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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


2000AD have a preview up of the new, coloured versions of Halo Jones.

It’s not a bad job, but I’m not sure it’s an improvement on the black-and-white originals.


Me neither but I agree that’s a pretty good job. Colourisation has come on from some of the horrible attempts 10 years or so back.


Yeah, I’m not going to replace my copy with this one, but if I didn’t have it I wouldnt go out of my way to track down a B&W one if the colourised was available


Yeah, I’m going to echo thoughts above and say the colouring is nice enough but doesn’t really add anything to the artwork (though it doesn’t take anything away either). I’ll not be replacing my black and white collection with this.


It makes me realise the extent to which (as with other aspects of reading comics) your imagination does the work to fill in the gaps in black-and-white stories, adding colour information even if it’s not something you can see on the page. So those new colours change the feel of the story quite a bit for me.

That said there are some lovely touches and occasional bits where the art is really enhanced, like that very final panel where the contrast between the background orange tones and the blue in the foreground really helps it to stand out, almost like a 3-D image.


It’s funny actually with 2000ad weekly that the black and white strips are no longer about printing cost but the artistic value. The other day they did print every one of the 5 stories in colour but I had to check back to be sure. I’d read them but wasn’t certain.


Some things are just better in monochrome.

Despite what Paul Simon said!


I hate to be yet another “me too”, but yeah, I agree wth you all. The new colouring looks fine. But I don’t think it’s necessary.


Well, I think it’s pretty good. Though I always prefer the b&w version. Just for the artistic values. And sorta fake nostalgia sake.

Was V for Vendetta originally b&w, or it’s something I hallucinated about?


No, it was originally B/W in Warrior. Not all of it was published that way though - later chapters were coloured and, then the earlier ones too to match for the eventual collection.

I remember it coming up here before that the colouring actually removed some of the clever effects in the b/w original, like the edgeless speech bubbles (that you can see in that example, where parts of the bubbles are against a white background).


It most certainly was although it was never finished in that format, DC took over and the last episodes were in colour only.

It is the one I dislike the most because of the technique David Lloyd was using of having no borders to his word balloons (I see as I’m typing this Dave is posting a screenshot). Adding it removed that impact entirely and it’s sad as it was quite an innovation.


Great minds. :slight_smile: I just mentioned this as I added the image, as it reminded me of you pointing to it a while back.


I read Warrior when I was probably too young. Some of the stories went over my head and V was really one of them. I fully appreciated the story a few years later.

However from the first glimpse I saw how different it was with the lack of borders and how that played in to the use of black and white that Lloyd embraced (he’s not a greyscale artist, it’s stark monochrome or nothing). Even as a teenager the need for DC to colour it dismayed me. It’s the last work that needed that.

In the end too it’s just that ‘sludge’ colouring DC/Vertigo liked at the time, it’s mostly just brown, and shades of brown. You’d have issues of Hellblazer that look like they had a restriction of two tones when they could have done anything the other comics did. It not only adds nothing it subtracts from the aims of the artist.


Cult-favorite British comic book heroes Adam Eterno, Blake Edmonds, Thunderbolt the Avenger, the Leopard from Lime Street, and more are returning in a new August one-shot from Rebellion titled The Vigilant. Simon Furman is writing the one-shot, joined by artist Simon Coleby and unnamed others.

“When the evil forces of Von Hoffman and Dr Mesmer team up and pluck the immortal Adam Eterno from the winds of time, all of reality is under threat!" reads the publisher’s description. "Only the Vigilant; a mighty team composed of super-beings, warlocks, warriors and monsters stand between us and total chaos! Join The Leopard from Lime Street, Steel Commando, Dr. Sin, Pete’s Pocket Army, Blake Edmonds, Y?o and Thunderbolt the Avenger on their premiere adventure. The Rebellion-verse Begins here!”

Rebellion, which is best known for publishing 2000 AD, describes “the Rebellion-verse” as an interconnected world of superheroes but with a very British ethos and outlook.


I only remember one of those. The Leopard from Lime Street because I used to get Buster comic, that one did run until the mid 80s though, the rest are probably before my time.


I know leopard of Limestreet, Pete’s pocket commandos and I THINK steel commander rings a bell.

I got a lot of old uk annuals and comics from coffee mornings and jumble sales when I was a kid and some stuff from my uncle.

Is this just a single story by Furman and Colby?


That looks pretty cool. I’d be down for that if I could find a copy anywhere near me.


The current lineup is pretty good.

I like the Dredd story, the Boothers subplot is interesting. As usual with Dredd it all has an element of political satire that is clear but not whacked over your head obvious. I like that the current group of writers keep the main story going but all have their own little sub stories going on that they pick up. It works really well and Dredd is regularly very strong.
Jaegir is one I go up and down on but I like this latest story. There’s a nice bit of mystery about who is working for what. Coleby is always good on art.
Sinister Dexter, I’m not always a fan but this latest run of stories has been very accessible and fun. Yeowell is always good on art.
Judge Anderson - This is the trickier one. Firstly I adore David Roach’s artwork, he doesn’t do much (barely anything in 30 years) and I think that’s why he’s been replaced this issue which is rare for 2000ad mid story. I know Mike Collins and he both live in Cardiff and used to share a studio so there’s a good attempt for it to gel even if their styles are generally very different. The story has interesting elements but is messy, I’m not quite sure who all these Psis are or quite who the bad guy is meant to be.
Which leads onto Strontium Dog - the newer writers like Beeby and Kek-W need to read and learn, super clear perfect storytelling in this format from two aged masters in Wagner and Ezquerra. In 6-7 page installments that clarity is super important. Love it to bits.


Mick McMahon styled badge coming from Planet Replicas. Sorely tempted by this one…


Roy of the Rovers reboot on the way with 3 graphic novels per football season.
Plus another aimed at middle grade school kid audience.

Creative team: Rob Williams and Ben Willsher

Brilliant news!!