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15 Minutes of Fame?


Talking to someone about this today- my closest brush with ‘fame’ was a BBC Radio appearance when doing a cooking blog during the football World Cup a couple of years ago.

Have any of the other MWers experienced ‘15 Minutes of Fame’? What’s the story? How did you find it?




My dad is one of the orphans in David Lean’s version of Oliver Twist (not the musical).

At age 11 I was in a South Bank Show tribute to Richard Burton just after he died, he went to the same primary school as me and I knew his siblings quite well. His sister was a teaching assistant at my school and his brother was our travel agent.


I was a contestant on a TV quiz show a couple of years ago. It, er, didn’t go as I’d hoped.


3/10, not enough nudity.


My parents once told me they’d met Mr T but it eventually transpired that it was actually Mr Motivator and they’d got confused.


That’s why I only won £1,000 and missed out on the grand prize of £10,000! :tired_face:


I had a letter printed in The Maxx #26 & my Nemesis costume in Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1. That count?


Really? 15 minutes? Warhol was a pessimist.


Aside from winning the Millarworld annual last year I get to give out man of the match trophies on live tv every year as a corporate muppet.

more like 5.2 seconds of fame.

also used to be this guy for the provincial rugby team in my uni years.

Even thought I acted like a complete tit i got paid the equivalent of £80/$100 US for 60 minutes work. Not bad for 18.


Hahaha. I’d forgotten about that. Has it really been that long ago? Crazy.


Pre-Matt Beard!


I have largely managed to live in obscurity. I did get my picture in the paper once in the What’s On section as part of the promotion for a play I wrote. And as I remember it, I did a couple of radio interviews as well.


Fame is short lived. Infamy lasts longer. :wink:


There’s a great bit in The Insider with near enough that line.

As for me, let’s see:

Nelson Mandela turned up at my graduation ceremony.

Been filmed a couple of times when acting as registrar for the then London Partnerships Register.


I had my picture in the paper at age 1 because my sister had just been born on my first birthday, which was also our mother’s birthday, and apparently that’s unusual enough to be reported in the newspapers :confused:


I co created an iPhone comic app, designed it, had a friend program it and submitted to the App Store in 2007(or '08-can’t remember) (took two weeks, primarily cus I had to draw it). It got “banned” (really apple knocked it back asking for the content to be changed to be less violent) and apple’s reaction caused world wide press. Within a few weeks I’d left my job, begin programming the back end to allow the app to host NBCs Heroes comic and it looked like I was at the bottom floor of what I knew to be a multi million pound industry (I know this because I did a presentation to an entrepreneurs competition - 3 weeks after we’d built the app - and came second - they said “Without there being any other iPhone comic companies it’s hard to know if you’re right about it being a multi million pound industry”)

We decided not to take any outside investment, I realised I’d left one computer job to do another computer job, so I took the cash from that to kickstart my comic career. But I was the only direct link the company had to the comic industry so it floundered I think (can’t speak for hose guys, but I think they pivoted back to games)

My son youngest son was born around the same time (actually he’s July '08-so musta been 2008) then my wife’s brother committed suicude shortly following the suicide of his girlfriend and my son spent the first few years of his life in and out of hospital with asthma. So it was a startling high followed by a long startling low. We’re back at a normal level now though, I think.

And there endith the weirdest 15 minutes of my life.

(Ooh the app was called “murderdrome” - it was a comic written by Al Ewing - you can google it with my name if you like…)


I won a No-Prize.

Yep, a real one.

Thing is, I’ve aged a bit. I don’t remember my own letter. It was in an early issue of the Hulk - maybe around issue 60; but Wikia sez went under Tales to Astonish in this numbering, so I’m lost.

Any Hulk fans that might be able to find my letter? Some rap about devices used, Psy-Clone?


Miqque - I have said it before, I will say it again. You never cease to amaze me.

That is genuinely cool.


There’s an article about me and my company in this week’s Crain’s New York Business, including two photos.

Too bad Crain’s circulation is about 13, no, 12 people. :frowning: