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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


I’m not really feeling the love for Bad Company. I just can’t seem to get into it. I don’t think it needed a continuation to be honest.

I agree the rest of the prog is solid though.


I’ll be bagging the big hardback Volume 2 set for May


It seems Dredd has gone from having a big chin to 2 chins, according to Jake Lynch’s artwork


Read the dialogue - that’s not a chin, it’s a banana!

Is that from the Megazine? The new monkey judge story?


Yeah, the story isn’t much better…


That’s disappointing to hear.

The double elongated chin is something I’ve seen before. Can’t remember who the culprit was though.


To be honest, and I’ve literally just read It tonight, it’s not that bad actually - I was being pretty unfair.

It’s one of Wyatt’s better scripts and I was keen to read on. It started badly with his trademark crammed word balloons but it picked up.

It’s probably Jake Lynch’s best work to date, that I’ve seen. That Dredd pic is really bad, it looks like he’s drawn the chin then dragged it down again to double it up and the result is almost like a confusing optical illusion - however the rest of his art is good here, albeit helped by some great colouring from John Charles.
I don’t think Lynch has settled on his art style yet, you can see a lot of influences here from early McMahon to Flint to Winslade to Wilshere and there’s even glimpses of Cam Kennedy, some times he kind of moves between them all in one story.
He’s getting there though.


I finished the Meg and it wasn’t the hell on paper that I was expecting.

The Dredd by Wyatt and Lynch was fine as I’ve mentioned above.

Lawless was fantastic, Abnett and Winslade pull out all the stops emotionally for this episode and I notice what appears to be a deliberate difference in Winslade style for parts of the story, less lines and more blacks.

Devlin Waugh may as well not be Devlin Waugh but there’s at least some drama in this instalment, however McConnville was a terrible choice to take this over from Smith, one of the worst choices the 2000ad stable has made in recent years. It doesn’t make any sense he couldn’t be more different from Smith. Dowling art doesn’t do any harm though.
I don’t blame McConnville for this though. He’s hardly going to turn down the work and I’m sure he’s given it his best shot. This one is on the normally reliable Matt Smith, although there has been a few dubious decisions on the Megazine in recent years.

The interview with Duke Mighten I found absolutely fascinating and on top of that there is an interview with the legendary Arthur Ranson that almost has me picking up this Beatles biography even though I have zero interest in The Beatles.

Cursed Earth Koburn, also written by McConvillewas an easy read, but I’m not really sure what it’s about, other than Korburn & Alonso arguing with some wee dickhead judge. Really weird opening chapter in terms of establishing the plot.
Ezquerra’s art and colours are so good though that it doesn’t really matter.

The Dredd movie sequel from Wyatt & De Campiis fucking garbage. It’s rotten on every level, completely uncompelling. Fuck knows what Smith is thinking here. Just a waste of Henry Flint.


Alan Moore has written a rather moving tribute to Jim Baikie.

Jim Baikie was a wonderful artist, his talents forged during a wonderful period, and throughout his long career his work sang with the zealous energy and unrestrained inventiveness of those times. He was a great talent, a great collaborator and a great friend. I’d like to send all my love to Wendy and to Jim’s family. He was a dear, astonishing man, and I’ll remember him always.




The collection has the first three parts of what I think was a five-part series.

I can’t say I’m very impressed with the story. It starts off feeling like an attempt to copy Nemesis the Warlock, and ends up… well, feeling like a failure to copy Nemesis the Warlock. The character isn’t very interesting, the antagonists aren’t very interesting, and the plot mainly consists of a series of short episodes where Shakara dismembers people in a variety of different ways. In later episodes it gets more into the background of the character and I think it’s supposed to make him more sympathetic, and it might have worked if I didn’t already have absolutely no feelings for the character.

