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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


They reveal just a little of the idea and it sounds quite funny and bizarre. They are stuck on some dead planet for centuries and Ro-Jaws sustains himself by eating asteroids, one of which he chews into the shape of a throne for Joe to sit on.

I think we may have to be patient as he says he has finished the first episode and 2000ad will typically want at least 8 in the can before they schedule it.



For the first time ever I’m thinking about dropping the Megazine.

It’s gone from being really strong to mediocre in the space of about a year.

I’m just going to be honest here.
I don’t know if it’s now seen as a training ground for new writers and artists, but it’s regularly become polluted with by forgettable pap from McConnville, Wyatt, Beeby and Elington. Now they’ve paired Wyatt with Di Campi just to double up on the bland.

I understand great everyone needs to learn the ropes at some stage, however when you fill an anthology with it, it becomes very hard to tolerate.
I can handle skipping through one strip, not the majority of the comic.

Havn is also one of the worst things I’ve read in years from the stable.

Wagner and Grant are only just holding things together, I just wish Alec Worley and Michael Carroll were a bit more prolific, because other than those two there’s a dearth of new talent coming through.


I will say though, Karl Stock’s articles and interviews on the British classics have been brilliant.

He has a great style to his writing that makes it all so very interesting to read.


I agree with everything you’ve said there but this in particular has been a big disappointment. It’s been so far into “what the fuck is actually happening” territory it hurts. What a waste of Henry Flint artwork.


Even without knowing anything of the story, this can only be a tragic state of affairs.


Yeah, I’ve no idea what is going on at all.

I don’t have the desire to read it all again in one sitting to see if that helps, either.


Just read the last couple issues of 2000ad and it’s just as well Dredd, Greysuit and Hope are so strong because the Alienist and the Thriller are now getting skipped.

I’ve no idea what is happening in either of them.

I like Gordon Rennie but recently I’ve found that his Nu Earth stories have been impossible to follow, despite Holden’s great storytelling and his team ups with Beeby and now Lawrence Rennie (relation?) fall into the same category.

The problem that has plagued all of these stories is that the characters are undercooked and thinking back this is probably true of a lot of Rennie’s writing.

I think he’s done a fantastic job on Acquilla and Absalom but I have had problems with lack of engagement in his stuff in the past.

I don’t want to be too criticism of Smith as he’s done an incredible job over the past 15 or so years; he’s probably the best editor the comic has had, truth be told - but he has a blind spot for certain writers who fail repeatedly to produce the goods.

Beeby has a hit rate of 0% for me. I’d love for once to be pleasantly surprised by her or Wyatt.

There must be better out there wanting to write for 2000ad?

Roll on prog 2050


Just realising how negative that last post is and I need to balance it out.

The current Dredd tale is typical of Wagner’s ability to find links to past stories and create tense, refined action stories - and making you care about the protagonists; I was rooting for these guys within a few pages.
Despite knowing it’s probably not going to end well I’m still on tenterhooks waiting for the next part.
Dan Cornwall did a great job in the brilliantly fun rok of the reds series with Wagner and Grant and his debut for 2000ad and Dredd is so natural. He has a great sense for mega city and his storytelling is perfect - such an assured effort for someone so inexperienced.

Greysuit is something Mills does so well and it’s great to see Higgins at any time in he prog.
Blake is the sort of character I love to root for and the antoganists are so despicable (again, something Mills pulls off time and time again) that I’m looking forward to them getting their comeuppance.

Hope For the Future gives me hope for the future for the writers of the prog. Guy Adams has turned in some fantastic and often hilarious work for the prog already,and this is another string to his bow - this is almost like Ed Brubraker doing John Constantine and the tension has been expertly built up, episode by episode and it’s hitting unbearable levels as we get closer to finding out the secret of the disappearance of a child Hollywood star.
Broxton is an artist I have admired for a number of years now, despite him not quite hitting the big time that he deserves and he’s done a great job again here in a darker style than his often humorous work.
I hope he continues to get work after his fallout with Paul Cornell (or rather Paul Cornells falllout with him) and I admire him for sticking up for himself against social media pressure that many others have pandered to.

I hope the Adams & Broxton duo are working on something else for the comic soon.


The Traitor General series has been pretty poor in terms of story. I’m not sure who half the people are. I get the feeling it relies heavily on knowing your Rogue Trooper history but I’m not sure if that’s the case. The art from PJ Holden is cracking.

I’m following Alienist fine so far but that’s about all I can say in favour of it.The storytelling is fine in that I turn from one page to another then it ends. Enjoyment factor is negligible though. I like the art though.

What about Grey Area @Chriss? I was surprised to see it return - I thought the series finished at a natural end point last time - and the series of one-shots haven’t really added much to the overall story but I’ve enjoyed it well enough.


Yeah I’ve really enjoyed Grey Area, I think it is a perfect showcase for Abnett as an ideas man.

I love how he mixes things between 1, 2, 3 part stories and I always find myself pretty much enjoying the episodes - which was not always the case for Sinister Dexter.

Harrisson is a bit of a weird one though. I like his style and he lends himself well to rendering the universe etc - but his storytelling can be a bit unclear at times. I’m willing to overlook that though as his art is very much part of Grey Area now.

Abnett has been rocking it for decades now. I’ve never known a writer to be so prolific and yet very rarely drop below ‘good’.


Yep, this pretty much echoing thoughts on the art.


Yeah that’s more my take. It’s got some interesting ideas but isn’t really inspiring me much, the art is very 1980s IPC Spanish artist style and that tickles my nostalgia bones.


I think I will do a complete Grey Area re-read. Now to find all the progs!


I don’t know if you boys are aware, but this months Meg ‘graphic novel’ is The Lawless Touch from Tornado.

They are planning on doing a lot more of these. Ow that they have acquired the various rights, so I guess the will reprint a lot of stuff from British Comics that won’t be getting a proper full collected edition of its own.

I’m delighted about this as I never normally read the bagged GN, it’s always stuff I’ve read before and not overly bothered about reading again.

Whereas I’m really interested in these reprints, many of which I either won’t have read or would have been so young that I’ll never remember them.


They mentioned it on the Thrillcast and it’s in my “too read” pile. However the bagged GNs are usually the last thing I read in the pile.


I’ve read about half of it tonight.

It’s dated in style as is absolutely everything written back then, but as usual with British comics it’s nowhere near as turgid or cringeworthy as the American books of the same era.

It’s pretty creative as well, I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read thus far.


That’s really interesting. Is there a list anywhere of what they’re planning to publish?

The Megazine is a separate thing to 2000AD, right? Is it monthly or weekly, and can I get it in a newsagents (or a LCS) without ordering it?

As you might tell, I’m completely out of touch with modern 2000AD :confused:


No, not that I know. It’s occasionally mentioned in the editorial bit of the Prog.



Yes to both newsagents and comic shops though I don’t know how we’ll stocked it is in comic shops - my LCS doesn’t stick any on the shelves. Hitting up WH Smith’s is probably your best bet.


Thanks :slight_smile: