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10 copies of Jupiter's Legacy 2 are buried around the world!


Okay, I hate to sound like the serial killer from Dirty Harry, but we’ve buried ten advance previews of Jupiter’s Legacy 2 around the world and the clock is ticking to find them.

What’s the deal? Very simple.

The week before release we’re going to post picture clues of where they’re buried and every continent is involved. We’re in the UK, Ireland, America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Russia and the clue will be a photograph of where the comic is buried with some specific text to help you find it.

What do you win?

Well, you get to read the Millar and Quitely Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 a week before anyone else, but once you post a picture of yourself with the comic we’ll also send you signed copies plus an original Frank Quitely sketch personalised to you and you alone.

Basically, it’s awesome. Stay tuned. All clues go up on the 22nd of June.

Lotsa love,


Crazy idea for a promotion! I assume you had help getting them placed all over? Bummer that the one in Asia will likely be in the Philippines or Singapore (bummer for me, that is)


Sounds great!

What if we arrive at a location at the same time as somebody else? Do we have to fight them? If yes, then how? Butterfly knife fight?

Also will this message self destruct?


There will be swords left at each site. People will be forced to fight each other until there is only one.


so we are we talking decapitation and lightning show? Or…


I hope so…French people trying to do Scottish accents. Scottish people pretending to be Spanish/Egyptian - The works :smile:


Very cool, Chief.


I will travel to win this.
I will fight a sacred animal to win this.
Let the clues begin!


AWESOME!! a hunt for a real treasure


This is the same Jupiter’s Legacy 2 #1 that’s sitting in my inbox right now, right?

(it’s been a while since I properly teased people)


No, the buried ones have Mole Man’s fingerprints on them. Don’t get that with digital.

This is a cool idea for a promo.


That’s thinking outside the box; well done, Chief!

You mean you haven’t read it yet? Slacker!


This explains the hole in my lawn!


Quick to Lorcans house


Joke’s on you, I’d never have a Mac!


No, I believe it’s the one I read a few days back.


This is really awesome! Can’t wait to see the Irish clue! :smiley:


Any time frame for the clues today? I’m bashing the refresh button but my eyes will be streaming so badly I won’t be able to drive!


I’m ready and waiting…


same here.