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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


The meg is every 4 weeks rather than monthly, so there’s 13 issues per year


It is a good idea. The bundled collection with the Megazine is great value if you haven’t read the stuff before but as I did read 2000ad quite solidly for about 15 years you get stuff you’ve already read. Taking advantage of the old IPC back catalogue would reduce that.


I do recall seeing a meg a while back with a bundled colelction of Harry 20 on the High Rock - which had been reprinted in the Meg only a few years prior. I’m sure that’s the exception rather than the rule but it still amused me.


I read the latest prog, they upload it really early now, I think it must be midnight UK time on a Wednesday as it was ready for me in the morning and I am 7 hours ahead.

It’s okay for me at the moment, I’m still finding the Alienist to be B-List but okay. The 3riller story though, no idea what it was about, I imagined I may have understood whatever ‘twist’ there was at the end if I went back and read it all again but a) I can’t be arsed and b) that makes it a failure in a weekly anthology anyway.

I’ve not enjoyed many of them, I think they’d be better off just commissioning 3 Future Shocks and giving new talent more of a chance.

With Chris’s comments earlier it does make me wonder with Matt Smith, he’s been an amazing editor without doubt and revived the book entirely but I’m not sure on his record of unearthing new writers, especially considering 2000ad takes on unsolicited scripts. There’s Al Ewing and Michael Carroll who are great, Rob Williams was found by Com X. The rest of the new ones are okay at best, Kek-W I find worse than his examples though, at least I can understand stories written by Beeby and Wyatt, but the book relies a lot on Mills and Abnett for its backbone. Mills may still behave like an angry young man but he’s nearing 70.


I think this is a fair assessment; very few 3rillers have worked, from what I’ve seen. Then again, I’d be interested in your view of the FS in Prog 2041, 'cos that didn’t work on any level, for me, either. That writer has another FS and a 3riller coming up.

I’m trying to get some more MW representation on FSs. I have an ‘old school’ slush pile script in an envelope ready to fire off once the submissions window is open. I even have a back-up script to post as soon as the reject slip for the first one hits the hall floor. By which time…

Hopefully, the pitchfest later this month will have some MWers entering again (there were four last year). The winner is guaranteed publication, don’t forget.


I won’t go back. It probably didn’t work, some of even Alan Moore’s didn’t. I’m more prone to forgive that if it allows people practice and exposure and it’s 5 pages and not 15. I don’t really see the point of 3rillers that don’t deliver either from mostly established talent.


I get the impressions that the 3rillers (fuck me, that’s the first time I’ve ever typed that and it’s just struck me how stupid a title it is) may be trickier to write effectively than a Future Shock. A Future Shock needs to be a complete story in 5 pages. For a 3riller (ugh) to work properly in a weekly anthology title it should really be three standalone pieces that forms a single coherent story too. Way harder to do properly (at least I’d expect so).


I agree, I think it probably is harder, which begs my original question of why bother at all.

I think it may be an inherently flawed concept, since they are still short they invariably rely on a similar twist but you can’t quite recall the setup as it was read two weeks ago.


Because you’ve got a gap off three weeks to fill with fluff rather than just one?


Yeah I suspect that is the main reason, to be fair it must be hard to plan the book with jump on points and the series run at various lengths. However I’d rather just see them fill with 3 Future Shocks. They usually have a strike rate better than 1 in 3 and if a 3riller fails it’s all wasted.


I’m not sure they’re harder, necessarily, but it’s a very different form to the Future Shock. The four-page FS is simple 4-act structure (3 acts with Acts 2a/2b), but with very limited room. 3rillers need to squish the 3rd and 4th acts into the third Prog, which is fine, but the ends of acts 1 and 2 need strong cliffhangers, and this one of the problems with those that I’ve read. The other issue is that there is often insufficient material for an in-one 15-page story.


Agree with most of that.

Kek-W has been kicking about for about 20 years though. He did a bunch of stuff in the 90s and at the time a lot of people suspected that he was Mark Millar.

I’ve enjoyed his Deadworld stuff and I liked the last series of The Order but struggled a lot with the other 2.

Wyatt and Beeby I can understand but I have difficulty following from week to week because they are the most boring and bland comics I’m exposed to over recent years - and forget what happens from week to week because they are so forgetable. I only continue to read their stuff because it’s part of the comics I buy religiously.

I also really like Alec Worley. After a shakey start he’s written some really good stuff and his Tales of the Black Museum have been really good.

Bailie, Ellington and McConville I’m adding to the poor list.

There must be better out there.

I feel bad for ragging on folk trying to make a breakthrough. But I’ve bought this comic all my life and I worry about the future.


To be honest I only remember McConville from those. So far he’s been okay for me considering he’s only just graduated from Future Shocks.

I’m not overly worried but I think Tharg needs to take greater risks on the shorts to be honest. We all forgive the odd crap story in the prog, it’s an accepted part of following the book. A plan beyond veterans like Milligan and James Robinson coming back.


I just finished America. Gorgeous, beautiful art. But the story itself is a huge let down to me. Which I feel kinda sad that I don’t like it, when many fans and Wagner cited America as the favorite Dredd story. The thing I disliked the most is, the Dredd ambivalent portrayal, if to say, less than ideal. That and the fact that it gives me the feel as Dredd’s secondary character. (kinda similar with Azzarello’s Joker. Another parallel with Caped Crusader is that America reminds me on Miller’s TDKR; both in style and influence).
And the political elemenats. Not that perhaps it wasn’t present in earlier stories, but perhaps it was greatly toned down. And what happened with lightheartness and black comedy approach? I read Wagner saying that he made the story in the response of receiving children letters when they perceive the guy identically as me - hard hitting and ideal justice figure.


I’m not going to subscribe to the Ultimate Collection part work, but I am on the lookout for good to great stuff that I haven’t read before.

I used to read 2000AD (and the Megazine) pretty religiously until Prog 900-ish. So I guess I’ve read most of all the “true blue” classics - Rogue Trooper, Strontium Dog, Nemesis, etc. What of the “modern era” compares?

I already have the Nikolai Dante collections on my shopping list. What else is worthy?


Bad Company is on the release list, that’s well worth a punt. And I think one of the collections has Hewligan’s Haircut as well as something else?


If they do Cradlegrave that’s excellent. All the Slaine collections will have some great artwork at the very least and more of Mills’ anti-establishment approach.

Zombo by Al Ewing is consistently funny.


Cheers, Lorcan. Both suggestions are good, but I think they fall into the classic rather than more modern era (I remember reading them both as they came out originally).


I think I recall Hewligan’s Haircut was being paired with Sooner or Later. Which makes sense.

It was interesting listening to the thrillcast on it that the editors were working within the confines of each collection being around 180-250 pages. So there were a couple of things they couldn’t find any way to collect as they were too short and didn’t have a similar thematic partner to pair with.


Oh yes and Defoe is really good from the more modern stuff too. Basically steampunk moved back from Victorian times to the age of Charles II and Isaac Newton. With zombies. :smile: