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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Just with the Mega Collection end in sight . . .


The sad news is that Steve Dillon was originally lined up to draw this story.


No. Done one, not doing another one.


I don’t know if I see the problem. I wish I could get them. 10 quid for hardcovers when even the digital downloads costs that much.

Is it about holding off to see if they offer them all for half price again?


Slaine The Horned God for not very much money…count me in for issue 1.


I’m in quite a good place with my trade collecting now that if you told me I could only get the Dredd and 2000 ad part works and nothing more for 1-2 years I’d be okay with that.


It’s more the £20 per month for the next 3.5 years.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed collecting the Dredd one, but part of the fun of that is I haven’t done one of these previously. Second time around, not quite so new.

Also, there’s been the Warhammer one, the notorious Transformers one, now this one. There’s a lot of other stuff competing for the cash, so nope.

I’d agree the Dredd hardbacks have been excellent quality for the price too.

EDIT: Oh yes, also space! Dreddy will just about fit in, there’s no way another one of these will!


That’s a fair point. It is a lot of money when you add it all up even if individually it’s very good value.

You can buy individual issues at comic shops and some newsagents though I believe so maybe that’s a better option for the more tempting ones.


I found they came out too fast to keep up with them. Monthly I might have stuck with it to the end, but a growing stack of unread books (not all of which I was particularly enthused about) plus the monthly outlay of twenty quid made me wonder why I was bothering. Luckily I was able to recoup what I paid for them by selling them on.


I’m now having second thoughts about the new proposed collection. My initial fanboy excitement about seeing collections for Red Seas, Firekind, Slaughterbowl, Mercy Heights and other lost gems was rampant but I’m not sure they’d make it in. I’m sure the majority of the books will be taken up with Slaine, Strontium Dogs, Nikolai Dante and Rogue Trooper. That’s probably 40 volumes easily. Also what about series’ that haven’t finished yet like Stickleback, Brass Sun, Savage, Kingdom, Jaegir, Aquilla etc.


I think with this new collection I might cherry-pick some of the volumes for books that have been particularly praised here, if they’re easy to get hold of. With Nikolai Dante, for example, I’ve been meaning to read it for ages but have never got around to it.


I’m up to Prog 1150 on my big re-read and when I got to the start of Dante (1031) I decided to put the prog on hold and just do a Dante re-read. Easily top 3 all time comics.


It says on the site you can always email them and ask for back issues if you want. You just lose out on the free postage that comes with the sub.

I’m tempted to send some to my brother’s house and pick them up when I’m next there. The Dredd one didn’t actually interest me as much as I was already collecting the case files.


Yeah, but I know my minor OCD tendency will look at Vol 38, Vol 56, Vol 79 and want to fill in the gaps!


That’s what they’re banking on. :smiley:


Cue "M Bison 'Of Course! ’ " gif…


Make your own sticker with new numbers over the top. :smile:


In fairness, judging by @BobbyS’s experiences with the Hachette Transformers collections, the numbers will probably be the wrong ones anyway. :slight_smile:


And white out the clint Langley gallery image.


This might have been rash, but I’ve just subscribed to this collection. I read 2000AD for the first 10 years or so, but have never picked up an issue since then. This is probably my best chance to pick up the stories you guys have been praising, as well as remind myself of the good stuff I used to like.

£20 a month is a lot, but less than I used to spend on comics in a month so I know I can afford it now I’m buying barely any comics. And any way you look at it, £9.99 for a hardback is a bargain. If the quality disappoints me, I can easily cancel.