. I spent about half an hour talking to him at the 40th anniversary con. Really interesting guy and made me feel incrediblly welcome and seemed genuinely pleased that I came over to speak to him.

Unlike John Smith, who is one of my heroes, but made me feel really awkward. I think i caught him on a bad day, but he was a wank.
I miss his work a lot though he’s a brilliant writer and I fear we won’t see him again in 2000ad.

Kek-W’s stuff can be hit or miss with me; I think he does atmosphere and world building really well. I do really like the Deadworld stuff but I need to read it in a certain way, and very slowly - I don’t k know quite how to explain that. Although there’s a few books I do this with, I’ve probably got about 3 or 4 different ‘reading styles’ depending on how stuff is either written or drawn. Took me a while to figure this out.
The Order I hated the first 2 series of and then really enjoyed the last - although I did read it almost all in one go for the last series.

I found the Indigo Prime that he did to be completely impenetrable - and it’s not the easiest series to follow at the best of times - but Kek took that to another level. :joy:

Carroll is fantastic, I will buy anything he writes.
He’s a perfect fit for 2000ad and like you I wish he had more output.


Did you ever look at his Jennifer Blood run? After Ennis and Ewing, he finished the book, but after Ewing’s run I thought the character had reached a natural endpoint.