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2 Page 'Exposure' Comic


Hey again all,

Another two page comic for anyone willing to give feedback. This one appeared in the ‘Exposure’ Anthology. Would really appreciate any feedback.



I enjoyed it! It made me chuckle. The only thing I would work on is maybe centering some of the caption boxes or line them up so they match- they are a little off in the first panel, but I’m one of those people who prefers things to line up unless it’s like the fifth block and more “motion” happening.
Art wise, it’s a cute fun style just watch for anatomical issues- the politicians hand in the second panel- great pose but looks a tad too large (a very common problem for artists). Keeping anatomy in mind will also help figure out where clothes need to lay and hang from.
Great idea and execution! Keep creating! :grinning::+1::ok_hand:


Thanks for that! I should have pointed out that I am just the writer on this, but will certainly pass on the feedback to the artist.

Thanks again!

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No problem! This was a fun little guy! Would like to see more in the future :+1:


Heh, there will be more shorts of mine on here for sure. Only place that I get feedback unfortunately.
Thanks again.