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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Is there Dredd stuff in the Ultimate Collection? I would have thought they’d have avoided that given the fact there’s already a collection of Dredd stuff.


Now, now Bruce they got to make money somehow on this thing.

More seriously, it does sound kind of dodgy. Then again these are the same guys who did a 50% off sale on the Dredd books once they had a few out.


Some of the selections are a little weird for this series. There’s no Zenith; but something like Kingdom gets a couple :smirk:


Honestly? I’d rather reread Kingdom than Zenith if given the choice.

It is weird to leave Zenith out completely though.


No judgement on Kingdom. I’ve never read it, to be honest. I just picked it as a title I know nothing about, instead of another more commercially viable product instead.


Now I think about this a bit more I’m guess Rebellion have kept Zenith out of the Ultimate Collection as they sell it in a (expensive) hardcover themselves.


Yes. Surprised me too.

How many different formats have DC put out Watchmen in? And we’ve all got the X-Men TPB, OHC, Masterwork and Omnibus all reprinting the Dark Phoenix Saga, right?

We really shouldn’t be surprised at this any more :confused:


Dark Judges in New Scientist magazine? Guess I’m buying a copy of New Scientist this month then.


Watched the first disc of the Future Shock DVD. Well, most of it. I watched the main documentary, still have the “bonus features” to watch (plus disc 2 of course). Holy moley there’s a lot of stuff here.

Almost all of what was said was new to me – I knew some of the broad outlines, none of the details. It’s all fascinating, and all the interviewees are interesting and engaging speakers.

I highly recommend this :+1: (yes, I know most of you have already seen it).


Meant post this the other day, partially for David’s benefit and partially to ask if any of you guys had the same problem I did.

This month’s new megazine (391) comes bagged with another reprint from the British comic archives.
This time it is Wagner’s Walk, from Tornado. Part one this month, conclusion next month.

It’s a brilliant concept. The German POWs from WW are in Russia helping Russia rebuild the destruction caused by war.
One of the POWs escapes, and his plan is to walk from Russia to India to get away.

I vaguely remember this from when I was younger, I think i must have had some issues of Tornado handed down to me, I do have a lot of other British comics from coffee mornings and fete’s, as they were commonplace and I was really encouraged to read comics when I was a kid.

Anyway, so that’s the sales pitch to David done.
Did anyone else get the meg?

I read about half of this, and thought it was great, but they seem to have skipped a chapter, or at least a chapter. There’s a massive leap in the story from a pretty big cliffhanger to a scene that is clearly not the next chapter and seems as if quite a bit of time has passed.


I wasn’t planning to go to the comic since there was no Prog. Might go tomorrow for the Meg and have a look.


There was nothing better than finding a huge stash of comics at a fete or jumble sale and picking up 30 comics for a quid or something similar.


I never read Tornado, but loved stories like this in other British comics. WW2 was still the biggest source material for Boys’ comics in the 70s, and some of the takes on it were brilliantly left-field. I think the writers of the era deserve a lot of credit for often being willing to make a German “the hero” (of course, usally fighting Russians and/or their evil Nazi superiors).


2000ad producing an all ages book for Free Comic Book Day.

Don’t know if it’s to test the water or just get the book on the radar for younger generation.


Making my way thru the Xmas prog with a glas of red wine - I’d deliberately kept it for Xmas eve.

The Fall of Deadworld story is great, just pure atmosphere distilled onto paper.


Looking to pick up a few odds & ends from the JD collection. How is Low Life? Insurrection? Any of the other more esoteric volumes worth getting too? I have most of the Dredd and Anderson volumes from Rebellion, already.


Insurrection’s excellent.

My recall might be off but I’m fairly certain Low Life has the glorious character that is Dirty Frank. (aka Alan Moore)


Insurrection is brilliant - to echo Ben

Low Life is pretty good as well…it’s pretty funny.


ABC Warriors is stunning

Great to see Langley back on the photo & digital art blend

2 Mills stories to kick of the new year is such a treat, will balance out the medicrity of the creative teams on next month’s Megazine.


Oh, nice to hear that.