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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Love it or not, Judge Dredd had a few very good random moments, albeit very few.

But that damn helmet off: :frowning_face:


Details on the end of year prog’s line up


Looks like a strong lineup coming, 2 classic Pat Mills strips, Bad Company and Brass Sun.


Just arrived


Ah! that will be the parcel I missed on Saturday! I was a bit baffled, couldn’t remember what I had ordered that was “too big for my letterbox” :smiley:


Note to Bobby: You will be reading Nikolai Dante. Do not forget this, it’s very important.


I’ve read the whole saga three times (once in progs as it came out and twice in rebellion trades) but once more can’t hurt!


Ive been finished the latest prog, which clears the decks for the bumper Xmas 2061.

The thargs 3hriller, which has run for the last 3 issues, is easily the best 3hriller I’ve read over the years.
the house of gilded peak by **Eddie Robson & Steven Austin ** puts me in mind of something maybe steve moore would have done.
It was really well thought out and although there’s quite a bit too it, it doesn’t fall into the trap that some of the newbies have been falling into recently of making it too complicated to read and not well written enough to merit extra time spent by the reader to figure things out.

Great job and the story telling by the artist was good as well - his style is very similar to Leigh Gallagher’s, which is certainly no bad thing.


This just arrived. I am so behind as I now have 24 unread progs plus this beast to get through. I have decided to go back and do a complete 2017 read. The Mrs and kid are away tomorrow so I’ll try and do it all in one day.


Don’t rush through it, you want to be careful consuming all that thrill-power in one day…


I think I’ll do this too. I found some of the strips just don’t work in the 5/6 pages-per-week form (Slaine, Indigo Prime, etc.) like in the good old days, and may benefit from contiguous reading.


Flicking thru the bumper Xmas prog…

So this

Is fucking massive…

One of my favourite comic book characters of all time

So excited - I just hope Baillie does him justice.


And again this

Is totally feeding my nostalgia weakness


This month’s Ultimate Collection deliveries:

#2 Judge Dredd “Return of the King”, which looks like a collection of stories I’ve not read before from Ezquerra and various writers.

#20 Nemesis the Warlock volume 2, which sounds like something I have read (the “Ion Duke” story) and was probably the first time I saw Bryan Talbot’s art.

The free gift is a 2-disc DVD documentary called “Future Shock”. I can remember it being talked about here, but can’t remember if it was well regarded or not.


It’s good. The behind the scenes stuff is always quite a lot of fun with 2000ad as most of the creators don’t seem to give a toss about whether they may offend someone.


You’ll love it, it’s superb - Pat Mills is very fun to listen to, but David Bishop is surprisingly up-front that yes, he was an arse to a lot of people.

I recommend the book too, whatever version you buy.


Pat Mills amazes me. He’s not far off 70 years old and he has as much enthusiasm as ever and keeps churning out the work (which is better than the stuff he was putting out 20 years ago).


It’s brilliant David. I think you will really enjoy it.


He’s a brilliant character as well. So forthright and confident in his own opinions and as you’ve touched on, doesn’t give a fuck who he offends.
It’s refreshing as such personalities are becoming less common with each generation that passes.


He’s very consistent with it on his left wing ideals. He’ll forever have a go at the bosses (editors and publishers) but he defends and backs his artists to the hilt every time.

I was just trying to think if there’s another creator of his era as productive as he is. I think most, quite understandably by the way, enter a level of semi retirement. Wagner does his bits on Dredd and SD but seems happy in the pub most of the time from his recent interview. In the US there are still 1970s era creators working like Gerry Conway but not with the same huge level of output.