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14 page Empress preview PLUS beautiful Millar interview!


Empress is genuinely my new favourite book!



Wow. Immonen’s work is looking great there. This is going to be a fantastic-looking book.


I just had a idea. Have you considered having some of the Empress characters make a background appearance in Chrononauts during a 65 million years ago time traveling sequence as a sight gag? :wink:


I actually have a big plan for all these guys around 18 months down the line. I want the movies on the way or out first as a crossover has more impact when the characters are all really, really well known :slight_smile:



Awesome. I love that you’re always thinking about this stuff.


Just finished the whole interview. Thank you for the insight into your writing process. That was very cool.

I also appreciate that you are writing books with good female leads. My perspective has changed on those sort of things after getting married and then having several nieces born. It has made me much more empathetic to the perspective of women and young girls. I’m excited that I’ll have material to pass on to them.