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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


A,B.C. Warriors: Khronicles of Khaos Part 1 750-757 – I’m not sure who did what in the writing combo of Mills and Skinner but I have to say it works well. The ideas are plentiful but it more of a reigned in approach that makes it more accessible and less confusing that some Mills wares. It’s all mainly set-up as the Warriors get the band back together for a new mission. Kev Walker excels on art duties.

Robo-Hunter: Escape from Bisleyland 750-759 – if the first Millar Robo-Hunter was bad this is even worse.

Strontium Dogs: Monsters 750-761 – With Johnny Alpha out of the picture, Feral gets to star in the first of the Garth Ennis penned SD tales. It’s a story that mirrors Alpha’s origin as a human family give birth to a mutant girl who ends up teaming with Feral to extract revenge on her hate filled father. It’s pretty good and Steve Pugh provides some really nice painted art.

Universal Soldier: Indestructible Man 750-759 - I honestly can’t remember what happened in this other than it being quite boring.

Trash 760-770 – I seem to recall this being on a few ‘worst of 2000 ad’ lists but it’s actually not that bad. It’s the near future and plant life is massively protected. Deep underground in a hidden lab, a giant plant is given sentience, breaks free from human control and decides to wreck havoc Day of the Triffids style.

Bix Barton: Bloated Case of the Fatted Keef 761-766 – More crazy out there comedy tinged detective work from Mr Barton. Good stuff as always although I think the strip is better in B&W.

Brigand Doom: Voodoo Child 764-773 – Hhhmm, this fails to build on the promising opening story a while back and instead is a bit of a cluttered mess. Is Doom a bad guy? is he actually undead? What is his mission? Why is the villain such a chump? Unfortunately none of these questions get answered.

Durham Red: Island of the Damned 762-773 – Ezquerra is quality here and really imparts Red with a sexy flare and yet still establishes her as a bad ass. The story is nothing original but it rolls along at a good pace.

Finn: Finn Book 1 770-779 – I only made it half way through this. It’s kind of a twist on what would happen if Slaine was set in modern day and it’s truly awful.

Skizz: Alien Cultures 767-775 – What a great strip. I’d even go so far as to say it’s as good as the original. There are two main differences here. The first is that Baike continues drawing the strip but also replaces Alan Moore as writer and the second is that it’s in colour and the pastel tones are excellent. The alien Skizz is on a mission to return to earth and we gets loads of characterisation, emotional developments from the human cast and plenty of action. This is surely an underrated gem.

The Clown: The Clown Book 1 774-779 – Another for the stinker pile.

A.B.C. Warriors: Khronicles of Khaos Part 2 780-790 - Now that the team is assembled, Deadlock, who is firmly established as the leader of the group, explains that they must obtain the heads of seven agents of order. There’s some dodgy comedy and socio-political aspects but overall it’s good with Deadlock showing the many sides of his personality and Blackblood forever scheming against his fellow warriors.

Rogue Trooper (Friday) Apocalypse Dreadnought 780-791 - Like the previous Fleischer/Smith tale, this starts off well but descends into Rogue fighting, them teaming up with, then fighting a weird alien talking stingray thing. Smith who is perhaps my favourite Dredd artist is an ill fit for this story with it’s heavy war tones.

Button Man Book I: The Killing Game 780-791 – This story of an ex-military man getting dragged into the world of a professional killing game is pretty bleak stuff. Lead man Harry is a bit of a cold fish which makes him hard to route for sometimes yet he still displays morals and a sense of fair play. Wagner gets us straight into the action and it doesn’t let up. On the art front, Arthur Ranson delivers a master class in mood and tone. He uses varied textured art and interestingly never really shows Harry face clearly and he doesn’t use many close ups. Overall, great stuff.

Tales from Beyond Science 774-779 – These are kind of sciency future shocks that delve into mysteries of spontaneous human combustion, the Bermuda Triangle, the lost 13th month, and the real reason men have nipples. Mark Millar Alan McKenzie and John Smith write while Rian Hughes draws.

Kola Kommandos 780-794 - Wow, how did editorial ever consider this was a good idea? Steve Parkhouse is clearly a better artist than he is a writer and surely Anthony Williams must have the dubious title of having drawn more badly written stories than any 2000 ad artist.

Bradley: Bedtime Stories 795-799 - Fun takes on fairytales with the narcissistic Bradley twist.

Robo-Hunter: Return to Verdus 793-802 - Another horrible Millar story. This time he parodies Wolverine, The Watcher, Terminator, Fat Slags and The Metal Men. Not good.


