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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


I’m really looking forward to that Scream/Misty special.


On their podcast the 2000ad editors revealed that the Hachette collection would include all 9 volumes of Nikolai Dante. The very secret comics masterpiece of the 21st century.


Yay :slight_smile:

Let’s hope they do them in order :wink:


Yes, that’s great and all for people who haven’t read them. You’re right. It deserves to be looked at with that level of reverence.

But after spending ages tracking down all of the different volumes online (paying over the odds) and spending years waiting for the second volume to come back into print, they make getting the complete run of Nikolai Dante relatively easy. I’m not happy. I’m not happy at all :angry:


Ah shit…they are going to trick me into £20 a month again aren’t they?

I could stop being so OCD and just try restrict myself to the volumes I want.


You really could, they sell all of them at RRP mail order. There’s a slightly irrational response to it all. :smile:


Cool. Definitely in for those Nikolai Dante hardcovers. No chance that they’ll be published in order though. We’ll probably get vol 7 first or something equally random.

Sorry, Simon!


I’m also in for The Horned God for £2. I’ve got it already, in 2 or 3 different formats, but a nice hardcover for a couple of quid is bloody hard to resist.

Button Man would be nice too.

What else are you hoping for?


I wholeheartedly recommend that everyone who hasn’t read Nikolai Dante should buy this. Feel free. Don’t worry about me.

I’ll get over it.

In time.

Also get The Ballad of Halo Jones and Slaine the Horned God.


I wonder if Zenith will be included?


Spend £800 to find out!


How much is close to original comics the Dredd 2012? In case someone wanders am I trolling, no I am not.

(I haven’t watched Stallone 's flick in a very while, so the most I forgot. But I do remember the bizzarre tone the movie had. It’s like maniacally shifting between regular 90s sf action and tongue in cheek comedy, none of which worked very well, because the one is constantly killing the other. So, in that regard I wasn’t really certain what kind of movie I’ve been watching. Though Stallone is great for the part, if you can scrap his speech. At that time I didn’t realize how big issue is removing the helmet)

But the comics that I read (all from late 70s and early 80s, written by John Wagner, and occasionally helped by Alan Grant) never were so grim and gratitously violent. Sure, people die, but you casually. And the tone of the stories are mostly satirical, self referencing, cheesy (but in a good way), lighthearted, with black comedy and at all serious. For ex, The Day When The Law Died (which ironically, 1995 film uses some material). Or story parodying movie Death Race. Sure, some issues are more darker and edgier, such us with Judge Death, Fink or Black Plague. But IMO everything that would fall under CCA. When the comics grew so violent? I remember panicking and thinking “what the hell I am reading”?


2000ad was always violent. These are the same creators who wrote Action not long before hand.


I think that the answer is that the Dredd stories don’t have a consistent tone. They aren’t just one thing. Some are excessively violent or harrowing. Some are more blackly comic or even whimsical. Over the years there have been a lot of different stories from a lot of different creators, looking at different aspects of Mega City One.

I started reading the weekly prog only a few years ago in the middle of the Day of Chaos storyline. That was crazily violent, but also dramatic and heart-rending and suspenseful.

I thought the 2012 movie was a pretty good Dredd movie. It may not have been the Dredd epic that I wanted to see on screen, but what it did, it did well. Karl Urban gave a great rendition of the character.


Well, as I said, people die in comics, but nowhere graphic and gratitous as in 2012 film.

Looks like I’ve been reading the wrong comics. For now, violence in them is a big notion to me.


The thing is it’s a bit like any comic published over a long period. It takes in a lot of perspectives, not as many as Batman but that’s a decent comparison.

The Dredd movie was acclaimed because it had the Dredd and Anderson characters down perfectly. In other ways it is not as representative of the comics as the terrible Stallone Judge Dredd movie. The costumes and city were better in that one visually.

The comic is never as sweary as the film, if we’re honest it is as violent quite often.


If you exchanged the F word in that movie for Drokk and there wouldn’t have been a problem.


You know what, that was my only gripe with the film. I understand completely why it wasn’t used though.


Maybe they were saving it for the telly?


I think they were trying as far as possible to distance it from the Stallone version, with comedy sidekick, and place it firmly in an adult rating. Which would of course be stupid, then Fox did it twice with Deadpool and Logan to huge commercial success and critical acclaim. Dredd only got the latter.

A lot of the ratings stuff is very cynical, they don’t always argue it down for the widest audience, some want it bumped up.