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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread



I just found this documentary. Maybe someone has already seen it. Very enlightening.


Nice find, Kev O’Neill looks about 17 in that vid. Must have been dabbling in stookie glands, 25 years!


Thanks. I haven’t seen that before.

There was a documentary released a couple of years ago called Future Shock about the history of 2000AD from the inception right up to the present. It was absolutely fascinating if you are interested in the sausage machine of how comics are made.

I would highly recommend it. It is really entertaining and doesn’t hold back.


They almost never do the 2000ad guys. The Thrill Power Overload book that came before the documentary is hilariously caustic at times. Maybe it’s the punk ethos at play that despite that a lot of it seems to be water off a duck’s back and they don’t seem to mind that much.

(Dave Gibbons excepted of course, he’s competing feverishly with Walt Simonson for the world’s nicest man competition). :smile:


Yeah. It is mentioned here, in comments section by the uploader.

It was interesting to hear Alan Grant’s views on Dredd.

What I find ironic here is Moore’s statement about comic creators who fly to US, considering his endeavor with DC over Watchmen. And this video was apparently made just before that.


Double dose of Ezquerra in the mail today.

First up, the colouring book Pat Mills’ publishing company put together.

It’s made up of the black and white commissions Ezquerra has done over the past few years. A little bit disappointed to see mine isn’t in it put there’s plenty of decent images in it. Only down sides are some of the pages have a lot of black areas (so, no use for colouring) and there’s a couple needlessly T and A pages too.

Second up us something I’d heard about years ago but just came across last week on eBay.

A 70s kids book illustrated by Ezquerra. The story is nothing great but each page has a pretty good black and white illustration on it. An interesting curio for a few quid.


That’s a few brilliant bits of obscurity from the genius that Carlos is, nice!!!


By Michael Morpurgo no less! What a great little oddity.



I read the latest prog. Dredd was amusing, it has always been a political satire but they seemed to have an absolutely spot on parody of the confederate statue issue, except I know the lead times for 2000ad are usually very long, a US comic is typically 3 months from script to publication and 2000ad is double that or more typically.

Either they fast tracked this one or once again they were very prescient.


Judge Death coming to Dredd movie strip in Prof 392. Creative team of Arthur Wyatt, Alex De Campi and Henry Flint. Must admit I’ve really had enough of the movie comics but I am looking forward to some Henry Flint art.


Looking forward to flipping through the art, the script not so much.

I couldn’t even read the last story by Wyatt and Di Campi.


I’ve been a bit up and down with TC Eglington.

I hated Blunt, didn’t think much of Outlier, hated Gunheads, hated the Dredd he did recently with Boo Cook but loved another that he also did recently.

I have to say his recent Dredd 3 parter ‘Icon’ was fantastic. He absolutely nailed it as a Dredd strip.
It was a really good idea well executed, written and paced as well as any Dredd I’ve read over the years.

If the credit box said Michael Carroll was the writer I would not have been surprised, in fact I wouldn’t have batted an eyelid if it said John Wagner, that’s the standard it was at.

I don’t think it was coincidence that Colin McNeil was the artist, he certainly lends that bit of gravitas.

He should be really proud of this strip, it’s almost a turning point for him.

Unfortunately I feel like the new series of Blunt could be a step backwards again.


Icon was good and as I mentioned before seemed very contemporary with the news in the US. It looks like it could supply a good plotline moving forward. I like the way they have been doing that recently, with the rotating writers on Dredd they get their own ongoing pots, like Michael Carroll with the Judge Joyce and Texas City stuff.


prog 2053 and the dredd story adaptive optics is woeful

I’ve never taken to Wyatt as a writer, I think he’s as bland as you will find in 2000ad as far as ideas go and his writing style really bores me as well

Coupled with Simon Roy’s art which is totally unsuited to Dredd and this is one of the worst I’ve read in a long time

I quite liked Roy’s art in Prophet, but it is quite frankly shit when it comes to rendering any of the judges - it looks like something I would have done when I was about 8

The thing that rankles me most is that it seems John Smith, a writer who always challenges the reader, both in his concepts and his verbose, rich writing style has been sacked, and 2000ad seem to be giving work to some new guys who can pump out work at a fast rate but the results are mediocre

I know there is oftentimes going to be a story in the prog or the meg that isn’t going to work for me, but there’s been a lot of duds recently and there is a pattern emerging with the culprits - thankfully the rest of the issue is quality and balances things out

We need to find some writers who are of a similar standard to Williams and Ewing, but who are going to be happy producing regular work for the prog - Carroll is definitely up there but he’s not as regular with his strips as others.

I really hope he is working on a creation of his own for the prog to add to the stable.


Got these in a non-marked jiffy with no note inside. Had no idea where they came from. Turns out they are a surprise subscriber gift!


Judge Dredd Megazine 389

Rory McConnville’s Dredd story: Defrosted, was really good to begin with but it tailed off, a bit like his last effort.
Interestingly, it also read like a bit of a Future Shock idea stretched out into a Dredd story - as did his last Dredd.
At first I thought this is much more like it from one of the newer school of writers, after a cracker from TC Ellington in the prog recently, it is unfortunate that it fizzled out the way it did.

It was good idea, something im not sure I have seen before in the Dredd universe and I liked how he showed both sides of the moral argument and it was quite a chunky ethical idea as well.

I’m not that keen on Paul Davidson’s art style, it didn’t detract from it, in fact it’s a totally subjective thing because his storytelling and pacing both service the story well. Pity but maybe McConnville is showing a bit more potential here, guys like Ennis and Millar took a few years to become good writers, their 2000ad strips were mostly sub-par and now look at them.

However, that also coincided in a really poor spell for 2000ad so I don’t want the comic to be used as a training ground for new writers to get all the whit out their system before fucking off to America to get paid once they have tightened up.


Yeah they picked the wrong story for him. His weird style would have maybe suited something like Grey Area with all the aliens but looked out of place in Dredd.


I stopped reading 2000AD and the Megazine regularly during the dark days of the late 1990’s. I think “Wilderlands” was the story that broke me at the time (and re-reading that one recently I can see why). That being said, I’ve spent the last few days working my way through Judge Dredd: The Pit, and I’m happy to say that that was awesome. At 30 episodes, if anything, it felt too short. Wagner’s script was tight and full of intrigue; Ezquerra’s artwork was amazing (was this the last JD epic that he worked on?). The other artists weren’t so great, and the hodge podge of styles was a little off putting, but that’s pretty much my only negative. I really enjoyed how similar parts of this story felt to the Dredd movie too; ironic given its original publication so close to the Stallone film :sunglasses: