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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


My personal take is I much prefer the Dark Judges stories to the Fall of Deadworld ones.

I always find Kek-W’s scripting very hard to follow and while it seems to be a fan favourite, which makes me out of step, I think Dave Kendall’s art is messy and reminiscent of the post Bisley age of 2000ad where a lot of not very clear painted art was all the rage.

I do agree with Chris that it does convey a very horrific atmosphere well but for me that doesn’t make up for its other failings.


Deadworld is more victim point of view of the dark judges than origin


First of all, this was rather weird, they stopped all regular stories for a week for this ‘all ages’ special. It feels like it was meant for a summer special, it kind of coincides with Free Comic Book Day which may be part of the thinking.

In truth apart from ensuring no slightly naughty words or suggestions the material wasn’t that different to normal.

I quite enjoyed it though, having a digital sub it was also much longer than usual for the same price.

All the strips were pretty decent. The Future Shock better than most I’ve read recently. The Cadet Dredd and Anderson stories pretty well told (I may be very late to thinking about this but why does Joe Dredd’s badge say “Dredd” and Rico Dredd’s badge say “Rico”.) I didn’t think the Rogue Trooper one was as good but was okay.

Two new stories featured. Full Tilt Boogie and Finder & Keeper.

There was quite a lot to like about both, interesting concepts but Full Tilt Boogie basically only really works as that, it’s sets up a world and then just ends abruptly. If it isn’t slated to continue it’s a bit of a waste of time. Finder & Keeper did work better as a standalone (a kind of alternative Ghostbusters setup) although really asks for more and both finish with a ‘the end?’ caption.

It also seem really the only difference with ‘all ages’ is removing the odd ‘shit’ and ‘bastard’ and a little but of nudity the main prog seldom uses. When I fist read it 30+ years ago there was always loads of violence despite it being aimed at kids.


That goes all the way back to the original Rico story, his badge in the flashbacks said it even then.

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I know it does, hence me confessing being late to the game in wondering why. :smile:

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To avoid confusion between the two Dredds.

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I didn’t like the last Regened issue, so I bought this and just stuck it up in a cupboard with the issues I’ve read already, for the sake of completion.

I’ll maybe give it a read then.


Except when it didn’t!



I enjoyed the recent Regened issue but would have enjoyed it a bit more if it was the same price as the regular Prog rather than a fiver. The Future Shock and new strips (One offs? Back door pilots? Whatever) were miles better than most of the Future Shock and other new stuff that’s been in the Prog for ages.


I read this this morning (on the subject of recent progs, I’m very much enjoying Michael Carroll’s new Dredd, Kingmaker and Max Normal; not so much Scarlet Traces which has always felt like a pointless strip to me, or the recent future shocks which have been the usual sub standard efforts)

I thought Weston’s Dredd was superb. Really well written and lots of great jokes and dialogue.

Full Tilt Boogie had some absolutely amazing art but the script from De Campi was horrible. Just utter plotless, characterless shit. I could have written better myself in the space of a couple hours. I’m completely in awe of how someone with so little talent keeps getting work. She’s doing well out of the gender politics climate at the moment that’s for sure.

The Future Shock was good. Makes me wonder why Karl Stock doesn’t write more comics. Also the art from Brett Parson was great.

I found the Anderson story to be a bit slight, but it was decent enough, if a bit too familiar an idea.

I thought Finder and Keeper was excellent for a younger audience. This could be a massive hit in its own right. Leah Moore and John Reppion have really impressed me the last couple of years, after a long time of struggling to get into their stuff. I think they are far better writers now than they were and I think this creation of theirs has bags of potential as an ongoing series, Davide Tinto’s art probably takes the edge off the scares so it would need to be aimed at kids unless the changed the artist.

The Rogue Trooper strip from Cavan Scott & Nick Roche was so bland and forgettable that it would have been more interesting if It was actually terrible.


Sometimes people just have different tastes and opinions. It doesn’t have to be that. I thought the story failed because it doesn’t work as a standalone but found the concept and characters intriguing if they did some more.

I confess I haven’t read much of her 2000ad work as until a few issues back I didn’t read the Megazine where it appeared but Smoke is a great book that was nominated for an Eisner award. You even said you liked her Rogue Trooper one-shot a few months back.

I think Kek-w is a terrible writer, every story has the same jumble of an enormous cast of characters, most of them devoid of personality that wander in and out with no story structure, but some like it, including the editor. I don’t.

