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2000AD: The Galaxy's Greatest Comic Thread


Planet Replica’s are offering digital files for printing your own Dredd movie lawgiver so long as you’re signed up to their website.

As some of you may already know, we had very early connections with the production of DREDD.

We’d tracked down all the makers of the costume and props used in the film long before the items went to auction - and digital files for the Lawgiver were one of the first pieces we obtained.

They were from a very early stage of it’s development, and were possibly the digital files used to create the turntable animation used in the DVD Extras

However, they were of an early prototype, and in some cases they needed completely remaking in order to correct them.

We spent a considerable time matching screen references and Hi-res photos of an actual prop, kindly supplied to us by the original builder, in order to rebuild the files where needed. Some details were hand made items by the SFX crew, and these too have been replicated here.

Other files are direct like for like versions.

We’ve reached a point now where the build is complete and all the parts are here for a functional, working slide replica model kit, just as built for the film.

I’m signed up to the website and there’s a 3D printer at my work…

I’d probably never get around to doing anything about it but it’s pretty cool nevertheless!

What Are You Watching? 2015-2016 Season

Pretty much had to be Judge Gray to kick this thread off!


Then the real fun begins, printing up all the different cartridges for the magazines! But how cool is this? Next, a working Cold Gun!


I’m not sure who mentioned the 2000ad Thrill Cast on the old thread, but I downloaded a couple and had been listening to them over the last couple of days. Very Dreddcentric, but enjoyable and had great interviews with Carlos Ezquerra, who had some interesting things to say about his art style.

They seem to be happening in tandem with the Judge Dredd Mega Collection, so it might be interesting to people who have picked that up or people with a passing interest. I liked it at any rate.


A few folk have been listening to them I think. I enjoyed hearing Carlos speak on the past couple - a lot of humor and humility in what he was saying.


They seem to be happening in tandem with the Judge Dredd Mega Collection, so it might be interesting to people who have picked that up or people with a passing interest. I liked it at any rate.

They are ran in conjunction with the Mega Collection so each episode should focus on something pertaining to that weeks release . . .


Thanks. I obviously didn’t put two and two together there.

It has been a pretty good podcast so far. I’m have a long journey on Wednesday and am planning to download a couple of episodes to listen to on the way.


Last one was Carlos on Origins with the one before about the Apocalypse War, with Colin on the first two for America and then Mechanismo . . .

Hopefully they’ll get Ransom or Grant for the Shamballa one.


So anyone got their next Mega Collection batch? I’m sort of expecting the next deduction to be 21 March.


Is it possible to collect 2000 A.D. from the beginning? So much good stuff in here, I’m feeling as if my education has been neglected.


If you have a small fortune, it’s been weekly since 1977 so there are around 2000 issues to collect.

I think the better plan is to look at Rebellion’s line of 2000ad trades. Take a look and I’m sure the gang here can give recommendations on the best ones.


I picked up 1000 issues on ebay for around £200 about 6 years ago. You do get some really good long runs that sell for super cheap on there.


My copies of books 2 and 3 of the Mega Collection arrived today! :slight_smile:

(Unfortunately book 3 was damaged so I’ll need to send it back for a replacement, but still, :slight_smile: !).



Go forth and buy the new US editions of Nikolai Dante, volumes 1-3, in the hope they will issue volumes 4-11 of one of the greatest, yet still under-the-radar, comic epics ever.


Yeah yeah, Nikolai Dante is always recommended, a great sprawling epic of awesome proportions.


I’d also recommend some of the Future Shock collections (there are a few) - good value and often featuring some lesser-known work from big-name creators.


I think I need to win a lottery or sumpin!

Almost afraid to jump into such deep waters.



Don’t worry @Miqque, we’re here for you!

I think the Future Shocks collections might be a good place to begin.

Dredd: case files 5 (a US version is available), 13, Origins and the Tour if Duty books are all excellent.

I reckon you’d dig Nemesis the Warlock too. You’d have to get iI in digital though as it’s not as easily available (and one volume is out of print I think).


Latest Thrill Cast is out and the guest is Alan Grant talking about Anderson and Shambala . . .


Hachette have already got back to me about the damaged issue #3 and are sending out a replacement - great service from them.