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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Nice. I’ll upgrade MACH 1 from a maybe to a definite purchase.


I should add the caveat that it’s literally 40 years since I read it :smiley:


Dominion is the sequel to Dark Justice (the Greg Staples fully painted strip). The art is by Nick Percival this time around. I don’t think it’s anywhere near as good as the first instalment - Percival’s figure work is far too stiff and his faces too ugly for me. I’ve got it as a “maybe” purchase ad it’s still running in the Megazine and a strong end from Wagner could boost it up to a definite purchase.


I’ve been reading a lot of the old collections recently - Meltdown Man, Return To Armageddon, the first Robohunter story to name a few - and I’ve really enjoyed them so I didn’t need much convincing!


It was Mills for a fair whack of the episodes but I think there was a few other writers in there as well.


Brink is excellent. Really good. Abnett on top form. As is Lawless.


I don’t remember if I posted this when I got it but the wife got me this for my birthday back in October and I’ve just got around to reading it tonight.

Some lovely full colour McMahon art in it and some fun, goofy text stuff too (and some utter shite too - a text piece about motorbikes in movies for some reason).


Thanks, looks like I’ll have some purchases later this year to make.


I really liked Grey Area too - another Abnett series that you may want to check out. I wasn’t keen on it originally but it defiantly grew on me as it went on.


Will add it to the hitlist.

Talking of Mazeworld, this is significant:

And in October, Alan Grant and Arthur Ranson’s breathtaking Mazeworld will be republished in a larger format Collector’s Edition. Condemned murderer Adam Cadman who as he is hanged finds himself transported to a fantasy world, the executioner’s hood and noose both fixed to his skin. Is Cadman the fabled ‘Hooded Man’ who will overthrow the tyrant of Mazeworld? And what of his comatose body back in the ‘real’ world?

We’re talking Ranson art here, could well be worth a re-buy / upgrade.


Yeah I really like Brink. It’s along very similar lines to the detective aspects in The Expanse.


It’s not that long since I read MACH 1*, but I remember enjoying it as an action strip when it was reprinted in Eagle.

*it was about 30 years ago




I’ve listened to a load of the Space Spinner 2000 podcast recently with two Americans reading all the Progs from the beginning (one of them does the Stranger By The Dozen podcast about Dr Strange I remember someone mentioning in the podcast thread a while back). The just did an episode about a summer special that featured some reprints of old material and their description of and enthusiasm for the MACH 1 story means in going to buy it for sure.

Also, Planet Replicas are finally selling lawgiver display stands. I’ve had a lawgiver for years but it’s just Sat on the shelf on its side. £15 is a bit steep but there’s no way I’d be able to make something like that (it doesn’t look terribly complicated - it’s just I’m completely kack handed at making stuff).


Vice Press were doing a sale on 2000ad posters, selling mystery tubes containing 4 random posters for £50. I got mine today.

Michael Cho (£25)

Matt Ferguson (£35)

Florian Bertmer (£30)

Matt Taylor (£40)

Pretty good haul. £130 worth of swag for £50. Now I just need a new house so I can put them up! (The Mrs won’t let me have any art on the walls)


Do people actually pay those prices (in brackets) for posters? Wow.


These are limited print runs. Mostly only 100 produced. And technically they are screen prints rather than posters.


That Rogue Trooper one is lovely!!!


So, had it confirmed that the last 10 volumes of the Dredd Mega Collection will be £10.99 each - which, of course, they’ll probably flog for a fiver in a few months - but having gone this far - and it’s not something I can really do again, I may as well finish it. Not least as for £11, they are still good value hardbacks.


Reading the Halo Jones part of the Ultimate Collection, I noted for the first time that the books aren’t full-sized. I mean, it’s obvious that the UC hardcovers have smaller pages than the progs, but it hadn’t bothered me in the others that I’ve read. Halo Jones is the first where it’s a re-read for me, so I could make the comparison. The (relatively) small shrinkage of the art doesn’t serve Gibson’s style well at all. What should be intricately detailed backgrounds tend to look like random scribbles and it takes a lot of effort to make sense of them.