I think it’s unfair to go down the ‘quota hire’ path because you, quite within your rights by the way, don’t like it. Male writers we also don’t like, and there have been a fair few that have copped it from both of us like I have above, just get put down to bad judgement by the editor and don’t carry that baggage.

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That’s a fair point actually

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Onto the Villains Takeover special, which was of a really high standard for a 2000ad special, most of which have been dogshit over the past few years.

This was really strong all round;
The Death story from Rob Williams was great, so nice insight into what makes him tick.

Brass and Bland was a Nu Earth story and yet another really good effort from Karl Stock. It had a true classic feel to it, like something from one of the old 2000ad annuals and the twist ending was landed perfectly. I think Karl Stock should think seriously about doing this more often.

Having the wonderful Kyle Hotz on Slaine was a real treat. With Mills, as always, playing to the strength of his artis and going down the old school horror route.
This was a brilliant done in one and the concept of the cave paintings was brilliant.

Sleeping Dogs Lie from Matt Smith and Chris Weston. This serves as a bit of atribute to Ezquerra from Weston and one would hope Wagner and Smith look at this and perhaps have a chat about Weston picking up the art duties on Strontium Dog and keeping the series going, because Weston will pay the due respect that it needs. Smith did a decent Wagner impression here for yet another strong story.

I enjoyed the creepiness of the Future Shock, but the structure of it was quite off, so it didn’t quite work for me.

All in all a great special, my only complaint would be I really don’t like the US comic size for 2000ad, it doesn’t show off the stunning art well enough and it all feels a bit claustrophobic compared to the standard size of the prog.


Kenneth Niemand

I need to get to the bottom of this one.
This is the writer of or name attributed to the Block Buds storyline in Dredd a few months ago with Jeff Anderson on art.
It was brilliant and I remember at the time it had been suggested that it’s a pen name for Matt Smith because ‘niemand’ means something like ‘no-one’ in German and Kenny is a in-joke name at 2000ad for a long time.
There was also the fact that his only previous credit starred TMO in the looking for Starlord (or whatever it was called) story for the Starlord 40th anniversary.

He’s got a new Dredd in the Megazine 407, The Crazy, with art from Nick Dyer, and it is fantastic.

I did a bit more digging and I see in PJ Holden’s blog he says he’s done art for a story in next weeks prog, on a Dredd written by Niemand. Holden describes him as a ‘new droid’.

I’m really hoping this is not an alias for Smith. If Niemand is genuinely a new writer then I have to say between this Dredd and his last, this is one of the most assured, impressive starts to a career as a writer I’ve ever read at 2000ad.
In fact it’s so good that i feel it can’t possibly be a new writer.
The dialogue in this episode is word perfect. There’s an amazing attention to detail and the story is a really brilliant idea, but most importantly, told really well.
I feel like whoever wrote this spent ages on it, perfecting it.

2000ad badly needs quality new blood, and this writer could be a very timely addition to the fold.

If this turned out to be a John Wagner I wouldn’t bat an eyelid. It’s that good.

It would be hilarious if it was De Campi.


You’d think it was Smith because of the previous Tharg credit, unless they are sharing a pseudonym around (a bit like all film directors that disavow their work sign it off as Alan Smithee). It probably has to be a pen name as they wouldn’t give the framing story for a special to a brand new writer.

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Details about the Ezquerra tribute summer special.

[quote]2000AD’s Sci-fi Special goes on sale this year on the 19th June.

2000AD pays tribute to Judge Dredd co-creator Carlos Ezquerra, who died in October 2018, with a summer special featuring some of his most popular characters.
Alan Grant and Robin Smith have Dredd tackle perps in a very unique location in ‘Night at the Museum’; Guy Adams and Dave Kendall reveal an untold story of Romanian vampire soldiers the Fiends of the Eastern Front in ‘Strange Meeting’; and Viking Wulf Sternhammer comes to terms with life in the future in ‘Valhalla’ by Michael Carroll and Patrick Goddard. Plus the first two completed chapters of the project that John Wagner and Ezquerra were working on when he died – android cop Spector, programmed to root out corruption at the highest level. Plus poster by Cliff Robinson, and cover from Mick McMahon.

48pp, on sale for 8 weeks, £4.99[/quote]


I don’t buy 2000ad regularly anymore, but I think I will be picking this one up.


That’s a superb line up of creators !

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This is exceptionally good news

Don Lawrence’s art is eye meltingly good.


A second-hand bookshop in Dublin just put out a huge box of Look and Learn back issues, and I was so tempted to buy them up to get the Trigan Empire pages.