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19 October New Comics Thread!


Reviews, discussions and all things related to this week’s comics!

As always, put spoilers in spoiler text. Or spoiler alert your post will be Marvelously edited in a fashion we deem fit.

If you didn’t pick up the new Black Hood, go do yourself a favor and do so.

Lots of good books out today so let’s hear your thoughts!


I picked up Mighty Thor #12 at my LCS along with Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1, Justice League #7, Superman #9 and Trinity #2 on ComiXology. I was going to look at the Image Giant-Sized Artist’s Proof Edition: Huck #1 but my LCS didn’t have any copies.


Superman #9 was great, I think “You’re not the only one who can fly” was one of the best pages of the year. I wonder who is the villain they’re building for Multiplicity. Brainiac maybe?

Aquaman and Batman continue to be strong as well. The second issue of Trinity was pretty good.


[quote=“RonnieM, post:2, topic:8456, full:true”]
I picked up Saga #39 at my LCS[/quote]
Is #39 out now? Comixology has it down for next week.


Crap, oops. I said what I was thinking not what I meant. Will put Saga #38 from a couple weeks ago and it threw me. I fixed it. :wink:


Ah, I thought I’d missed it somehow! Thanks.


Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye #1 - I was kind of looking forward to this book as the premise sounded very interesting. In execution, it was slightly less my cup of tea.

Justice League #7 - I’m still enjoying this book. The current storyline feels slightly less epic that the last but it’s hard to keep that level up all the time and I’m sure there is a bigger picture at work here. Still enjoying this book.

Mighty Thor #12 - This is a fun little tale about the origin of Mjolnir. This book has been fun but I’m not sure how long I will continue. I’m tempted to stay on as the solicitation for January teases a guest spot by one of my favorite teams, the Shi’ar Royal Guard.

Superman #9 - Holy shit this book is still so damned good. I’ve loved the book since Rebirth relaunched it but the last three issues have been the stuff of classics. I’m glad this book ships twice a month because I can’t get enough.

Trinity #2 - For the Man Who Has Everything is one of my favorite Superman stories of all time. So a story with that twist that it’s based around the Black Mercy from that story is quite welcome. Not only that but they’re adding new layers. Looking for to more of this.


Speaking of Trinity #2, I loved the interaction between Clark and Pa Kent, specifically the part where he says to Pa that everything he taught to him is everything he’s gonna ever need. I teared up a little with that. I wish that moment was in Tomasi’s Superman, since that book is the one with the focus on Clark raising his son.

On the subject of Tomasi’s Superman I can only wonder where this story is going, maybe Brainiac? Multiplicity sounds like a big story, I can’t imagine how could it possibly get bigger after that.


I disliked King’s Batman at first but figured if I sat out the crossover and then tried again he’d have his legs under him. From this issue it looks like my hunch was right. This is the best issue yet of his run. It’s well written, the art is strong, it has lots of cool Easter eggs, and I’m interested in where it goes from here. Although I was not aware the character at the end was so dark in current continuity.

The other book I got was Love and Rockets #1. It’s their first magazine style issue in decades, and it’s amazing, if a bit bittersweet to see those characters as middle aged women. Can’t wait for more.


I picked up new comics today, after weeks of not having time to get into town. There was a time when waiting a few weeks would mean a bag of comics too heavy to carry home. This morning I picked up five :open_mouth: Two Astro City, two Wonder Woman, one Supergirl. Added the forthcoming Supergirl mini to my pull list. Dropped All-Star Batman. I think my LCS guy hates me :frowning:


Did anyone see the Rafael Grampa variant for Dark Knight III #6 at their LCS? People are asking about it on his Instagram feed. I didn’t even see it listed on Midtown Comics’ site.


That’s just pure genius!!



Reminds me of Iain Laurie’s work.


I would still like to see you do a series of short, oversized graphic novels similar to the Marvel Graphic Novel line to collaborate with artists who couldn’t commit to a full series. I think it would be a perfect way to work with guys like Grampa and Charest. It could also give you a testbed for concepts that could be continued in full series.