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A friend of mine is trying to track down a story only he seems to recall. Do any of happen to recall a Judge Dredd story that features a Singer based on Kurt Cobain that gets kidnapped.

Google just keeps pointing me at the Cobain Graphic novel.

THis could be one of the Heavy Metal Dredd stories, called The Fan, written by Wagner and Grant.

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I’ve just checked and the name of the rock star that gets kidnapped in that story is Rock Power and I’m not sure that he looks that analogous to Cobain, so maybe there’s another one.

It is indeed Wagner and Grant on this one and art was by the late, great John Hickleton.

It was originally published in the Megazine 2.19 and has been reprinted in the heavy metal Dredd collection.

I might be sending you on the wrong path completely here, but it’s a start.


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Chris its a step i didn’t have till now.

Cheers. And will let you know if its the right one.

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If it’s not that it could be a story called Muzak Killer. It was by Garth Ennis that ran for a few progs in the early 90s.
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