This is one of my all-time favourite 2000AD series. I’ve got the nice old TPB Titan put out with both parts of Khronicles of Khaos and Hellbringer in it.


So have I.

Button Man has to be one of the coldest comic stories ever written - it’s brilliant but utterly brutal.


Kev Walker’s painted art on the ABC Warriors was amazing!


New Prog just arrived. The Order might not be the best strip but hot damn I love that cover.


3 progs in though I am understanding what’s going on in The Order (so far) this time.


Yeah. I saw that cover this morning on the 2000AD Facebook page and it’s definitely an early contender of cover of the year.


Thoughts on progs 2012-2014.

Judge Dredd - Trevallion is a fantastic artist and he excels here again (I do prefer his black and white/grey time work). Carroll gives us a brutal tale as Dredd teams up with a couple of Tex-cit judges to track down a prep on the run. During the search they butt heads with a vindictive security marshall who goes further than an-eye-for-an eye when it comes to justice. Something has to give and the last page is awesomely tense. Can’t wait for the next episode.

Hope - I’m really enjoying this new strip not least of which is the excellent art by Jimmy Broxton. His panel construction is excellent, his art moody yet vibrant and there are no wasted lines. This is a nice mix of noir crime drama and magic all tied into a kidnapping mystery and essentially if you read and liked Fatale form Image you should be reading and liking this.

Kingmaker - Lord of the Rings with a sci-fi twist. It shouldn’t work but it really does. Great stuff from the Edginton and Gallagher droids.

The Order - As usual I’m not really sure what’s going on or who is who and what side they are on but at least we have John Burns art.

Kingdom - Wow, this is a first. I’m not enjoying this current story at all. I don’t know where Abnet is going with this but it’s all a bit boring and Elson’s art really has taken a dive in quality. Disappointing.


Might be of interest, Pat Mills and Kevin O’Neill have a book out -



This will probably be a flashback, but I’d love it if it wasn’t - even though there is a strong argument for leaving it where it finished off.

Only thing is Robbie Morrison might not be getting a lot of work and no work means no pay…of course he’s very possibly doing stuff outside of comics and I hope he is getting work somewhere.


On the subject of the 40th anniversary weekend - I was too late to get a ticket. By the time I found out I was able to make it theyd sold out. I’ve tried everything to get one, including emails begging 2000ad, to no avail.

I supposed there’s always the 50th anniversary - but something tells me this weekend will be special.


It looks like a flashback, Dante’s hair was turning grey by the end of the original story.

I’d like Morrison to try another epic, he hasn’t really done much since Dante and I can’t see any reason 2000ad wouldn’t offer him more work. As you say he may have stuff outside comics.


I have one for sale. I have been looking forward to this since it was announced. Unfortunately I was slack and didn’t buy a ticket when they were £40 so had to settle for a £60 one (I nabbed it when there were less than 10 left).

So, we’re all good, ticket ready, spending money, excited to get some original art, chat to creators that will likely not be at any other cons for a long time or even ever again and then…‘You are invited to the wedding of X and Y on Saturday 11th February’. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

How inconsiderate of them. I actually had a debate wiith the Mrs last night about whether I would go to the wedding. (It’s a very good friend of mine). In the end I relented and begrudgingly accepted that I would have to put the ticket up on ebay. Worst day of my life, happy for my friends of course, but worst day of my life.

Anyway, if you want it Chris, I’d rather sell it you than stick it on ebay so pm me if interested.


PM inbound


I’m finding it harder and harder to recall some of these strips that I read a few months ago so I really need to start jotting down notes as I go along. Anyway:

Journal of Luke Kirby: The Night Walker 800-812 - More great Ridgeway art but this time it’s in colour. Luke meets a mysterious tramp called Zeke and together they battle a devious vampire. It’s a slow burner but worth a read.

Flesh: Legend of Shamana Book 1 800-808, Book 2 817-825 - This is like a team book but instead of a varied group of super heroes working together and squabbling, we have a myriad group of dinos who form the dirty half dozen. They are led by a girl who was left abandoned in the jungle when she was just a youngster. Together they fight the big corporation of trans time and although Pat Mills has since remarked he didn’t like the art in the series (Carl Critchlow who’s art here looks nothing like his later work) I thought it was very fitting.

Wireheads Book 1 803-811 - This involves something about paraspace morpheus data zones and I only got half way through before giving up.

Finn: Finn Book 2 807-816 - Just as with the first installment I just couldn’t get into this. Could be Mills’ worst 2000 ad output?

