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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Ironically, the Stallone ‘s version earned more at box office. For all the bad reviews it got, I think it performed quite well. Stallone’ s film looks like a PG-13 rated R.

I just today read Judge Child Quest and must say, nowhere is evident as there, those various viewpoints. Some segments are typically hilarious and some get quite dark and bizzarre, such us planet-thing, Necros planet, and the part with blind old man with his blind horse, which is sad. Some scenes involve blood, but if anyone asks me, the comic perfectly comes as something that’d get CCA seal. And decent reflection of what is going through American comics at the time.

I remember Wagner saying on some convention about future Dredd stories that they should try to bring the kids in, as they were being lost by the comics being unspooling currently.

Can someone recommend me any good Dredd storyline with that edgy, violent material? (not that I drool on it)





Total War


The Day of Chaos books (three volumes) have some pretty dark and violent moments.


Yeah, that’s a good shout there. I just had a look at the volumes on my shelf and that and Mandroid were going to be my other recommendations.

The Brothers in Blood collection also has some violent moments.


How much of that was down to a stupid 3D policy? Dredd was my most anticipated movie of the year, and I literally could not find a 2D performance within travelling distance. I eventually caught it on DVD :frowning:


I don’t know David. We discussed it at great length at the time and it’s easier to speculate when a film is crap. Poor marketing, wrong release window, 3D policy etc were all raised. It was obviously a factor as you are proof it cost them at least 1 ticket but the extent is hard to know as there’s an exception to every argument made (e.g. highest grossing film ever was almost exclusively in 3D).


This was definitely my of my favourite humour strips as a kid (scrunge). It seems the legendary Alan Moore agrees.

(Not strictly 2000ad but Rebellion are branching out).


From the 2000 ad forum regarding the Ultimate Collection:

Sláine, The Horned God: Issue 1
Ballad of Halo Jones: Issue 2
Shakara: The Avenger: Issue 3
Strontium Dog: The Kreeler Conspiracy: Issue 4

Alan Moore Future Shocks: Issue ??
All-Star Future Shocks: Issue ??
Ampney Crucis Investigates: Issue 65
Bad Company, Vol 1: Issue 33
Bad Company, Vol 2: Issue 50
Caballistics: Issue ??
Caballistics + Absalom: Issue ??
Durham Red (Abnett): Issue ??
Hewlingan’s Haircut/Sooner or Later: Issue ??
Nemesis the Warlock, Vol 1: Issue 5
Nikolai Dante, Vol 1: Issue 8
Nikolai Dante, Vol 2: Issue 12
Nikolai Dante, Vol 3: Issue 19
Nikolai Dante, Vol 4: Issue 35
Nikolai Dante, Vol 5: Issue 53
Nikolai Dante, Vol 6: Issue 62
Nikolai Dante, Vol 7: Issue 69
Nikolai Dante, Vol 8: Issue 74
Nikolai Dante, Vol 9: Issue 77
Skizz/DR & Quinch: Issue ??
Stickleback: Issue 46

10 volumes of Strontium Dog (though it’s also been broken into 7 & 3 so likely 7 Alpha plus Durham Red and maybe Feral etc?)
4 volumes of ABC Warriors plus 2 Volgon War
5 volumes of Rogue Trooper
4 volumes of Nemesis
13 volumes of Slaine


James Robinson is taking over Rogue Trooper. Despite being British I don’t think he’s written for 2000ad before.


Wow that’s quite a big announcement, but I’m a bit disappointed that it will only be a single 10 page story.


True but the sentiments from all sides sound like more is likely.


I was a bit behind there on the progs, I’m playing catch up across the last 8 issues.

Did anyone else who read the Parental Guidance Dredd story think it was a Future Shock or 3Hriller that they couldn’t find a place for and so it was converted into a Dredd story?

It’s well written and a good idea but it really strikes me as a shoehorned Future Shock.


I can’t say it struck me until you mentioned it. It was notable that I listened to a Dredd writers panel on the Thrillcast and the comment was that you need to graduate from a Future Shock, into your own idea and then into Dredd and I noticed Rory McConville seemed to have skipped that one level.

Saying that it was a decent enough story not to stand out either way for me.


I’m exactly 8 progs behind myself. Is 2050 a new jump on point? If so I might wait until I get 2049 to do the catch up read.


On the latest Thrillcast they interview Mills and Bisley about the Horned God for the ultimate collection thing. The big news is they reveal that they are working on a Joe Pineapples and Ro-Jaws series that Bisley is fully painting. I’m excited!


That’s brilliant - I saw they were this week’s guests on the new thrill Mail - I need to get caught up on the podcasts I’m way behind.


He sounds properly into it too, the Biz said he’s working hard to make it as good as his Horned God stuff. The two seem to really get along, they say that when they speak on the phone they just laugh all the time.


Oh wow, that’s great news.

Sounds like a big job too.