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100 Days of Making Comics, Street Soccer


So Miqque told me to post about this the other day. So I finally got round to it, many of you will remember me from the board a while back and many of you are friends of mine on Facebook.

About a year into joining the boards I got involved in Football (Soccer) coaching, then I got into Street Soccer coaching and posted a few videos on the Pub forum. Recently I undertook and completed a new challenge, some of you will have seen me post links on my Facebook.

I actually got the idea of doing this challenge from friends of The Art casters group I’m part of FB. It was created by a former comic artist Jeff Lafferty, we post art videos there, our work and art hangouts. I’ve featured on a few of Jeff’s daily hangouts. But several of the guys within the board took up a 100 days of making comics challenge, the challenge in which I then adapted for my own cause (more on that to follow.)

I wanted to help raise awareness of these guys to this community, some of you may have come across them both in reading format or even seen the videos but I hope some of you will now take a little interest in their work or videos at least.

The creator (or adaptor) of the Comics challenge is Kevin Cross, he’s currently on his second series.

Peter Palmiotti

Kenny Keen

Scott Serkland


From there I adapted the challenge to undertake 100 days of Street Soccer Skills Development. I followed a very similar format as the guys above.

Each day I would train for a minimum of 30 minutes a day and make a video to document my progress. I started the challenge for the pure reason that my training had gone stale and I wanted to get back to regular training.

The challenge significantly change me in many ways, for one I’m physically fitter, but more importantly it changed my mindset I was in a very negative slump at the point I undertook the challenge. I’ve completely changed over that period and I feel highly positive and highly motivated to continue working and developing on the sport I love. A couple of cool things happened a long the way and since the challenge. A significant one was I got to train, coach and play against and alongside one of the pioneers of my sport.

I hope you enjoy the links I’ve posted there are others doing the Making Comics challenge too.

My own version of the challenge


Tom Raney seems to be doing the 100-Day Comics challenge, as does me darlin’ Nicola Scott. Follow them on FB!

This street soccer is just nuts. Parkour with a ball!

Learned a lot from this, Kieran. Thank you!


Cheers Miqque. I learnt a lot with challenge also, yeah the moves can be crazy and fast. You should check football freestylers too some of those guys really push the realms of creativity with a ball.

It’s nice to hear others have taken on the challenge? especially other professional comic artists. I know there are a few others from that group who are doing it or have done it as well.