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#1 of TRANSFER is FREE for this weekend...



Yep, its me again and I want to give away one of my comics for free, yep, again.
Well, the store is open and you can now buy a physical copy of the comic from my site.
But, who am i?
I am no one famous, I’m not a “name” on the comic scene and I don’t work for the big two.
Why on Earth should you take the risk in buying a comic from an unknown writer on a comic that you might not even like?
So, read it for free.
For this weekend only, I’m giving away PDFs of TRANSFER #1 for free!
Yes, some people will want a freebie PDF, will even like it (hopefully) and STILL won’t buy a copy, that is VERY true…because, let’s face it, they are just tight sods.
But, from my experience, I have given away PDFs before to people on here and twitter and do you know what?
Even thought they had already read it, they still bought copies and SOLD ME OUT of my first print run of CHUNKS #1&#2 & Cordelia Swift #1&#2.
Let alone all my American “friends” who have kindly popped over to Comixology and bought copies too.
It is a risk I’m willing to take, because I write comics for fun, it’s a hobby and what is the point of having a comic that you are REALLY proud of if no one is reading it?
Plus, great internal art by over very own @Eder_Messias and an amazing cover from @Dizevez too, which everyone needs to see!

If you do, DM your email on here or drop me a message via my website: and I’ll send you a copy over.

It’ll be up on Comixology soon and the small print run I’m doing will be arriving shortly.
So, if you like it and you think its worth 69p (PDF) or £3.00 (hard copy) of your hard earned cash, pop over to my shop: or and help support a small press creator, would ya?! :wink:

One last thing; PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don’t spoil the twist at the end!




@DaveWallace so you juts went ahead and bought it anyway?! you absolute gent, thank you!
So, do you want a PDF to tied you over till the hard copy arrives?


That would be great if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

(I need a hardcopy as the author can’t scribble expletives on a PDF.)


just sent buddy, give it five mins and refresh!


Sign me up sir.


you star! thank you!
Would you like a PDF too while you wait?


Why not? Thank you very much.

Is there a physical copy of Cordelia Swift on the way at some point in the future?


there is, sir.
I’m just waiting for the proofs to come back from the printer.
If it looks good, i’ll be placing an order for those too.
So, if you want that too, when it goes live i’ll try and sort something out for you on the shipping.


I will absolutely be getting that. Mrs J is a big fan as you know.


Ok, buddy.
i’ll keep you posted
only 10 pages left till #4 is ready too!
Tell the wife she’ll get the first peek :wink:


Just so you know that every time you say that, a bit of your soul turns into Sid James.


if only i had his charisma :yum:


Oh yeah, I’ll be up for a hardcopy of Cordelia Swift #3 too.


not a problem at all, sir.
I’ll look after you too with the P&P…

still can’t believe i can’t find a publisher for my books!


Could I please have a free PDF of Transfer!


DM me your email address, Stu and i’ll send it over, buddy.


@mattgarvey1981 When is Cordelia #3 hitting hard copy? I’d love to buy that and Transfer at the same time since shipping to the states is a bit pricey.


i know, buddy and where a absolute star for ordering the other two books before.
As soon as i get hard copies of them both i shall give you a heads up to place a order.

Thanks again for your support you are a legend among pickles! :wink:


Matt, to ask a process question, do you write full script? Is what ends up on the page very different from what you write?

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.

In the Write off thread, we’ve been discussing the difference between writing a script to be read and one for an artist.


Don’t be silly, buddy.
Ask away, happy to help.

I write full script, panel descriptions, “camera angles”, basic dialogue of what i kinda want the characters to say.
Then i go back re-write the dialogue “saying out loud to make sure it sounds natural”…then send to the artist.
But i always tell them to use my script purely as a guide.
They have a better visual eye then i will ever have, so i tell them that as long as we get to where we are going, go for it. just leave me room for the words!
Some stick to it, because i’ve found that some artists need a little bit of help with what they draw, but others are happy to interpret my script in their own way.
Either is cool with me, it is a collaboration after all! :wink:
When i get the art back, because i letter my own comics i re-write the dialogue again.
Because i might thin of something better that matches the art, or think of a better joke or something more witty.
That’s it.
Comic making is a piece of piss, don’t know why more people don’t do it?!
I just write stories that i would want to read!
I’m selfish like that!