Revere: Written in Water 809-814 - Confusing as all get out and even the moody gothic art can’t save it.

Robo-Hunter: Aces of Slades 813-816 + Serial Stunners 819-822 - Less said about this the better.

Brigand Doom: Spirits Willing 815-818 - Inspector Nine is still tracking Doom but is still suspicious of his motives. Is he a bad guy or just a vigilante with good intentions? I was hoping for actual story but at least the art is good.

Dead Meat: Dead Meat Book 2 812-820 - More silly meat-free based action/comedy but it’s not a total stinker.

Strontium Dogs: Return of the Gronk 817-824 - I can’t remember the exact details of this expect that it involves some mad professors who are trying to capture Feral and The Gronk. It also involves The Gronkinator and some great art by Nigel Dobyn.

Kelly: Armed Response 821-830 - Tripe and a waste of Brett Ewins art. Kelly is a one man killing machine who also happens to be indestructible (but runs from bullets) and fights topless most of the time. The story is pointless and one note as well.

Robo-Hunter: Keith the Killer 825-827 - Avoid.

Bad Company: Kano 828-837 - Danny Franks has now become the Krool heart and Kano is seeking peace and solace on a remote planet away from all the war and killing. He starts seeing spirits and ghosts and to be honest the story is quite wishy washy and even Ewins art isn’t up to standard.

Firekind 828-840 - Brilliant. Unfortunately when it was initially published, part 7 was missed out and only added after the conclusion of the tale. Poor show Tharg. Luckily the whole this was reprinted in Xtreme Edition 8.

I suggest you go on ebay and bag a copy. This is a tale of a sciency guy being taken in by a alien culture as he attempts to learn as much as he can form the planets indigenous population. Of course, man and his war machines follow to smash down the locals who also ride flying dragons. It’s all quite ‘Avatarish’ but in a good way. Great writing and great art by Paul Marshall. Some say Cradlegrave is John Smith’s best work but maybe some of those people haven’t read this.

Armoured Gideon Book 2 828-840 - Simon Jacob produces his best work to date especially when he’s drawing massive chaos beasts and demons. Gideon is in trouble and only Frank Weitz can save him. But does he want to? The pictures are nice but the plot and overall story somewhat confusing.

Purgatory 834-841 - Prison break in the world of Dredd. Stripped back dialogue, excessive violence, big bold characters. Sounds like Millar would be a perfect fit as Dredd’s lead writer. If only that were the case.

Big Dave: Target Baghdad 842-849, 869-872, 904-907 - Manchester’s hardest man. He loves a shellsuit, has killer bulldogs with spiked collars, enjoys being jobless. He’s also patriotic, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist and into mindless violence. Of all the Millar/Morrison 2000 ad works, Big Dave has pretty much no hallmarks of any previous 2000 ad stories. Pure satire with no sci-fi elements. Dave smacks around Saddam Hussein, the royal family, his dad and nazi germany. Aside from some slightly funny parts of the last tale, in which Dave and his mates end up playing in the 1994 World Cup and voodoo witch doctor Nelson Mandela raises former England players from the grave, there is very little to like here. Unless you like truly offensive material. Having said that, this actually did quite well at the time and is even fondly remembered by some even now.

Maniac 5 842-849 - Hhhmm, a Mark Millar story that isn’t naff. Alien invaders, cyborgs and big guns. It’s pretty thin on anything of substance but like I said, it’s not completely naff.

Really & Truly 842-849 - Weirdness for weirdness’ sake doesn’t do it for me and this a right flop. According to Morrison, “I took a couple of Es and just wrote all 48 pages in a day”

Slaughterbowl 842-849 - This is probably the most generic A to B story from John Smith so far. A wrongly accused (?) man is forced to either stay in prison and watch his wife die, as they can’t afford the surgery cost, or opt into the Slaughterbowl, a death race of epic proportions. It maybe straightforward but it’s a good ride and as the story unfolds, our protagonists fate and that of his wife starts to become all too clear. Good stuff.


There is only one possible resolution to this kind of dilemma:


Lovely poster by King Carlos celebrating 2000AD’s fortieth anniversary.


Also, does anyone get the Megazine in print? I was reading my copy last night and noticed that the printing on Lawless was all fucked up. Every second page seemed to be printed with extra thick / blotchy lines. It’s not a deliberate thing as the digital previews I saw online looked fine but was wondering was a one off error in my copy or across the whole printing.


I get it in print but not sat down to read it yet Bruce, I’ll let you know if mine is the same.