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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


272 pages? :confused: Was there a second series of Skizz? I have the collection of what I thought was the complete story and it’s under 100 pages.


There were two more, but without Moore, just Baikie:

Skizz was popular enough to warrant two follow-up series: Skizz II: Alien Cultures in 2000 AD progs 767 to 775, and Skizz Book III in progs 912 to 927. These were both written and drawn by Baikie without Moore’s involvement.


My initial post was in response to BobbyS’s review of Book 3 above.


Oh yes. I didn’t register that he was talking about a follow-up to the original :blush: It’s a good thing you posted before I had chance to say “Oh yes it has been collected, I’ve got it” and look even more stupid :smiley:


The Baikie stories are actually pretty decent if my memory serves me well, they don’t have the Moore magic touch on scripts but they keep the spirit of it all pretty well.


I did enjoy them at the time, but have not read them since


Agree with this. I’m a big fan of black and white but Baikie’s art on books 2 and 3 look better in colour.


Reposting from the TV news thread:

Safe to say I actually shat my pants in excitement when I saw this:


Please please please please please let this happen

And please don’t fuck it up


This is more exciting than the news I was getting married or the birth of my kid.



I hear what you’re saying, but this is Dredd.

“Don’t drokk it up, rookie!”


I just listened to the latest Thrillcast which bodes well for the ‘don’t fuck it up’ element. The Kingsley brothers (owners of Rebellion) are interviewed and said they have turned down dozens of offers and pitches for 2000ad characters because they don’t want them to be crap.

They mentioned they built in clauses like Dredd cannot remove his helmet and Rogue Trooper must be blue and set on Nu-Earth etc. Which is no guarantee it’ll be great but will be true to the comics.


Last I heard of Rogue Trooper movie was that Grant Morrison was adapting it for Sam Worthington’s production company, but that was about 5 years ago I think.


Yeah I think you can take it as read from their panel that project is long dead.


Sadly, Edmund Bagwell has passed away.


Fuck, his work on Indigo Prime was amazing. In fact, just the other day I was thinking about trying to contact him regarding the possibility of getting an art commission.


The Strontium Dog fan film (from the Judge Minty crew) is up online.


Judge Dredd: Blessed Earth is coming.

Ulises Farinas for covers and interiors:

And Duncan Fedrego for the variant!


First issue dropped a few weeks ago. Farinas is writing and on covers only. Interior art is by Dan Mcdaid (who I don’t recall coming across before but his work looks decent).

Farinas recently said somewhere (Instagram I think) that the Blessed Earth series had been cut back from 12 issues to either 10 or 8 (I forget how many). He sounded a bit hurt by this. I’m hopeful it makes the story / scripting a bit tighter than that on Mega City Zero.