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12 Days Left to Get my Book Funded


Hey Millarworld!

There’s only 12 days left to help fund this book and if we don’t make the goal, none of the money already pledged will go towards the project. Holding out hope we’ll make it. Any support and shares would mean a ton at this point.



"One heart. One life.

Told from the perspective of those around him, enter the story of a man as he struggles through the decades to do what all of us must – simply live. Nandor Fox Shaffer (SEASONS) presents Lifeline, a one-of-a-kind 96 page full-color collaborative graphic novel project with seven uniquely skillful artists with ranging styles from around the world to tell a captivating drama of family, legacy, and reflection.

We only have one life. How will you live it?"


I hope you reach your goal. Good luck.