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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


New subscribers copy arrived yesterday and much to my surprise Mick McMahon’s on Dredd!

Also I’m enjoying Kek-W’s take in Indigo Prime much more than I’d expected to.


I’ve never really understood what is going on in any Indigo Prime story, I also rarely understand what is going on in any Kek-W story. So I think they are perfectly matched.


Hahaha! I’ve not for a fucking clue what’s going on in this latest series of Indigo Prime either.


Origins is probably the only other long run he’s had on Dredd.


anderson: nwo continues to be great. Old pros Alan Grant and Paul Marshall are turning in the best Anderson story in many a year with this.

devlin Waugh: blood debt part 2 the jury is still out. So far so meh.


Loved the feature on the scream & Misty special it’s always really interesting to read how these things come together and I’m really looking forward to reading it on Halloween, when I’ve saved it for.


Patrick Goddard has extended the image, but he says he’s misjudged or was given the wrong dimensions so it’s going to have to be cropped.


prog 2054

A rather unceremonious return of McMahon to this prog. No announcement beforehand that I saw and no mention of it in the editor’s column
I wonder if it’s because it’s a bit of a disappointing effort. Pure style over substance here I’m afraid, with unclear panels and very little in the way of backgrounds to set this apart as the cursed earth.
I feel feel a bit bad for McConnville, he must have been over the moon to find out a legend like MM was going to draw his script, but he’s turned in a pretty substandard effort.
The story itself was alright, a pretty decent ending.
And there was one or two panels I really enjoyed looking at.


indigo prime
Was amazing this week. It actually seemed like John Smith wrote it, so Kek has done him some respect there.

there’s a pretty big reveal/twist on the last page, for long term 2000ad/John Smith readers. It kinda made my day. I wonder if it’s been written with Smith’s blessing and whether he had planned on doing this himself as part of this storyline

Continues to delve into who slaine’s father was, a storyline I’m finding really absorbing. Davies makes some great art choices here as well that are very effective - the feeling of motion he creates on panel 2 by just showing the bottom third of the characters as they are walking and talking is brilliant

sinister Dexter
Was good fun - typically light and to the standard you’d expect from abnett and yeowell

I really like absalom, always have found it a pleasure to read - but it’s a strip that’s always felt like it’s constantly laying the foundations for something without ever going anywhere. Now it seems to be getting ready to wrap up. It’s a bit of weird one, i feel like it’s been on perpetual intro mode for years.


prog 2055

michael carroll is back on dredd and this is a great start to what looks like another cracking yarn. My biggest problem with Carroll is we don’t see enough from him. I’d love him to be doing more Dredds and also to get his own long running series going, with a new character for the comic.

PJ Holden’s art is great here, he’s starting to look like a master storyteller these days. His style is loose and sparser on the lines, as if thru his pages and pages of experience he’s figuring a way of doing more with less - I don’t know, I’m no artist, I don’t really know what I’m talking about, I just feel his art is getting more and more assured and confident looking and I’m appreciating him more and more.

Rest of the prog also at a high standard on all strips!


Yes I agree, very interesting premise. I always like when they venture into the wider world of Dredd. Carroll seems to think so too as his stories recently tend to span the globe.


Looks like there is a colourised version of Halo Jones on the way, in three ‘prestige’ volumes starting April next year.


I’m not really a fan of colourising B&W comics but that page doesn’t look bad as they go.


I don’t really have any interest in it myself for the same reason, but yeah, as these things go it looks like they’ve got an interesting take on it.


Well, I’d prefer to leave as it is for nostalgia sake :grinning:

Anyway, I read Slaine The Horned God by Pat Mills and so gorgeously illustrated by Simon Bisley. Never read the Slaine before, but loved this book. I loved the art, the barbarian fantasy themes, the action; and this is gonna be controversial, loved the blood and gore. Everything! What is great is the list at the end of book with explanation of various terms and notions that appear.


I’m half way through The Horned God myself at the moment, and I agree with everything in this post :slight_smile:

I’m surprised at how much blood and gore and nudity they got away with. 2000AD changed a lot since I read it at the beginning!


It was a little surprising at the time. Not the blood and gore to be honest, in the first few issues of 2000ad I read in 1983 they had Judge Dredd in the Game Game Show which featured random contestants being smashed to a bloody pulp for fun. Ron Smith’s artwork adding to make it particularly disgusting.

The nudity was something they hadn’t had in 2000ad at all before Bisley and I always wondered how many parents may have complained, not enough to make a difference seemingly. I do think Brits aren’t that bothered by nudity as long as it isn’t overtly sexual, they played Titanic on Christmas Day on BBC1 at 6pm in the early 2000s and included the Winslet nude painting scene and apparently despite a massive viewership, the big X-Mas day movie then would be way upwards of 10 million, barely a handful cared to complain.

2000ad will still occasionally feature some nudity but won’t use the f-word which is the opposite of the US PG-13 rules that allow the odd ‘fuck’ but no boobs.


Yeah, Smith’s art could be really nerve-wrecking sometimes.

I remember the backlash in some countries, like in mine, for the movie is rated 12.

But, does anyone know for a short JD story I found recently - where a man suffered a terrible accident and as consequence, the all fingers on his fist bended, except the middle - which is going straight up? Ofcourse, the gimmick is obvious and I laughed at the premise. I think it’s one of newer tales.


That rang a bell and a quick search spat up this:


Mhm, that may be the very same source I found about it.