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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Did Defoe ever conclude?


It’s still ongoing, the latest volume just finished up in the progs. They switched the art from Leigh Gallagher to Colin McNeil.

I’ve always preferred McNeil when he does his toned style over his line work.


Good shouts for Defoe, Zombo and Cradlegrave. I also really like Cabbalistics Inc, Savage, Kingdom and The Red Seas which for me is up there with Nikolai Dante.


Thanks, that looks good.


I read a bit of it last night and thought it was pretty good. It’s pretty talky, overly so in some places, and definitely feels like it’s of its era but it’s a lot of fun at the time - a proper romp! The artwork is solid and exciting in the appropriate places too.


Cradlegrave was a bonefide modern day classic.

It’s one of my favourite horror comics.

Horror is such a hard thing to do in comics and Smith and Bagwell (RIP) pulled off this insidious, foreboding masterpiece really well.


Yeah, finished it a couple days or so ago and I’d totally agree with this asssessment.

Looking forward to whatever they do next.


I have to agree with this. Cradlegrave was running when I started buying the Prog and it blew my mind. I’d never really read anything quite as creepy as that before (though, I’d mostly been reading superhero comics at that point). It must surely be getting a collection in this new aprtworks.


A lot of what the guys have mentioned would be my recommendation also.

I’m a big fan of Defoe, Kingdom and zombo in particular.

I’m going to pick up the stuff I want to read again as it comes out rather than subscribing - so I’ll be keeping an eye out each fortnight on the releases and I’ll give you a shout on this thread if I think something is worthwhile that’s post the ~prog 900 era.

So far from the first 4 I’ve picked up The Horned God, Ballad of Halo Jones is on its way & I’ll be getting the Strontium Dog volume.


I really hope so!

The could bundle it up with Firekind or something. John Smith’s stuff has been great over the years, despite his slow output rate.

We also might not see anything else from him, reading between the lines of what he was saying at the anniversary Con.


Cheer, Chris. That’d be good of you.

One book I hope they do is a collection of both Kev Walker’s ABC Warriors stories. Those were amazing, and I’d jump at the chance of getting those again.


If you’re doing that, wait longer and they’ll flog volumes for £4.99!

(No, I haven’t forgotten about their antics on the Dredd one.

They betrayed me on price and it is not forgotten or forgiven)


I found this list of the volumes expected from the 2000ad forum, it does not include everything just what has been mentioned in interviews etc.

ABC Warriors: 6
Ace Trucking: 2
Ampney Crucis: 1
Bad Company: 2
Caballistics: 2
Future Shocks: 2
Halo Jones: 1
Hewligan/Sooner: 1
Judge Dredd: 3
Meltdown Man: 1
Nemesis: 4
Nikolai Dante: 9
Rogue Trooper: 5
Shakara: 2
Sláine: 13
Skizz/DR & Qunich: 1
Savage/Invasion!: 4
Sinister Dexter: 3
Strontium Dog: 10

Looks like Vikram should be safe with his ABC Warriors, they seem to be collecting all of it.


If they’re starting from Mek-Nificient Seven, I think that will cover everything before the Mills/Langley run.


Those colouring books for adults are a stupid idea.

comedy record scratch sound effect

Those colouring books for adults are a great idea.


Could be, the unclear part is whether these are the Ultimate Collection volume numbers or the original trade ones. Listening to the Thrillcast they are tasked by Hachette to provide 200-250 pages per volume.

I’d have to listen again to remember the one they really wanted to add but could find no way to fit the page count.

I don’t know about ABC Warriors but a lot of the Rebellion graphic novels are shorter than that.


Yeah. The two Kev Walker painted books are like 96 pages each. I would hope that they’d combine them into one volume in the Ultimate Collection, or they are going to be really slim volumes.


The 90s-era trade I have has both the painted Kev Walker series in one volume.


Fuck sake…
More crap on the way for the Megazine. Another strip to skip past.
Oh Joy.


Emmm…ok…anyone seen this…