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2 big interviews with Yours Truly!


This Starburst interview is especially exciting to me because I really, really loved Starburst growing up. It was a bit of a rare pleasure as it was expensive and comics ate up all my pocket money, but that Fantasy Females special edition lay under my 12 year old bed for some time I’m not ashamed to say…

Both good interviews so check em out.





Cool stuff. You’ve become Stan Lee for the new millennium!


Enjoyed those, you’ve got a lot of irons in the fire.


Don’t be ridiculous, Mark Millar doesn’t screw over his artists.


Has Mark cameoed in any Millarworld movies yet?


No, but he is on the cover of one of his own comics. It’s a start…


I’m open to correction here, but I think that the answer it yes, but his scene got cut… :smiley:


The more I think about that…the more scary accurate it sounds.


It also has a great comics related history, once owned by Marvel and started by Dez Skinn who commissioned Marvelman and V For Vendetta for Warrior.

I used to love it as a youngster, a lot more vibrant than the rather bland Starlog that also appeared in newsagents from the US.