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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Prog 2050 is a bumper-sized 48pp jumping-on issue, featuring a whole new roster of stories - perfect if you want to jump on board with 2000 AD or are looking to rekindle your devotion to the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!

From Celtic barbarian Sláine to transdimensional troubleshooters Indigo Prime, from future lawman Judge Dredd to mercenary marksmen Sinister Dexter, and from the origin of the Dark Judges in Fall of Deadworld to interplanetary immigration in Grey Area, there’s something for all in this special bumper edition!

There’s also a special one-off Rogue Trooper story from Starman and Scarlet Witch writer James Robinsonwith art by Hellblazer and Wacky Raceland artist Leonardo Manco!

AND ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT there’s also a very special 30-year anniversary appearance of everyone’s favourite pop-star-turned-superhero - Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell’s Zenith!


Huh. Presumably not by Morrison though.



I see that Indgo Prime has been written by Smith & Kek-W and given that the new Devlin Waugh has been written by Rory McConnville it does look like Smith has been ‘sacked’. I’ll be very upset if that is the case, despite his sporadic output he’s a brilliant writer and up there with my favourites.


It’s rumoured that Smith only wrote the first two parts of the new Indigo Prime, has been “let go” and is deeply unhappy. 2000ad has a pretty good record of keeping original writers on their creations do I wonder what the story us with Smith.


I have a sneaking suspicion it’s down to him not meeting deadlines


Could be, from all I have heard Matt ‘Tharg’ Smith is pretty easy to get on with. Pat Mills was in open warfare with the previous two editors but seems very happy now.


His new look is clearly in homage to 2000AD/Rebellion marketing guru and Thrillcaster Michael Molcher.


It seems unlikely. It looks like a one-off but I can’t say I’m against some more, Zenith is a lot of fun but not a great sacred text for me and the idea of him as a middle aged rocker has a lot of story potential.

It would have to be someone good though, to keep the quality of the strip up.


There’s potential there definitely. I’m interested.


How about that guy who followed Morrison on New X Men?

reads New X Men 155 and 156

Oh. Oh God. Oh No…


You know, the words ‘covert warfare’ and ‘Pat Mills’ just don’t go together do they?


He doesn’t mince his words. :smile:

I need to get his recent biography, I’m sure it’d be fun.


On Zenith, seeing a lot of speculation from 2000ad uber nerds who have been working out page counts that it’s just a pin-up.

However it could be a pin-up along the lines of - Coming Soon - Zenith Phase 5 by Peter Milligan and Steve Yeowell. :smile:


They have form for that don’t they - didn’t the character appear in a previous anniversary special in a single-pager?


Kind of but not really. In the 40th anniversary they included a lot of characters in the "Tharg’ pieces mid story but the whole thing was just walks ons and nods to the past.

It wasn’t something they trailed like this. I think there probably has to be more than just a pin-up, especially as if it is then they’ve already shared it with us with the Yeowell pic.


I had to look up what I was thinking of - it was the “A Night 2 Remember” one-pager from the 25th anniversary in Prog 1280.

This was the last Zenith written by Morrison.


On the left, the current version of the 2000AD collection, on the right the “trial” version from earlier in the year:


Current version on the left, trial on the right again:


I’m really starting to conclude the Dredd one is the exception to the rule now on these things.


prog 2049 clears the desks for 2050, which I’m looking forward to.

The Dredd story was wrapped up well by Wagner, always a real pleasure to have him back on Dredd.

I skipped the Alienist, from what I did see it looks like the artist - who I quite liked the look of, just couldn’t get into the script - was struggling to meet his deadlines

Greysuits wrapped up well enough sadly that series appears to be over overall I really liked Bourne filtered through the Mills lens

The Future Shock makes me think that I should start trying to submit scripts if they are scraping this low in the barrel now for stories

Hope…left me wanting to see more from both Adams and Broxton, particlaurly Adams who the 2000ad and Megazine stable would benefit hugely from being more prolific - he and Alec Worley are really good but their output is so sporadic compared to other, poorer creators

Really interested to see how McConville handles one of my favourite characters now in the new Meg, I hope i’a going to be pleasantly surprised


There looks to be a big 272-page collection due a year from now for this. I’m trying to work out if it’s everything or additional to the first trade that came out in 2010.

In other news…

The Daily Dredds: Volume 2: 1986-1989

This was superb. Unlike the first volume, which was many, many short stories - all were great, but it wasn’t the kind of material that rewarded blitz reading. This volume definitely does as it collects 11 big multi-part stories. It is very, very easy to go in saying you’ll read just one and before you know it it’s three hours later and you’re on the last one.

The episodes are an excellent example of how to introduce, develop and then leave a story hanging, in as little as 1-3 panels. But what you wouldn’t expect is the sheer ease of narrative flow from episode to episode, it’s quite amazing when you read it all as a block, the story flowing from piece to piece to piece. And, they ran these stories over the course of 65-80 episodes, not a small undertaking by any means.

Hopefully there’ll be a third volume.