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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


I agree with both the guys here @Vikram. Both books are well worth pursuing!


Mixed feeling on the meg 391, or the Rory McConnville issue

Matt Smith doesn’t make too many misssteps but I feel he has made two massive ones here

The first is having 3 stories written by McConnville in one issue. Let’s stop to think about this for a minute.
Once in a blue moon you will get 2 strips scripted by Wagner or Mills or maybe Abnett in the same issue.
These guys are masters of the craft and extremely popular with the readership, so it’s like a treat.

McConnville is extremely patchy as a writer who is still learning. Not just that, but he suffers from the Wyatt syndrome of writing in an uninteresting or unengaging style. So what we have here is a £6 comic with 3 out of 5, more than half of the stories, being mediocre. One or two you can kind of allow for. 3 out of 5 is unacceptable.

The second huge misstep is handing McConnville the reigns to Devlin Waugh. I’m sorry but peppering in a few pieces of old fashioned upper class terms in the dialogue is not characterisation. This is a poor approximation of Waugh and to be honest it’s pretty much ruined the character for me in the way that 2000ad did with Strontium Dog and other characters in the 90s
McConnville is a terrible fit and a waste of Waugh & Mike Downing on art.

Why bother??!!??

Lawless & Dominion are great, but thank fuck for Wagner’s Walk as I’m on the precipice of cancelling my subscription to the meg. It’s become a testing ground for new writers and not very good ones at that.

Next month we have a strip by Wyatt, who has never written a good story yet, 2 from McConnville - including the return of Cursed Earth Coburn, and one from Wyatt and De Campi - who are horrible writers on their own and worse when paired together.

I’ve never been so close to cancelling a comic I’ve been reading for over 20 years - I’m heading to the point that I’m reading this out of habit now and what’s worse is the future looks grim, I shudder to think what the 50th anniversary is going to look like if this is the road we are on in terms of sub par talent.


On the plus side, apparently the Dredd Movie sequel next week from Wyatt & De Campi is the last.
They’ve all been utterly unremarkable, I struggle to follow them because they are so bland.


I agree. It’s time to give the 2015 pitchfest winner a break and offer the 2016 pitchfest winner some strips :wink:.

I’m kidding, of course, though my Future Shock submission to the slush pile has been there since September 18th and I’ve heard nothing. That may be good. You’re only allowed to submit one at a time, and it won’t be long before the submission window is closed.

Fair play to Rory, but I have no idea of the mechanics behind him getting so many gigs so quickly. I thought my Prog 2023 effort was worth giving me another look but perhaps Matt didn’t see any merit and was simply abiding by the competition commitment.

Not that I’m sitting next to the letterbox waiting for the postman every day or anything :worried:


I’m glad to hear this. The movie tie ins have never really reached any higher than “I read it” in terms of quality.


To be fair though, they did help rekindle my affection for Dredd, so it’s not all bad.


Humble Bundle just put up a Dredd bundle:

A lot of it seems to be the IDW series.


I’ve just read the latest Meg and I see where you’re coming from but don’t feel as strongly. McConville’s Dredd was ok, his Black Museum story was up to the usual disposable but adequate standard I have for these oneshots and Devenlin Waugh was not much of anything. Looking at next month’s line up I do agree with you on the need for variety. I’ve always viewed the Meg as the Prog’s less talented younger sibling so cut it some slack but I’m hoping the lack of variety is a scheduling fuck up rather than anything else.


Oh, I also bough a copy of New Scientist today for the Dark Judges story. It was good though I’m making a point of reading the articles too as the magazine cost £4.50 which is a bit steep for only an eight page strip. The sloth one was interesting as was the one about shit artificial intelligence.


Read on Facebook that Jim Baikie has died after a spell of illness. Sad news.

Found an obituary online that seems to confirm it.


That’s a shame. I read his First American stuff from ABC’s Tomorrow Stories recently and it was loads of fun. And Skizz was great, obviously.


Yup, really sad news, loved loads of his work over the years.


That’s a real shame.

Such an underrated artist who I wish we saw more of.

RIP Jim.


I’ve just hit the bit you’ve mentioned here. It jumps from an exploding tank to the heroes stuck in the middle of a mine field. Weird. Looking at the numbers the cliffhanger happens at the end of the eighth instalment where that strip takes a break for two issues. I wonder if this means two parts were lost when it was originally published.


@ChrisS, you might want to hold off on cancelling your Meg subscription. John Wagner just posted this image on his Facebook:

Very little in the way of details but the Wagner / Ezquerra dreamteam together again is always a “must buy”.

A few comments from the post:

One for 2018. Coming soon from Wagner and Ezquerra.

The story is not linked in any way to Dredd.

Bit too soon to say much. The first script is written but I need to make revisions before I’m totally satisfied. It is at the moment scheduled for the Megazine, though Matt hasn’t seen the script yet and he might reject it.

We would have published it ourselves if Matt Smith hadn’t been interested, but as the story suits the Meg pretty well it seemed sensible to offer it there first. Carlos’s art style will be very retro - it looks terrific.


This is brilliant news.

I was think recently it’s been a while since JW worked on a new series, like Al’s Baby, for example, so I’m really interested to see what this is.

Although, Rok of the Reds is good, don’t know if you have read that? Co-written with Alan Grant.

Unfortunately I don’t have Facebook, so I miss things like this, I appreciate you sharing it.


I read the first couple issues but my comic shop dropped the ball and didn’t get the last few. It was annoyed at that as I enjoyed what I’d read. I’m pretty sure I read there was going to be a collected edition so I’ll hold on for that.

Unfortunately I don’t have Facebook, so I miss things like this, I appreciate you sharing it.

No worries. I’m “friends” with both John and Carlos on it so Facebook is occasionally a decent source for insights/news like this.


Four parts in and the current Prog line up is solid.

The Dredd mini epic from Carroll & McNeill is if the quality you’d expect from such a talented team.
It’s been quite unexpected diversion that’s materialised over recent weeks and I like how Carroll has been stitching these smaller arcs into a larger East Meg tapestry.

Both Mills strips have started well, with Goddard changing his art style slightly on Savage and Langley producing some outstanding bombastic art to match Mills explosive Script on ABC Warriors.

Again, the writing and art team on Bad Company is incredibly strong as we get some brilliant weirdness from Milligan and Rufus Dayglo, this series is definite step up from their last one which was enjoyable but the plot never really interested me.
I’m really keen to find out what is going on here and how.

Sadly, I have absolutely zero idea what is going on in Brass Sun and that’s also true of the previous two volumes. I’ve given up reading it, I just skip it.
I have no doubts it’s good as Edington and Culbard are both really good, but I don’t have the time to dig out the previous volumes.

Overall, a great start to the year.


Yeah I pretty much agree with that assessment all the way. I think with books like Brass Sun that are these big epics with gaps they need to think about a recap as it restarts.

I agree I have kind of lost the thread although I know it is good.


Just to add to the Brass Sun chat. I didn’t really like it in the weekly prog but bought the big hardcover a few years back and really enjoyed it in that. This latest run will most likely benefit from a decent collection and being reread as a whole story too.