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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Wow, what a guest list for this con

Pat Mills, John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra, Alan Grant, Jesus Redondo, Robin Smith, Cam Kennedy, Arthur Ranson, Colin MacNeil, Andy Diggle, Henry Flint, Jock, Peter Milligan, John Higgins, John Reppion, Leah Moore, David Bishop, Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie, Glenn Fabry, Simon Bisley, Ian Edginton, Dave Gibbons, Mick McMahon, Steve Yeowell, Rob Williams, Si Spurrier, Al Ewing, Sean Phillips, Dan Abnett, Duncan Fregredo, D’Israeli, Tom Foster, Kev Walker, Annie Parkhouse, Chris Weston, Clint Langley, Ian Kennedy, Richard Elson, Chris Blythe, Hilary Robinson, Richard Burton, Steve McManus, Jon Davis-Hunt, Alan Barnes, Alec Worley, David Bailie, Simon Fraser, Mark Sexton, Eddie Robson, John Tomlinson, Paul Cornell, Peter Hogan, Steve White, Charlie Adlard, Geoff Senior, Eoin Coveney, Ben Willsher, Boo Cook, David Kendall, David Millgate, David Roach, Dom Reardon, Dylan Teague, Frazer Irving, INJ Culbard, Jeff Anderson, John McCrea, Karl Richardson, Laurence Campbell, Lee Sullivan, Lee Townsend, Leigh Gallagher, Mark Harrison, Mike Dowling, Mike Collins, Mike Perkins, Nick Percival, Neil Roberts, Nigel Dobbyn, Patrick Goddard, Paul Marshall, Rian Hughes, Simon Davis, Simon Gurr, Simon Jacob, Steve Pugh, Steve Roberts, Steve Tappin, Tiernen Trevallion, Warren Pleece, Simon Bowland, Abigail Ryder, Roger Langridge


That is one hell of a line up.

Glad to see Arthur Ranson is up to it. I know on the Thrillcast they said he had to retire because of health reasons but didn’t say what it was.


Iso time for Santa. King Diamond resurrects “No Presents for Christmas” as a redux single.


Wow! All killer, no filler on that line up.


Not many tickets left, I believe. :scream:


I’ve on;y been ‘conning’ for six years but for me personally, that’s the best line up I’ve seen. Shame about the ticket price. It was £40 a while ago which is dear in itself but the price is now £60!..I reluctantly paid the higher price today as only a few tickets remain.


Hachette have a sale on individual Judge Dredd Mega Collection books:


That’s pretty outrageous given how they sell the damn thing.


Never mind that, half price hardcovers Ben!


Which I and a load of others have already bought!

Now it turns out a £10 hardback isn’t bad but this sale takes the piss out of their subscription model.


They did sell them individually in certain shops didn’t they? I know The Big Bang got them in from their Facebook updates.


Charging subscribers a tenner a pop and then flogging them all for a fiver each to non-subscribers a couple of years down the line is a bit of a pisstake, I agree.

Now I feel lucky to have sold my incomplete collection for cover price when I cancelled my subscription a while back.


Yeah, but not for £5.

I’m not inclined to do another one of these as it’s a big commitment over a long timespan, but them doing this sale only gives more reason for me not to.


Yep, I saw then on the shelves in FP in Birmingham too, for a tenner each.


A bunch of newsagents near me get the partworks in every week.


On the bright side of things, the same thing will hopefully happen with their Transformers patwork in a few years, and then it’s cheap robot comics, baby!


I think that’s fair, but there are also people like me who bought the issues now and then, but didn’t subscribe. This is an opportunity to pick up one’s that you missed out on for not very much money.


Smiling Detective trade is long out of print (and preowned copies are damned expensive) so I’ll pick that up. The Cursed Earth Koburn stories are something I’ve fancied reading too. Maybe the Doomsday for Dredd / Mega City One books too but I think those will be collected in the next Complete Case Files.


Yeah, there is that!


Just bought these. Too good a price to pass up on!