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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


The upcoming Greysuit is the complete story so includes the content from the first collection.


Great, thanks, I’ll wait for the new one then!


megazine 388

The Dredd by Ellington & Dyer was a really good one off. The sort of thing Wagner has done for years and it’s up to that standard. I do think Ellington is better when he is not paired with Boo Cook.
Although his Outlier/Outlander/can’t remember series wasn’t up to much.

Anderson by Grant & Marshall continues to be great little yarn, very much in the vein of classic Alan Grant on this one. It’s paced so well and reads effortlessly

Devlin Waugh is unfortunately really forgettable. Doesn’t bode well. I’m so glad Dowling is back working after the cancellation of Unfollowed but I’m not sure he’s the right artist for Waugh and he doesn’t turn in his best work here - to be fair to him, the script doesn’t give him much to work with

There’s a large critique on Frank Miller in the features section, which mentions critical revisionism on TDKSA, which is quite ironic because that’s what most of the writer’s article comes across as to someone who read most of this stuff as it was coming out, or not long after.

Dredd by Wyatt, Di Campi and Davidson is the sort of crap that nearly ended 2000ad in the 90s, only with added F words

Dominion by Wagner and Percival is a masterclass in atmospheric horror action

All in all a much better issue than last month and with the added bonus of Dredd Furies being finished I’m hoping for a decent replacement to get the comic right back on track

Edit -
And I’ve just remembered it’s Lawless, which is a bit like replacing Wayne Biggins with Henrik Larsson as your main striker.


Do it! The submissions window opened a couple of days ago.


Have you submitted anything else?

Your future shock was the best I’ve read in quite some time


Cheers Chris. :relaxed:

Yeah, I posted one last thing Monday, so it should hit the slush pile today. It’s a proper old school kitchen sink comedy, but I’m not sure what the response to it will be, based on the Future Shocks published since mine.

Seriously though, if you’ve got something in mind, write it up and submit. What’s the worst that can happen?


Greysuit is a weird one. I have been getting 2000ad weekly since I got a tablet in mid 2011, so that’s 6 years and in that time they had one 10 part story that I mostly forgot, the previous one was in 2009, 8 years ago! (and before I was reading again). So I enjoyed the latest one as a kind of standalone spy gets revenge on his bosses thing as I had either not read or forgotten what went before with that mightily slow schedule.

I don’t know if it’s John Higgins is really slow/busy or Mills was waiting for inspiration.


I’m not sure what it was, but when I spoke to John Higgins art the Con he did say it had been so long since the last one that he was worried how the new one would be recieived.

But you’re right, it did benefit from being something you could kind of pick up and read on its own and just fill in the events prior in your own mind.


Agreed. Greysuit was a good, coherent action strip with proper weekly cliffhangers that allowed readers to return a week later having retained the plot in their heads. As you’d expect, Pat Mills sure knows how to write to the published format.


Total and complete crushing of all your lifelong hopes and dreams.

But, hey, don’t let that put you off :slight_smile:


Some follow-up thoughts on this this, now I’ve got more to compare.

Overall, the new design works better. The changes are minor, but all for the good. The cover art gets very slightly cropped, but that means they could move the title over so it no longer disappears in the crease of the binding, which is good. And the loss of the little icon/portrait in the top left corner actually makes the design more elegant I think.

Inside there is no change to the content, front- or back-matter, endpapers, etc. There’s a very minor layout change on the copyright page, but who cares?

The only glaring difference is the spine illustration, and I assume they’ve only done this to force people to buy the first four again if they bought the trial! As I don’t know what the original painting was supposed to be, I don’t really care one way of the other that it’s changed.

The original trial editions seem to be going for £10 or less on ebay, but if you’re interested it’s just as easy to buy the new ones so I’m not sure why anyone would bother with ebay.


Get them started young!

I’d love to say she has great taste but she keeps picking up the Megazine - which has been a bit shit of late - and flicking through it rather than this week’s Prog.


Read first, critique later! :laughing:


After disappointment called America I recently started to read Judge Dredd complete case files 01 - so refreshing and always welcome to see how it all started. Though surprised to see Dredd drawn by Mike McMahon, like it is not Dredd at all.


His Dredd is pretty definitive when it comes to fellow artists talking about their influences


McMahon really changed his style later, to the degree that the later art is like a completely different artist.


I think that the earlier Dredd’s aren’t necessarily that consistent. They were still feeling their way around. But that’s one of the great things about 2000AD. There is no house style. Mick McMahon can be on Dredd or Henry Flint or Brendan McCarthy or Carlos Ezquerra…or whoever. They have all brought their own style to the prog over 40 odd years

The same is true of the writers as well over 40 years. Some Dredd stories bring the black humour, or pathos, action or sheer horror. One of the first Dredd stories that I read was Necropolis…and that’s bleak as hell, although the art is amazing.

The world is big enough for different flavours.


I noticed that while I read America. Somehow Dredd’s role surprised me - as I never used to see him as secondary or antagonist

As for the art, I found Ron Smith’s style much like Brian Bolland and vice-versa so it was impossible to me to determine, unless I look at the credits.


I always liken it to Will Eisner’s Spirit stories. Sometimes Dredd is at the centre of the stories. Sometimes he’s entirely tangential and the story is about his world.


Changed his style a few times really. His Slaine stuff looks little like his Dredd or what he’s putting out now.

If I recall correctly in the first few stories he was asked to draw it close to Ezquerra’s style and later got given the license to do more of his own thing (very big shoes!).