I have mixed feelings about Henry Flint’s art. It’s wildly inventive, but sometimes fails at basic storytelling as I squint at panels so busy and insanely detailed that I can’t tell what I’m looking at. But there are moments of pure genius, like a sequence of panels where Skakara dismembers (obviously, that’s all that ever happens) a group of dinosaurs and it’s almost like you’re watching actual movement. And I like the way it’s all greyscale with only very specific spot colour on certain characters.

So, yes, it mostly looks nice, but overall I’d have to give this a thumbs down.


Great, @BobbyS has possessed Meadows!


Ha, and as I really like Shakara i think you’re right!


I have to agree with David on Shakara

I liked Flint’s art but I bought the story was loada shite


Seem that one is not enough for Dredd xD


The 2000AD trades schedule for 2018j

16/01/2018 9781781086025 Grey Area (TPB £16.99/$19.99)
08/02/2018 9781781086223 Ant Wars (TPB £10.99/$17.99)
22/03/2018 9781781086230 ABC Warriors: The Mek Files Vol. 4 (HB £25/$35.99)
22/03/2018 9781781086438 Strontium Dog: Repo Men (TPB £14.99/$17.99)
22/03/2018 9781781086131 M.A.C.H. 1: The John Probe Mission Files (TPB £16.99/$23)
05/04/2018 9781781086315 Judge Dredd Case Files 15 (US edition) (TPB £19.99/$24.99)
05/04/2018 9781781086315 Judge Dredd: Case Files 31 (TPB £19.99/$24.99)
04/05/2018 9781781086278 2000 AD Digest: Judge Dredd/Batman (Digest TPB £6.99)
17/05/2018 9781781086353 Halo Jones Book 1 (TPB £9.99/$9.99)
14/06/2018 9781781085592 The Complete Future Shocks Vol. 1 (TPB £19.99/$25.99)
12/07/2018 9781781086360 Halo Jones Book 2 (TPB £9.99/$9.99)
26/07/2018 9781781086285 Brink Volume 2 (TPB £12.99/$13.99)
26/07/2018 9781781086292 Lawless Volume 2 (TPB £14.99/$17.99)
09/08/2018 9781781086308 2000 AD Digest: Judge Dredd - Mandroid (Digest TPB £6.99)
09/08/2018 9781781086322 Sláine: The Brutania Chronicles Book 4 (HB £15.99/$23.99)
23/08/2018 9781781086339 Judge Dredd: Nobody Apes The Law (TPB £14.99/$17.99)
18/09/2018 9781781086377 Halo Jones Book 3 (TPB £9.99/$9.99)
16/10/2018 9781781086544 Dark Justice: Dominion (HB £19.99/$24.99)
04/10/2018 9781781086568 Mazeworld (TPB £19.99/$24.99)
13/11/2018 9781781086582 Hope (TPB £10.99/$14.99)
29/11/2018 9781781086612 Judge Dredd Case Files 32 (TPB £19.99/$24.99)
29/11/2018 9781781086629 Dredd: Final Judgement (TPB £12.99/$17.99)

My shopping list: Dredd Case Files, Lawless, maybe Dark Justice Dominion, probably Complete Future Shock and possibly Ant Wars and MACH 1 (I’ve been on a bit of an early 2000AD kick recently and want to read more of this stuff).


M.A.C.H. 1 was my favourite strip when 2000AD started. If you’ve never read it, I’d highly recommend it. Not sure who wrote it (it was in the days before creator credits) but from the tone I’d hazard a guess at Pat Mills.

Why the hell are they issuing Halo Jones as three individual trades for a total of 30 quid??? That’s beyond rip-off and into the realms of comedy. There’s not many pages in each book. And anybody who wants it can get all three books in one hardcover for £9.99 as part of the ultimate collection :roll_eyes:


What’s this Bruce? I’ve bough zero 2000AD trades for the last couple of years due to Dredd partworks, so need to catch up.

Lawless I’ve heard good things about.

Anyone read Brink? It’s Abnett so probably reliable.


These are the new coloured versions I think.




Yes, they’re not going to work for me I don’t think, but I guess it explains them trying to wring maximum value out of the series.