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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


But, holy moley, Halo Jones is an awesome piece of writing :open_mouth:


Treasury of British Comics announces 2018 schedule:

I for one am look forward to reading El Mestizo.


Black Max sounds a bit…batty


Yeah, I am all over that and the Von Hoffman’s Invasion. Mad!


My copy of Grey Area arrived - nice to see 2000AD trades are still up to scratch, haven’t bought one in ages.

Will be getting a few more later this month.




13th Floor!

Max is back.


Tula Lotay is brilliant and I loved Smoke by Alex Di Campi. The rest of the talent are unknown to me but I’d like to see what they do. I think a problem 2000ad may face in a few years is too much of their talent is pretty old. Matt Smith edits it brilliantly but never mind the gender polictics/PC arguments from either side, I won’t be buying it if Mills/Milligan/Wagner/Abnett material is replaced by Kek-W.

Michael Carroll is great, Al Ewing and Rob Williams now earning better money in the US.


Tillie Walden is amazing, her recently finished webcomic on a sunbeam is fantastic


I think Lotay is fantastic, really talented.

I can’t understand why Fay Dalton is not getting more work, she’s phenomenal, but she’s featured in little more than some American Reaper pages.

I’m not a fan of Di Campi and I don’t really know any of the rest of them.

For me, similar to yourself, I just want to see a strong new generation being ushered in. I’m not really interested in gimmicks like this Female only Sci Fi special however. I’d rather see a more organic approach and the sex of the creator not being focussed on so much as their ability.


If it’s a one-off I don’t think it matters.

I think it’s clear they need some younger talent in writing, artwork not so much. Most of the latest prog is written by Mills (68) and Milligan (56).


Just had an unexpected package from Hachette Partworks – a second copy of the Ultimate Collection volume 20 (Nemesis part 2). The accompanying letter says there was a fault in the spine printing of the original so it won’t line up with the big picture. I checked, and the difference is very small but noticable (I have volume 19 so could line them up to see it).

So they’ve sent me, completely free, a fixed copy.

I know Hatchette have had a bit of a bad rep for some of their practices, but as far as I’m concerned their customer service has always been excellent and above-and-beyond the call of duty.

Note, 20 years later, I’m still waitng for DC to fix, or even acknowledge and apologise for, a similar error on volume 6 of the Legion of Super-Heroes Archives (which retailed, 20 years ago, for about three times what these 2000AD volumes do, with no greater pagecount or production quality).


Same here. Did you also get a letter about the four special 64 page ‘covers’ issues priced at £14.99 each!

If you don’t opt out they will send you them automatically.


What? No!

Ok, I take it back, their customer service sucks :smiley:

Was the letter included in a box? I might have ignored it, assuming it was just an invoice.


Came with the rogue trooper and abc warriors package.


Huh. Seems that I did just stick it in my pile of invoices without looking at it! Thanks for the heads-up. I don’t really want four expensive books of cover art.


They did something similarly fishy with the Dredd Collection. I got a letter with volume 79 telling me they added the other 10 volumes that were announced awhile ago. And that my subscription would continue as a premium subscription if I didn’t opt out.


Preview pages from the Bisley Joe Pineapples story.



Holy. Shit.


Good lord they’re good. Pat Mills reported recently that Biz has only delivered the first installment so far though.