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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Pages 1 and 6 in my copy are like you describe.


Thanks to the wonderful Bobby S for allowing me his ticket for the 2000th 40th Anniversary celebration at the Hammersmith Novotel on 11th Feb, I got round to booking my flights and accomodation for the event.

Is anyone else on the board going and if so, do you want to meet for a pint at some point during the proceedings?


Also, I checked the copy of the Meg and mine has same issue.

At first I thought they’d had to get someone in quick and cheap to ink a couple pages for Winslade, but then I looked at the lettering and it is the same, heavy, slightly smudged blacks.


I’m not going but might be able to make a drinks meet-up for an hour or two, just need to know the pub where to find you all.


Cheers Ben will keep in touch and get something sorted


I’m sort of glad that it’s not just my copy of the Meg that’s got the poor quality pages but, on the other hand, it’s a real shame too spoil Winslade’s art.


I’m in for a meet up too; assuming I’m not on babysitting duty (tbc). When/ where?


Brilliant. Get back to you guys for the weekend.

The event finishes at 7, but I might leave earlier than that depending on what the schedule is.

I don’t know London at all, so that bit might be a wee bit difficult, but I’m staying at Novetel Hotel London West in Hammersmith (where the event is).


Assuming a form of the Circle / Hammersmith line is running, I can get across town from Liverpool St.


If not, Central Line to Holborn, then Piccadilly Line west to Hammersmith.


That’d work too unless they just so happen to screw all the lines on the one day, that’d never happen, right?

Oh yeah, that time Ron was over…


Good point.

I blame Trump.


Hello gents,

Ben & Vik and anyone else who is interested.

I’m still up for meeting next Saturday. Sorry about the fairly short notice, I’ve barely been able to think about this to plan due to some extremely busy days at work and home.

I have a schedule printed out for the day which I plan to go over tomorrow morning when I get into work, as I’m the only person in, even more so on a Friday.

I’m thinking if it suited you guys that I’d be finished about 7 or 8 if you wanted to meet up for a couple of hours - probably won’t be a mental one as a hangover on the Sunday is really not an option, but I can definitely get a few pints in.

I’m led to believe there is a wetherspoons nearby the Novotel in Hammersmith - I know nothing about the area so completely open to suggestions - but I could meet you there. I’m assuming the hotel would have a bar but it would likely be expensive.


If you go for 7 o’clock, I could make it for an hour, perhaps a bit more.

Looks to be about 3 pubs right near Hammersmith tube/Novotel: William Morris, Hop Poles and The Swan.


I’m not overly familiar with the pubs in London either. Suggest we meet at the hotel and take a wander? 7 o’clock in the hotel reception?


That could work well, hotel reception will be far less busy than a pub so easier to find people.


Sounds like a good idea to me.

I will pm you both my mobile number later, that way it’s easy to keep in touch on the day


No real solid news here (so don’t get excited by the clickbait-y headline!), but it seems there is some enthusiasm to do a follow-up to the Dredd movie at some point, whether it’s animation or a possible Netflix series.


I think Karl Urban has often said he is up for it, schedule permitting.


Urban definitely would. He’s been supporting Dredd long past his contractual obligations. He loves it.