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1975 Superman Broadway musical on Youtube

I’m not even sure how I stumbled on this, but like Superpup (which is so weird you have to check it out) it’s one of those things I’ve seen photographs from, but obviously never seen in real life. I had no idea they televised this. Not Al from Happy Days and Hotlips from MASH…


I’ve heard of it but never seen. It looks like it was a made for TV musical as they’re singing to the camera and not an audience.

Looks like Lesley Ann Warren was playing Lois.

It was shown late night on “ABC’s Wide World of Entertainment” a couple of times, a potpourri of different shows. Just read the Wikipedia page to refresh my memory, and programming included a week a month each for chat (talk) show hosts Jack Paar and Dick Cavett, the UK series Thriller, and the US debut of Monty Python’s Flying Circus (before PBS).